4.466666666666667 15
Just A Friend I'm a big fan of the regular Kentucky Fire so I was excited to try the Sweets. And sweet is a good description I got a bit right from the wrapper. The fire and smoke flavor of the regular are tempered but remain. I thought the sweet burned nice and even once it was going I didn't have to relight at any point or even a side off. These will definitely be in my normal rotation 5 5 1
Just A Friend I was first Introduced by chance to Drew Estates by my wife after her first trip to our local tobacconist to get me something special. It was a surprise for me because we were expecting our first grandchild and wanted me to have something to celebrate with she knew I would have never spent that kind of money on a single cigar. See I'm new to cigars and the Truckstop brands left me unimpressed. I tried some Mr. B's. Hand made Natural Magnums & Maduro Magnums and although I was starting to get somewhere I was still left wanting. Like I said we was expecting our first grandchild and she wanted me to have something nice to help celebrate the occasion. It was a blue blonde I think. I was blown away. I'd never tasted a cigar like that before. Not something I would smoke all the time but it did impressed me and put Drew Estates on my map. Fast forward... JR cigars had some kind of special on Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets (I know it was a special because I'm cheap and would have never paid that kind of price) the name alone peeked my interest and I did prefer a sweet cigar so I gave it a try. All I can say is unf**kingbelievable !!! This cigar takes me on a trip and puts me in a place I just prefer to be. The burnt woodsy flavor and aroma takes me back to time when men were men and people got sh*t done. I see myself sitting next to the campfire of hearth in the frontier days. They also go great with my coffee. I know I'm new to cigars but these smokes just fit me. I work hard for a living I drive 625 miles a day and put up with a lot of bullsh*t. This cigar make the sh*t turn to sunshine for me and well worth the price. Thank God for my thoughtful wife !!! 5 5 1
Just A Friend This cigar really surprised me it has a very mellow start with great draw with a smokey flavor that didn't disappoint. I did find that the mid to end burn was a little hotter despite its mellow tones. A very nice cigar I won't hesitate to go to again and again. 4 5 1
Just A Friend I was never a fan of the KFCs; they always tasted like someone got a budget cigar dipped it in Dollar Store liquid smoke and slapped a premium price on it. But with the first draw on the new KFC Sweet this cigar became my number three Best Cigar Ever. The draw is flawless and the construction outstanding. I've smoked about a dozen so far (in all three sizes) and the experience was consistent across all sizes. But let's talk about what really makes this cigar amazing to me: the flavors. First off the hickory barbecue notes that standout in this cigar are much more natural and restrained than the slap-you-in-the-mouth flavor from the standard KFC. If that wasn't enough there's a nice sugar that emphasizes the hickory notes and a wonderful lilac that floats above all of it on the retrohale. But the flavor that underpins it all the bass in the mix is a flavor I never anticipated in a cigar Ever: gunpowder. And it works BRILLIANTLY. It's that slightly sharp slightly tangy scent that hangs in the air after lighting off a firecracker or firing a round off at the range. That scent that makes you want fire off skyrockets run out and kill dinosaurs and just generally gets your fires stoked. Bottom line: this is all of summer in a cigar: barbecue fireworks and flowers. If Ray Bradbury had ever rolled a cigar this would be his Dandelion Wine. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Initial flavor wonderful & mellow Flavor about 1/3 away down was strong even though some sweetness remain. Last third the sweetness disappeared and the flavor was sort of harsh. Draw somewhat tight. Had to puff on it to frequently to keep it burning. Bought a 10 pack and smoked 5 of them and each one was similar to to what I experience explained previously so I can say the they are consistence. Will not buy again. 3 5 1
Just A Friend I like the fired cure cigars from Drew Estates and decided to try the sweets. I like the initial taste the first time to take a draw and the lingering subtitle sweetness throughout the smoke. They burn smooth and have become my favorite for my golf rounds. I get a lot of positive comments about the way the smell. 5 5 1
Just A Friend good stick 5 5 1
Just A Friend I personally did not care for these, the initial smell was a burnt smoke smell, and the sweet was not in a draw from the cigar, it was an added taste to the wrapper that I did not care for. Did not even finish the first one, sent them back. 2 5 1
Just A Friend Great cigar 5 5 1
Just A Friend Sweetened tip to add more depth of flavor. The end result is a beautifully balanced cigar that offers rich notes of smoked hickory, with a touch of leather and black pepper, all brought together with a lingering sweetness. This cigar is flavorful and undeniably unique, so you’ll want to stock up so you can enjoy it whenever possible. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Purchased for a week in a cabin in Kentucky. Blended wonderfully with the sweetness of bourbon. 5 5 1
Just A Friend It’s something different with the strong Smokey flavor but not an everyday cigar 3 5 1
Just A Friend Nice cigar, sweet draw was alittle tight enjoy flavor 5 5 1
Just A Friend Really like the aroma and taste of this cigar. Probably my favorite. 5 5 1
Just A Friend Love Drew Estate Cigars. Never disappoint. 5 5 1

Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets

Just A Friend Tubo w/ Display 6 × 52 KFCSJFT

Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets Just A Friend Tubo cigars are yet another masterful creation from Drew Estate that is unlike any other premium cigar on the market today. These deftly rolled 6 x 52 Tubo cigars use fire cured tobacco grown Kentucky blended with binder and filler leaves from Nicaragua. After further extensive aging in fragrant cedar bins, each cigar is finished with a zesty San Andrés Mexican wrapper with a slightly sweetened cap. A unique flavor profile of roasted nuts and hickory wood meld seamlessly with notes of bourbon and maple syrup that are so rich and fragrant, you’ll instantly be transported to a relaxing fireside. The cigars are sold in an upright display box filled with 25 Just a Friend Tubo cigars. The bright red aluminum tubes provide safe transportation as well as making an elegant and vibrant presentation for weddings, birthdays, holidays, or any other special event. Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets Just A Friend Tubo’s are available here at JR Cigar, ready to impress the adventurous smoker looking for a delicious change of pace from a more traditional cigar blend.
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