3.8666666666666667 15
#59 Claro This is my third order of these cigars. I love 'em. There aren't many low priced candella wrapper options out there. These are better than Mr B's. For $1.50 a piece you can't beat the Throwaways. 4 5 1
#59 Claro 1st time I have purchased. Very good for the price👍👍👍 I will purchase again. Great deal 4 5 1
#59 Claro Moderately tight draw through the entire stick. It has a nice appearance with a light green claro wrapper and habano brown filler and binder. The burn is clean; ash holds tightly. purged to clear halfway through the smoke with little effort. Very smooth and mildly flavored overall with a decent Dominican tobacco aftertaste. I would purchase these again as a humidor stuffer and a regular smoke. Nice and easy going when you're not looking for a full assault on your senses. 3 5 1
#59 Claro I was very surprised how good this cigar was. It reminded me of the old Being candelas of many many years ago. Great taste and smell and very mild. My first FT was a little tight at first but I used the Perfecdraw and had no trouble afterward. It has overall good construction and an even burn. A great price for this everyday smoke makes this little guy a real winner. 4 5 1
#59 Claro Usually order 99 but it was out of stock. This is a very good mild cigar great value enjoyable and not strong all the way to the finish. A finger burner. 4 5 1
#59 Claro You cant beat the quality for this price! Has that green tea floral taste and aroma! 4 5 1
#59 Claro Nice appearance. The flavor is mild and smooth. Burn was uneven on several of the ones I smoked and i had to relight a few times. For the price though, I would reccomend. Don't expect a 5 Star smoke and you will be happy with these sticks. 3 5 1
#59 Claro I was very surprised good candela 5 5 1
#59 Claro very good smoke cost friendly great taste smoking one now 😁 5 5 1
#59 Claro Not a bad cigar I’m satisfied 4 5 1
#59 Claro Best cigar at this price point 5 5 1
#59 Claro The wrapper is different but smooth and consistent. The construction is good and doesn't vary that much. It is mild to medium. It is a good every day cigar. 4 5 1
#59 Claro These aren't factory seconds, but simply machine-made, using lower grade tobaccos. Quite frankly, for a low-budget cigar, they're actually pretty good. The mellow-medium bodied flavor isn't particularly stellar; but, does provide that grassy, green tea, Candela essence. The long-leaf construction is better than expected, with a slightly tight draw, reasonably even burn, & moderately firm, gray/black ash. The green Candela wrapper is well-finished; although, of an obviously lower grade, with prominent veins & slight discoloration. Great for hunting, fishing, camping, etc., where their loss won't bring tears to your eyes. 4 5 1
#59 Claro From the insert that came with these Factory Throwouts No. 59 claro. "These cigars are predominantly natural tobacco with non--tobacco ingredients added." 1 5 1
#59 Claro I always wanted to try a Claro after watching Columbo do it for years on TV. These don’t disappoint The flavor is mild and the aroma is noticeably like green tobacco, but good. 4 5 1

Factory Throwouts

No. 59 6.25 × 45 FT59C

Factory Throwouts No. 59 cigars are seconds from the famous JC Newman factory that didn’t quite make the first cut due to slight discoloration, sunspots, or minor wrapper blemishes. These no-frills bundled cigars mark the return of the once famous Candela wrapper that adds a lovely tobaccos sweetness to this creamy and nutty mellow blend. Although not perfect, you still get a great everyday smoke for the fraction of the cost of their premium counterparts.

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