3.6842105263157894 19
Maduro Robusto The pigtail cap is a neat throwback aesthetic, and the rough/rugged wrapper is a nice touch, too. Smoked one of these right out of the package upon arrival. The taste was decent - kind of spicy, earthy, medium to full-bodied - about what you'd expect from a cigar that looks like this. It also seemed loosely-wrapped and was a little dry, resulting in a split cap about half-way through. But I'm hopeful. Maybe some time in proper storage will help raise their grade from a C+ to at least a strong B. 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto Flavor of the wrapper was nice, but the burning plastic flavor I got in the middle of some of these cigars made me wonder if I was smoking some of the tiny plastic strips I found in the tobacco. It was sticking out of the head and foot of cigar. I also found some hair in a few of them, maybe pubic. It seems like one of the rollers has a sick sense of humor, but I guess it could have been an accident. 2 5 1
Maduro Robusto Good every day smoke, for the money.. I'm not a connoisseur, but I like the product 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto Just got them in, and they were way dry... Took one out of the cellophane and the wrapper literally cracked in my hands...hopefully a few days (or more) in my humidor will rectify that. 3 5 1
Maduro Robusto Good for the price 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto I tried the full bodied Hambone Robusto when it went on sale recently. I found it to be a nice cigar with full flavor as promised and a nice even draw. Can't beat the price for this tasty treat. 5 5 1
Maduro Robusto Great cigar!!! 5 5 1
Maduro Robusto Draw is good. The flavor ranges from terrific to terrible but is mostly very pleasant. The construction is either good or it isn’t; I’d say fifteen out of the bundle of twenty was really nice. When they’re good they’re great and when they’re bad they’re bad. I will buy them again. 3 5 1
Maduro Robusto If you're looking for a good priced full flavor smoke here it is! Out of 20 sticks 1 or 2 didn't burn evenly. I can deal with that for the price! Well worth it. 5 5 1
Maduro Robusto Bought a bundle to try as an everyday smoke as I like a full body cigar. These don't burn very evenly and you will need to correct them often. But they have good flavor and are worth trying and the price. I will purchase them again. 3 5 1
Maduro Robusto Given the “most affordable (cheap)” price point, I had low expectations. Thx to JR’s incredible selection and “Deals” I’ve been more adventurous with new cigars and looking for a good low cost “utility” smoke as my consumption has really picked up steam. Both the Hambone Robusto and Churchill are great smokes at price point well north $2/cigar! They remind me of Punch, one of long term favorites. It’s also a nice long smoke (and I smoke pretty heartily) lasting a good hour+. I’ve added these to my “Inventory” along with the Jose Marti which I find to be a great smoke. Again, a JR “Deal discovery. Four thumbs up! 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto These are great everyday cigars. My morning go-to with a cup of coffee/Irish sweet cream. The combination is a real winner. As the deer traverse the rear of the property I enjoy the duo of smoke & coffee. Each providing rich deep flavors that kick-start my day. When the 40 minute tango ends, I'm ready... The smoke is the more awesome for it's value. The construction, draw and flavor makes them great Cigars! 5 5 1
Maduro Robusto I placed an order on the 11th, its the 27th now and I still don't have the cigars. I called 2 days ago they told me there was a problem with their system and they put my order on hold, but they never bothered to tell me. They had no problems taking money from my PayPal account at 4pm the day I placed my order. If I hadn't called they would have kept my money and cigars and not said a word to me. 1 5 1
Maduro Robusto Good construction. Nice burn. White ash. Nutty, tobacco, leather. This is my go to low cost smoke 3 5 1
Maduro Robusto Good strength, nice draw, and an everyday cigar. 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto Not worth the spend. Didn’t taste good or burn good 2 5 1
Maduro Robusto The latest maduro Hambones I received were the best these have ever been. Each one was packed full, had no loose roll, had a mostly even burn, and tasted great. Could barely tell they were mixed filler. If only they could be this good every time. Still - the more of these I smoke, the more I appreciate them as an everyday/whatever smoke. 5 5 1
Maduro Robusto My Go-to morning/anytime smoke. Lite-Draw-RELAX. With a morning strong cup... READY for business! I enjoy these on the regular and I'm sure you will too... NO JIVE, just smoke. 4 5 1
Maduro Robusto Great little mild maduro priced right for the everyday smoker. 4 5 1


Maduro Robusto 5 × 50 HAMMR

Hambones Maduro Robusto cigars, just like the rest of this 12 vitola line, starts off with a mixed filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran, tobacco. Hambones is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola series is dictated by the type of wrapper used on the blend. So, in this case, a rich dark maduro wrapper is used to provide a bold, full bodied smoke with alluring flavors of chocolate, earth, dark roast coffee, and caramel . Handmade in Honduras, these affordable cigars mark the return of a very popular private label brand from the mid-1920s that was originally called J.P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars. Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and discover a nostalgic cigar that you can enjoy all day long without emptying your wallet.

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