4.5 18
1958 Epicure very good cigar 5 5 1
1958 Epicure This is truly an excellent cigar in every way. Fairly strong but smooth all the way through. Perfect construction and burn. It's like getting a $5 cigar at half the price. Highly recommended. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Excellent Cigar. Good price. Good value for those of us who can't always afford the big names. 4 5 1
1958 Epicure I always enjoy these pre embargo genuine counterfeit Cubans. This is a quality smoke at a discount price. Everyone should have a few of these in their humidor. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Fabulous smoke! One of my all time favorites. You can't beat the pre embargo counterfeit Cubans. I remember when they came out I thought the name and marketing was brilliant since so much of what people thought were Cubans were bogus! 4 5 1
1958 Epicure Great cigar! Great price! 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Never disappoints 4 5 1
1958 Epicure For less than $3.00 per stick these cigars are tasty and robust. A few burn issues but nothing too bad. Really like the flavor of the pre embargo counterfeits. 4 5 1
1958 Epicure Got a 5 pack. Like 'em a lot! Flavor is nice draw is good. I use a punch end cuts clean with it. I can put this out come back later for more and it still tastes good. Greatest cigar ever? Heck no. Nice smoke? Heck yeah. I'm tempted to get a box but for now it'll be another 5 pack. 4 5 1
1958 Epicure Nice everyday cigar. 4 5 1
1958 Epicure A very good choice for an everyday smoke. Well balanced with pleasant, although not complex, flavor. For the money, it is a winner and I will buy again! 4 5 1
1958 Epicure I was expecting a harsh draw. But I was surprised on how smooth the draw and taste was. The construction was great for a even burn through the whole cigar smoke. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure While I've never had a Pre-embargo Cuban so I couldn't compare to that, but these cigars are a great value nice draw and smooth flavor and nice even burn definitely would recommend. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure I’ve never had a real pre embargo Cuban, if these are how they tasted; wow! These are great, highly recommended. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure This cigar has been a favorite of ours for years now...it has a really good burn with a distinguished taste that never grows old... 5 5 1
1958 Epicure I was surprised that this is one of my daily's now. Very good draw, mild to medium strength. Really like this one. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure My go-to favorite 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Some spice in the 1st and last 3rd, medium bodied. Can't really recommend as a good cigar. Really bad draw and would burn unevenly. 3 5 1

Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban

1958 Epicure 5 × 50 58EP

Our enormously popular Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cubans 1958 Epicure are as close as you will come to the real deal without having to travel abroad. Packed nude in a half-wheel of 50, and tied with a stunning micro stitched saddle featuring the Cuban warranty seal, this 5 x 50 Robusto is scrumptious! An Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with a deep auburn hue and very oily to the touch, cloaks the finest aged Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos.  Meticulously made, these parejos have a perfect draw that produces very thick smoke with bold earthy flavors, and a warm sweet aroma. 

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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Cedar Chest of 50

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