4.111111111111111 36
Just A Friend Well i expected it to be unique from the description. It certainly was. Upon opening the box the aroma was unlike anything i have smelled- sort of like earth or damp leaves. The wrapper looked nice but would be impossible to guess what the leaf was by looking. I did not expect such a mild taste in fact it had almost NO taste at all. Not saying bad just tasteless. Finally after about a third it began to get raggedy at the end a hollow was developing in the core and it tasted even worse. Lot of folks seem to like them- they can have my share. 2 5 1
Just A Friend This is my favorite cigar and the price break on JR is fantastic. The flavor is so rich not just smoke it's like a BBQ 5 5 1
Just A Friend One of my personal favorites. Strong complex flavors. Just a great smoke experience. 4 5 1
Just A Friend Kfc cigars by drew estate are something else. If your looking for a different type of cigar to smoke this one is for you 5 5 1
Just A Friend The kfc just a friend was a lil bit not as much as intense as the rest so id say still buy still smoke 4 5 1
Just A Friend This cigar is one that I had and could not believe the amount of smoke this thing was putting out 4 5 1
Just A Friend I was a bit hesitant but based on the reviews I thought I'd try this cigar. I'm glad I did! Wonderful rich smokey flavor but not in a phony perfumed way . Nice even burn and a fairly consistent taste all the way to the nub. I think I just found my new Autumn golfing stick. Well done. 4 5 1
Just A Friend Unique smoke that at first may seem gimmicky but as soon as you light it up you realize that inside is a slightly sweet smoky (not overly) and complex cigar that is perfect on a cool night. Just bought a 10 pack after trying a couple from my local shop. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Wow! When I opened the wrapper I the smoke smell was overpowering! I thought I would NOT like this cigar at all. As soon as it lit it I fell i love! Not an everyday cigar but an occasional treat... The draw is beyond perfect and the smokey caramel flavor is best when you take your time and enjoy this cigar! I love it with a bourbon on the rocks.. 4 5 1
Just A Friend The toro size is my go to for the kentucky fire. Nice medium to full bodied flavors with a slight hint of sweetness to it 5 5 1
Just A Friend Overwhelming smoke flavor. Maybe my least favorite cigar ever. 2 5 1
Just A Friend Really nice medium but flavorful... my only issue is, it burns fast 5 5 1
Just A Friend Great cigar I just bought these and they were great. The construction of it was nice it wasn’t flaky 5 5 1
Just A Friend It's a good cigar for middle of the day or lunch time. It does have some good flavor. 3 5 1
Just A Friend These are some great smokes really enjoy the cigars by drew estate like smoking all of the Kentucky fire cured cigars they are really quite enjoyable but it's more of an acquired taste. 4 5 1
Just A Friend One of my personal favorites. Strong complex flavors. Just a great smoke experience. 4 5 1
Just A Friend Really different flavor in this smoke. But in a great way. A really smokes tobacco taste. Burns great with great draw and really good aroma. Try this one. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Love the whole line by Drew This is as big a innovation as Acid was Gimmick done flawlessly with great tobacco 5 5 1
Just A Friend Funny taste until you get use to it. The wrapper is kinda tasty when smoked after dinner 3 5 1
Just A Friend I purchase this cigar locally so I used this as my first purchase to compare. The Kentucky Fired is a good cigar. It burns evenly and stays lit. One of the cigars had a blemish but didn't degrade the performance. It is fire cured and delivers that kind of taste. This cigar doesn't disappoint me. 4 5 1
Just A Friend Just a friend is similar in flavor to the other KFC pics. This one had a few minor burn issues when I smoked it but overall it was still a solid performer. The pipe tobacco undertones makes this blend truly unique 3 5 1
Just A Friend Thus stick will take you back to a camping trip or the feeling of an open pit pig roast. The aromas and flavors are great. This is one of my favorite smokes. 4 5 1
Just A Friend I was a punch loyalist till I got a hold of these in a sampler I bought. a nice smooth complex blend of tastes and smells. I was bummed when I tried to order more and found they were on back order. I am hoping they come soon cause I miss my now favorite smoke 5 5 1
Just A Friend I Like Having These On Hand. The Smoke Is Alot Like A Good Camp Fire. 5 5 1
Just A Friend We all know what a cigar should basically taste like. There are different strengths subtle flavors etc but you know what to look for when you pull out a smoke. These don't taste anything like a cigar. The pkg smell like it was rescued from a house fire and the cigars taste and smell the same. I couldn't stand more than an inch before tossing. I gave some to a friend who will buy/smoke the cheapest cigars out there and he threw it away. I purchased these for a group of Ky. friends for the 4th of July but didn't even give them out. To me it's like puffing on a piece of wood that was burned in a house fire some time ago. 2 5 1
Just A Friend This is so far one of my favorite cigars. If you are an out door Emerson who likes campfire camping or just cooking on the Bbq. The cigar is perfect for that kinda of stuff. You can taste the flavor of the oak/hickory. I would say try this cigar and enjoy it with a friend 4 5 1
Just A Friend Kentucky fire cured is one of may favorites. Bold spice and ruch smoke. Tastes like a bon fire. Reccommended to thise who like smoky bbq 5 5 1
Just A Friend Great for a backyard fire or when you are grilling out in the summer. Would buy again and should again soon . 3 5 1
Just A Friend Best cigar Iv ever had 5 5 1
Just A Friend KFC’s continue to be one of my favorite blends. It’s smooth with a unique flavor profile. The stick is packed resulting in a sometimes restrictive draw. It is usually resolved by the first third. I’ve had many of these and their construction is always good. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Nice cigar with great smokey flavor 5 5 1
Just A Friend Great taste, draw and construction. A really nice afternoon or post-dinner smoke. Have shared with friends that were unfamiliar and they all had positive feedback. I look forward to my down-time so I can enjoy my KFC! 5 5 1
Just A Friend Good smoke for the money 4 5 1
Just A Friend Nice, smooth draw sweet taste, good Construction, very enjoyable 5 5 1
Just A Friend Very enjoyable cigar, uneak flavor, like real wil. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Didn't care for it. 1 5 1

Kentucky Fire Cured

Just A Friend 6 × 52 KFCJF

This big, rustic-looking, handmade premium Toro is packed with unique flavor notes of oak, hickory and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco. Prepare your taste buds for a groundbreaking cigar-smoking experience. Packaged in a bundle of 10.
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