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Maduro Toro A Great budget smoke. Nice bold Flavor and Aroma. Might be a little robust for the beginner. They need to work on the Ring size though, it's supposed to be a 50 ring. These are more like a Corona sized 46 or 47 ring but a good Flavorful, Budget Friendly smoke none the less. 4 5 1
Maduro Toro With a little work on the manufacturer's end, this could be a really great cigar. It has nice flavor and Aroma an potency but after smoking about half the bundle, the cigars are very inconsistent and don't burn or Draw well. Maybe I shouldn't expect so much from a budget cigar. Perhaps a more experienced roller or some adjustment on the bunch would improve the draw. I still love the taste in the aroma but the inconsistency would prevent me from purchasing again. 2 5 1
Maduro Toro Great full body maduro cigar. I have reordered these several times. With the little pigtail no need for a cutter! 5 5 1
Maduro Toro I like the great taste of an every day maduro. Hambones are fantastic This a great choice if you are a 2-3 cigar smoker. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro Great full body dark wrapper cigar. The cigar has a great taste, easy draw and good price. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro Great full body smoke! 5 5 1
Maduro Toro This cigar is a great every day smoke. Great full flavor. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro Worse cigar ever. 1 5 1
Maduro Toro Great taste! 5 5 1
Maduro Toro One of my favourite cigars for everyday smoke. Full body maduro cigar, good construction,and even burn. Great price for a great cigar. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro I have been through at least 4 bundles of Hambones. Maduro (torpedos, robusto and TOROS)... I'm sold as they represent a very enjoyable smoke and fantastic value. Don't be too heavily influenced by reviews (especially the negative cliche's around my price) every now and then you get a really good deal on something. Hambones have been that for me at least four times and I'm going back for more. 4 5 1
Maduro Toro This is a decent yard gar at this price point, but I probably will not order more. 3 5 1
Maduro Toro Not a bad cigar of you don’t mind constantly correcting how it’s burning 3 5 1
Maduro Toro The flavor is strong, rich & good. Just know these are mixed filler, with the Toro size more loosely-filled than the Robusto size. I generally find the Toros canoe & perform poorly more often than the Robustos. Too bad these fall apart so easily, because the flavor is awesome! 3 5 1
Maduro Toro Consistently good maduro flavors, particularly leather and cocoa come through consistently 4 5 1
Maduro Toro Great full body cigar at a reasonable price. I order them often. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro I had purchased three bundles of the Habano Toros and all 80 cigars were great. I decided to mix it up and order the Maduros. Not so great. If you don't draw on the cigar every 30 or 40 seconds, it will either draw really hard to get it going or you'll need to relight. It almost seems as if they were over humidified. I don't like to work that hard to enjoy a cigar. 3 5 1
Maduro Toro Very good strong cigar, tastes very good for the price. Would definitely buy again. 5 5 1
Maduro Toro Everyone I smoked burned terribly, halfway through it will canoe and start to bite. Flavor is good draw is ok, built not the best 3 5 1
Maduro Toro An incredible cigar at a fantastic price 5 5 1
Maduro Toro 7 into the bundle, no issue a small retouch won't fix. Solid stick. Will reorder. On sale less than $1 a piece. 4 5 1
Maduro Toro Not my taste, just not as smooth as I expected, but construction good, draw decent with a little adjustments 3 5 1
Maduro Toro I have been pleasantly surprised, good taste, it draws well and they seem pretty consistent. 4 5 1
Maduro Toro I got this bundle and was really surprised at the quality and construction. Not only that, but the price point is well worth it. I'll grab a stick and go work in the yard or just grab a stick to enjoy. (Without hurting the pocket) 5 5 1
Maduro Toro Medium body. It has a dark chocolate note upon light up. Construction issues and burn issues. This is a budget stick, but not bad for a $2 cigar 3 5 1
Maduro Toro Bought on sale and gave them a try. Not for me. Don’t like the taste . It’s an economy smoke 2 5 1


Maduro Toro 6 × 50 HAMMT

Introducing Hambones Maduro Toro, a nostalgic premium cigar that marks the return of a very popular private label brand from the mid-1920s that was originally called J.P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars. The new Hambones is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola series is dictated by the type of wrapper used on the blend. In this case, a rich dark maduro wrapper is employed to provide a bold, full bodied smoke with delicious flavors of chocolate, earth, dark roast coffee, and caramel . Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and savor a splendid value -priced sandwich style smoke that truly offers a lot of bang for the buck!

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