3.9411764705882355 17
Cheroots Nice mellow smoke with a nice flavor. One of my favorite smokes. 5 5 1
Cheroots These are legit smokes... but the smell and flavor of them are too much for me to continue smoking... If you enjoy a raw robust flavor they would be good for you... I would have given fewer stars but its more of a "its me... not you thing"... I finished one of the 50 and not sure I will light up an others... 3 5 1
Cheroots Simple cigar, good flavor, relaxing smoke. 4 5 1
Cheroots Consistent draw and a long ash with a full solid tobacco flavor/aroma makes this cheeroot stand out above all the others. 5 5 1
Cheroots The taste and flavor hit the mark every time I light up. 5 5 1
Cheroots Worse cigar I have ever had. 1 5 1
Cheroots Love these 5 5 1
Cheroots Some are hard to draw and I end up throwing them away. 3 5 1
Cheroots These are my favorite cigars of all time. I said it. I am a premium cigar fanatic but cannot put these down. I have tried every cherrot under the sun in the throws of my obsession these take the cake by a long shot. I don't know when the strength of "mellow" comes from. These are far from mellow but surpass amazing. You can throw them in your mouth like a stick of jerky and appreciate the hickory flavor obtained from curing under smoldering hickory/oak wood and still keeping a great draw, all whistle retrohaling it like your most prized cigar. 5 5 1
Cheroots I just recently purchased these for the first time. They burn much longer than expected. They're like a high-quality Backwoods, but without the over flavoring. Think in-between a Kentucky Fire Cured and Backwoods. 4 5 1
Cheroots Raw, Robust, and full of flavor. When you need to QuickDraw, ride out on the range, uphold the law as a Sheriff or hang out with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood these are the perfect cigars. 5 5 1
Cheroots A great little smoke. 5 5 1
Cheroots MOLD IN THE BOX>>> 1 5 1
Cheroots Exactly what they claim to be, short, (30 minute) smoke, only 2 bad sticks out of 50 so far. Very consistent, but occasional hard draw. 4 5 1
Cheroots I start my days out walking my dogs and enjoying one of these. I really like the taste and they last almost exactly as long as my 3 mile morning walk with the dogs. 5 5 1
Cheroots Good everyday smoke. Looks hand rolled but they claim it is machine made. Great Ky tobacco. 5 5 1
Cheroots I like Kentucky Cheroots. They are the closest to being an actual cheroot as opposed to a cigarillo of just a small cigar. However, the quality control of this product's manufacture is atrocious. Consistently, 20-30 percent of the cigars in the box have holes and/or cracks in the wrapper - such that the smoker can't draw air through the length of the cigar. On some of the cigars in each box, the wrapper has actually crumbled away, exposing the tobacco inside and no draw is possible at all. It's almost like the cigars are really old or the manufacturer uses old wrappers. Shame because otherwise, a good cheroot. But a 20-30 percent failure is unforgiveable for the cost of the product. I've tried the same product from different sellers with no difference. Throwing cigars away gets old. 2 5 1


Cheroots 5.50 × 32 KENT

Every puff will take you back to the days when scruffily bearded men in Cowboy hats rode into town on their horses . Kentucky Cheroots, in quantities of 50, will fill your palate with the manly, top-quality flavors of warm toasty tobaccos from Tennessee and Kentucky blended with anisette and bourbon.
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Kentucky Dark Fired

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Kentucky Dark Fired

United States



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