3.0625 32
Churchill Really enjoyable but cheap smoke. I found the flavor to be excellent with hints of coffee and cocoa flavors. It had a good draw and would stay burning without relighting all the time 4 5 1
Churchill As always the product gets to me rapidly. The cigar is mild and smooth. Smokes very nicely. A nice comfortable burn. 3 5 1
Churchill Found the taste and consistency of flavor to be pretty good. Good wrapper. Some had hard spots and clinkers in the body. Overall I enjoyed the smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill For the price of a machine made cigar these are very good everyday smokes 5 5 1
Churchill Poor construction poor burn average or less taste. I threw out half the bundle after far too many problems. Will never buy again. 2 5 1
Churchill Good smoke for the money second bundle I have purchased-a pleasant mild smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Some draw fine, some i have to drill a hole through, 1 or 2 are like pegs of wood and I end up throwing away. Still a good buy for the money. 3 5 1
Churchill The first one I tried was plugged about 1/4 of the way up. The second one was better, but the draw was difficult. So far, the rest have been great. The ones that are not plugged have a pleasant, easy draw. 4 5 1
Churchill ok smoke 4 5 1
Churchill I have had 5 of the bundle so far and they all have plugged and I can't get a draw. I had one where the plug was on the fist inch and a half of the cigar so I was able to cut it out. After that the flavor was great. 1 5 1
Churchill I thought I would try these because I like Dominican's and the prices are going up on 858's. Cut a broom stick off at 6 inches and try to light it and smoke it. Even using a Kick ass cigar tool they were still plugged I would recommend a 3/8 inch drill. I will stick with Easy Eddies on my 5th ammo can. 1 5 1
Churchill Surprised by the freshness and consistent burn quality. Stays lit from start to finish. Nice mellow smoke. Great draw. 4 5 1
Churchill Been buying these for several years now. Like many of the other reviews I find many of them wrapped way too tight (half or more). I actually drill through them with a thin drill bit to make them smokable but still lose 1 or 2 per bundle as they split down the middle. However I'm still buying them as you can't beat the price for a pretty good tasting cigar. JR has been great to deal with lots of gifts and promotions and never messed up my order in 15+ years. Can't figure out why this tightness/draw problem continues. 3 5 1
Churchill Had several that were so tight that they wouldn't draw and some so loose that they fell apart. Won't buy again. 2 5 1
Churchill Ok for the price..you get what you pay for....good flavor but weak construction. 2 5 1
Churchill Very hard draw 1 5 1
Churchill Bottom line up front: Surprisingly good smoke I was pleasantly surprised how well this smoked. I'm not a big smoker but I got a certain sweetness and a smooth draw without any acrid afterbite. They smoked to the end without any change in flavor or consistency. 5 5 1
Churchill Well done for the price. This one is worthy of the price and then some. Smooth with a touch of spice and easy on the pallet. Good morning smoke to start of the day. Pairs well with coffee. 4 5 1
Churchill Just a different size of the same stick that I just rated as a darn great one. 4 5 1
Churchill For the price this is a nice cigar for everyday golf or the like that has a mild smooth flavor and smokes well. It is consistent from start to finish and does not bite nor get bitter. 4 5 1
Churchill very mild and nice 5 5 1
Churchill Worst cigar I ever purchased. Over half of the we cigars were rolled so right I had to toss them. Unfortunately I bought two bundles. I have only recently started buying JR brands and most of the ones I have tried are fine. But these are a disaster. 1 5 1
Churchill Think this is my third review over the last couple years. Don't know if the manufacturer has reacted to all the reviews about poor draw issues, but I have to say this last bundle I smoked were fine. Been smoking these for years as an everyday cigar, and enjoy them. Definitely a 5 star $2 cigar to me. Hope they keep rolling them the same as I just ordered 4 more bundles. 5 5 1
Churchill The worst cigars. The fillers are hard as rock the draw are terrible. Thank goodness that I only buy one bundle and the last one ever! Other with less money are more enjoyable. 1 5 1
Churchill Very disappointing. Why does JR carry these cigars? 3 5 1
Churchill Second bundle I have purchased nice mild smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill I smoke 4 - 5 cigars a day. Was hoping for a good inexpensive cigar. I should have returned these. Can barely get any kind of draw, have to really suck hard. 1 5 1
Churchill Very good to smoke when not puffing your favorite. Nice draw, mild smoke, no peppery taste, and finishes just slightly hot. Only real problem i had with smoke, it has a tendency to have runs. But basically a pretty good humidor stuffer 3 5 1
Churchill Great luck with bundle of mystery cigars, I’m liking the JR Trad Dominican Churchill. 4 5 1
Churchill These were part of a sampler I got...I am normally pleased with the exclusive JR Cigar brands...These however, are singularly bad...The cigars burned poorly...They became mush soft...no taste...Pass on these...JR has much better cigars at a similar price point ... 2 5 1
Churchill Very poor draw not easy to smoke . When I did get smoke through was a nice taste. Wrapper tasted nice also.. 3 5 1
Churchill Why did you force me to pick a star when that crap is not even worth 1 star. The filler was comprised of very small clusters of what I guess is "Front yard grass clippings" and random non-binding sticks... lots of them. An absolutely worthless product and waste of my money. 1 5 1

JR Tradicion Dominicana

Churchill 6.50 × 50 JTDOCH

Manufactured by Altadis USA, JR Tradicion Dominicana Churchill is an outstanding premium cigar made exclusively for us. A smooth blend of Dominican, and Honduran filler tobaccos, a sturdy Connecticut binder, and a golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper combine to create this mild to medium body masterpiece. Upon lighting, well-balanced flavors of cream, cocoa, toast, cedar, and caramel will delight the palate, while its warm sweet aroma soothes the senses. Sold in bundles of 20, these modestly priced cigars may be one of the best new bargains in the industry.

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Honduras / Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 20

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