2.2222222222222223 18
Churchill Connecticut These cigars have a great taste and flavor. They smoke evenly but are a little to long for my everyday taste. 4 5 1
Churchill Connecticut They were dry and hard to smoke 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut Very bad , waste of money 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut VERY POOR DRAW. 2 5 1
Churchill Connecticut i am smoking my first one and for the price i think its great. Some days i smoke three or more cigars and the expensive ones add up fast 4 5 1
Churchill Connecticut I'm a long-time, everyday cigar smoker. I've been buting cigars from JR since back in days when you could walk into their store in downtown Manhattan. These are perhaps the worst cigars I have ever smoked. The draw is very light and they taste like you are smoking cardboard. I'm not joking. Very irritating to one's throat. And they are absurdly long. I would never have bought these had I known what they were like. But JR puts their name on them, so I thought "how bad can they be?" The answer is really bad. Do not buy these cigars. I would return them, but it's not worth the hassle. JR should be ashamed. Lew would never have smoked these. 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut These are the craziest looking things you will see. About 18 inches long. Too long to smoke, not a churchill, it's a joke. Too embarrassed to even smoke by myself in the cellar when noone else can see me. Too hard to draw. The only upside was the price 2 5 1
Churchill Connecticut For beginners 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut The construction and draw was great...however the flavor was awful! 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut Cigars were dry but what can you expect for $29. I learned my lesson 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut A disappointment. 2 5 1
Churchill Connecticut Took the chance on a mystery bundle and the Flavor and draw were perfect. Will be buying more 5 5 1
Churchill Connecticut JR mystery alternative bundle was all dried out when received my order. Not happy with them. Would never get them again. 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut The wrapper on the first four I have tried came off 2 5 1
Churchill Connecticut To be thoroughly honest and blunt, I think this cigar was absolutely horrible Tje draw was hard, the flavor was harsh and the only saving grace was the appearance. 1 5 1
Churchill Connecticut I’m relatively new to cigars so take it with a grain of salt but they are good for the price. Burn time generally is around 1.5 hr and the couple that I’ve had so far seem to burn fairly evenly. I’d be upset if they were $10-15 a stick but at around $2 they’re great for adding diversity to your humidor. 4 5 1
Churchill Connecticut Too long 3 5 1
Churchill Connecticut This Cigar tasted great very well constructed with a nice draw. I would have no problem recommending this Cigar. 4 5 1

JR Alternative Mystery Bundles

Churchill Connecticut 8.5 × 52 WLYG7

These JR Alternative Bundles are a fantastic offering of handmade Churchills that smoke expensive but are priced extremely low. We lost the labels so we're not quite sure which cigars these are alternatives to, but we do know that you’ll get 20 cigarscrafted with flavorful aged blend of long filler tobaccos from name brand smokes that are finished with light brown Connecticut wrappers for an absolutely incredible price. If we knew what they were, they'd cost way more! That's why we lose and you gain!

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