3.5625 16
Emperor Maduro Updated review after leaving some in my humidor for a month these small kea got better. But all had a run and needed to be touched up. Taste was great and li 3 5 1
Emperor Maduro I found this to be a big disappointment. The appearance was really good flavor was good if it burned decent. The most crappiest burn of any cigar I bought. I would have to carry a cutter to trim off the uneven burn and tunneling. I was baffled until I took several apart to find out why they burned so bad. I found a huge amount of veins and stems. So bad I wouldnt give them away and lost any desire to smoke them. Maybe a bad bunch. I wont try them again. 2 5 1
Emperor Maduro I like the flavor and draw of this cigar, but they often burn unevenly, which I manage with my torch cigar lighter. It seems like a small flaw for such a good valued cigar overall. 3 5 1
Emperor Maduro The first cigar out of newspaper had a nice aroma. Nice black wrapper. I had some problems with the draw. Had to touch up when started to burn uneven. I'm going to let these settle on humidor a little. Then re try. Overall if you like long smokes this is the ticket. I like to enjoy long smoking time cigars. Good hour or so is perfect. 3 5 1
Emperor Maduro Just as I expected very tasty smoke had only one so far I plan on aging some of these but well worth the price. 3 5 1
Emperor Maduro Your agent got the cigars to me in incredible speed. 5 5 1
Emperor Maduro This big boy burned pretty nicely. I got plenty of smoke from just one of these giants and was very pleased. I got the on sale so that was great, but getting 50 of these for the regular price would have been fine by me. Very good cigar, it actually exceeded my expectations 5 5 1
Emperor Maduro These cigars are fantastic for the price! I cut these in half for a nice smoke. They always burn and draw well, and I've never found a bad one. I've smoked HUNDREDS of these, and they have never disappointed! 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro What I received was dry,some of them were cracked and pealing Have to order 2 large kits from boveda for rehydration 1 5 1
Emperor Maduro Mellow to medium smoke with excellent draw. It burns nicely and even. A good one and a half hour smoke. Unbelievable good cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro good smoke at a good price 5 5 1
Emperor Maduro Very good smoke for the money, filler is loose and burn is not consistent 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro These are pretty decent cigars. They taste good after being in the humidor for a while. Good Honduran flavor. Keeps the humi full while not breaking the bank. I know it’s a no-no, but I cut them into 2 or 3 and quick smoke them. At the price they last me a long time. 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro Really a hit and miss with these sticks. Very good value for your money, very good draw and flavor, but a good deal of touching up. I'll still buy them, especially on sale...well worth the money! 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro Daily smoke, great price! 4 5 1
Emperor Maduro I would have given it 3.5 stars, but you can't designate a score as such, though it "averages" the stars from all reviews. Not a bad smoke at all. But I'd have to say that the construction is iffy, especially in the beginning 1/3. A few have had canoeing issues. Though I should say that almost all these non Cuban that present a construction issue usually even out with the burn problems on their own within the first 1/3. The wrappers are generally good. Oily to varying degrees and with an almost faint bloom-like dusting on them, generally positive. Flavor was very nice. Mellow. Nice woody notes, hints of bittersweet 70% chocolate, the very slightest peppery note. The smoke aroma (straight from the 'gar and out of the mouth) is slightly sweet, earthy, and leathery. I have to say that overall I much enjoyed them for the money, especially when you consider that a real Cuban, of dubious quality these days to begin with, costs $45+/stick for an almost equal size to begin with! 3 5 1

Honduran Factory Corojos

Emperor Maduro 8.50 × 50 HOCEM3

Packaged in a bundle of 50, the Emperor is a whole lotta’ cigar for a whole little money! These dark maduro giants have a rich earthy flavor, with added notes of dark chocolate and spice that its black and oily Costa Rican wrapper imparts. Once destined for greatness, these forgotten, affordable beauties can be yours with a simple click of the mouse.
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Costa Rica / Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua




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