3.35 20
#59 Sweet The ones I received are sweet cigars. I can't even give these things away. 2 5 1
#59 Sweet Excellent. Nice tight roll up and an even smoke.... please don't tell everyone. 4 5 1
#59 Sweet Great cheap cigar 4 5 1
#59 Sweet This is my "go to" inexpensive cigar. they aren't always perfect but they are typically not worth complaining about. out of 25, you may have one that something isn't perfect with. harder draw, cap isn't perfect. but overall, still overall pleasant. 5 5 1
#59 Sweet Im not a professional cigar smoker so I dont know how qualified I am to score these things. theyre cheap, they taste good, theyre just strong enough for me, and they go well with cognac. 3 5 1
#59 Sweet Too sweet 2 5 1
#59 Sweet My humidors are never sans a bundle of #59 Sweets… one of my favorite everyday ‘go to’ cigars. For the price, they are incredible consistent – nice tight roll, easy draw, nice burn with lots of smoke, and mild enough for even my girl friend to enjoy. We like the slight sweetness and the nice aroma of the smoke. We get comments like “What is that cigar? Love the smell”. I have been smoking these babies for a few years now, and I have not found a better cigar value at JR’s. This cigar is not a Rocky Patel – but then one should not expect it to be. 5 5 1
#59 Sweet While on vacation in MB last month I ran out cigars. Stopped in a local Cigar shop and these were recommended as a good inexpensive cigar that was similar to Casa De Garcia Red that are not made any longer that I always liked. I was was pleasantly surprised. They were mild, a little sweet and the construction was pretty good. I found these after I had already placed an order. today They will be definitely be included in my next order. 4 5 1
#59 Sweet Great value for the money...great everyday cigar. 4 5 1
#59 Sweet Couldn't pay me to smoke these. Terrible draw and way too sweet. Good for giving people who don't deserve any better cigar. LOL 2 5 1
#59 Sweet great smoke at a great price 4 5 1
#59 Sweet An Excellent everyday smoke. Good draw and great flavor 4 5 1
#59 Sweet I did not like these cigars, I do not feel that they are 100% tobacco 2 5 1
#59 Sweet Good smoke for price 3 5 1
#59 Sweet Good value and good smoke when you can get it on sale. Just took 2-weeks to get to me. I finally joined JR plus for free shipping, and now it seems order processing takes twice as long and shipping takes twice as long. 5 5 1
#59 Sweet The worst cigar I've ever smoked. You don't find out until you've received them that they contain non tobacco product. I smoked one partially down, snuffed it and took it apart. Hoping to find at the least that it contained RTL, reconstituted tobacco leaf, instead I found worse. Under the green wrapper leaf is a binder of brown paper. Let me repeat, paper. This cigar tastes below grade and the aroma is that of lawn clippings. 1 5 1
#59 Sweet You might think you're not getting the sweets, but you are! It's a mystery which type of cigars they'll send you, the regular ones or the sweets. You just won't know! If you don't like the sweets? Better luck next time! 1 5 1
#59 Sweet These are great cigars and this purchase was exceptional 5 5 1
#59 Sweet Sometimes they are great and sometimes you have to toss away and start a new one. Good flavor but sometimes a very hard draw. 3 5 1
#59 Sweet Do they have a "homogenized binder"..are they machine made? Jr doesn't tell us. Don't know, don't care. They were fine for an everyday cigar, and 1000 times better than the drug store machine mades. I especially like the simple packaging that tears off the label without no hassle. Compare them to a good boxed wine, and since I'm not a wine or cigar snob, I enjoy them, so I'll smoke 'em. No, I didn't have any major problem with burn or draw or construction either. 4 5 1

Factory Throwouts

No. 59 6.25 × 45 FT59S

Factory Throwouts No. 59 are seconds to some of the most popular brands from the legendary JC Newman portfolio.  Deemed as seconds due to slight discoloration, sunspots, or minor wrapper blemishes, you still get a great everyday smoke for the fraction of the cost of their premium counterparts.  These smooth and mellow tasting cigars use aged Dominican mixed fillers finished with a golden-brown Sumatra wrapper to provide lush flavors of spice, toasted almonds, cedar, and cream.

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