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#59 Natural I have purchased multiple bundles of the 59 and 49. This last bundle of #59's were excellent. My last five smokes were the best of this brand I have ever smoked I am almost afraid to order another bundle...LOL. I like that they are made in America Tampa actually. These are worth buying. I will definitely purchase again. 3 5 1
#59 Natural Had them in the past good smoke for the price. I definitely will keep them in rotation. 4 5 1
#59 Natural in my opinion they are a bit better than the 49 number and a bit more nutty which i like they burned pretty even as well as having a grand taste 5 5 1
#59 Natural The burn was consistently uneven of every cigar in the 2 bundles I smoked. I'd get runners to the point where half the cigar was wasted. For me both draw and construction was a D-. Only the fact that I could get half the puffs I wanted kept it from an F. 1 5 1
#59 Natural The 2 bundles I received I tried to smoke they would not burn even they fell apart the wrap came undone I threw them away. when they said throwaways I did not even worth trying . the worst I ever tried. Never again. 1 5 1
#59 Natural Good cigar for the money. I was surprised. I will order these again from JR cigar. This is a great everyday cigar. 4 5 1
#59 Natural I thought that I was buying a premium cigar with some slight discolorations. No... this cigar was born a Factory Throwout. The draw has been tough on my first 5 and the ash burns like a short filler cigar. Little taste and even less smoke. They were cheap and I took a chance. Not again, 1 5 1
#59 Natural Excellent value 5 5 1
#59 Natural I smoke this while mowing the lawn to keep the bugs away. This is not a cigar to savor over a glass of single malt. 2 5 1
#59 Natural Been smoking these for years but paying more at my local smoke shop. Better price on JR. Good every day cigar. Occasional tunneling but great for kicking around the yard with or when out on the bike. Always keep them in my humidor. 3 5 1
#59 Natural Love these. 5 5 1
#59 Natural These are a great everyday cigar, definitely my go to... 5 5 1
#59 Natural These are my daily smokes. Order came on time and in good shape. 5 5 1
#59 Natural I know there throw outs for a reason, but damn it if every single one I’ve “tried” to smoke weren’t so packed of and rolled tight. I’m pretty certain my senior prom date couldn’t even get a draw through one of these. 7 so far have been this way and it’s just turned into disappointment every time I tell myself this will be the one. They’ve been TLC’d, spent some time in the humidor, frustrating part is they smell wonderful, look good and did I mention they smell really good. I’ve massaged them, I’ve stuck a pike down the middle of them and nothing helps. Actually what sent me to the review page here about 10 min ago I decided to give another a try( I’m stubborn ) it felt just as tight and hard as the others except this one wasn’t going down like his friends did. No he was going to show me….. I’m a mechanic I have very strong hands, I went to clip the cap off with my very sharp guillotine cutter and I had to use both my hands. Have never experienced that before. Needless to say after that I didn’t hesitate to chunk it and grab a Patel out to help ease my frustration 1 5 1

Factory Throwouts

No. 59 6.25 × 45 FT59N

Factory Throwouts No. 59 are seconds to some of the best blends from the legendary JC Newman portfolio. These no-frills bundled cigars are flawlessly rolled but may have slight discoloration, sunspots, or minor wrapper blemishes. However, for a fraction of the cost of their premium counterparts, you still get a genuine JC Newman cigar with creamy smooth flavors of coffee, nuts, cedar, and subtle hints of spice. 

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