3.8125 16
Sweet price high, were are the double packs, rolled to tight. 3 5 1
Sweet Half of the cigars are unsmokable....why???because they’re wrapped too tight....get it right ..or lower the price... 3 5 1
Sweet Great cigar with morning coffee on the front porch! 5 5 1
Sweet llllll1970 5 5 1
Sweet Good when not machine-rolled too tight.... 4 5 1
Sweet Nice little cigar. I keep a tooth pick handy to punch a bigger hole in via wood piece. This seems to open up for a better smoke 4 5 1
Sweet Great Transaction 5 5 1
Sweet wrapped too tight and not glued up good broke in packs ive had this problem starting to get worse by the pack just paid 110.00$ and had 1 pack short a cigar and more packs with broken ones i would still buy these over other brands but not if this keeps up. 2 5 1
Sweet Cigars are tight. 3 5 1
Sweet Used to smoke these years ago. They aren't as good as I remember 3 5 1
Sweet The sweets are not as harsh as most cigars 5 5 1
Sweet Good cigars… Sometimes they’re too tight but most of the time they’re OK 5 5 1
Sweet Cigars are great ! What a joke all the savings coupons are. I see all the savings codes but somehow I never can use them! I wouldn't buy from JR because they are a lot more expensive, but I can't find them locally. 1 5 1
Sweet Does not draw well. 3 5 1
Sweet Thanks for carrying Hav A Tampa Jewels Sweets, they are no longer for sale in my Ohio hometown. 5 5 1
Sweet My dad and his buddy Wayne used to sit around the campfire after all is scouts went to bed and smoke these little buggers. When I was old enough, I was able to buy myself some of them( late 90's), and loved them! I drift away from smoking from time to time, and always look for these when I get back into it. There are a couple decent shops around Dayton Ohio, but I can't reliably find these, so I have to order. 5 5 1

Hav-A-Tampa Jewels

Sweet 5 × 29 HTJSP

Packaged in 10 packs of 5, Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweet are little machine made cigars that offer a smooth tasting and sweet smoke with a nutty character, which is enhanced by the distinctive wood tip that keeps the taste delightful.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States



10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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