2.5 4
Toro Shade Possibly. No flavor or taste, maybe similar to rolling up paper bags. Fast burnin. 1 4 1
Toro Shade These Sticks have a great taste, pair it with some coffee or some bourbon and you should get different notes. Its not spicy and you do taste the ground of the tobacco leaves were they were grown, but its a mild taste. A little cedar, but the taste does vary from stick to stick. If you want to enjoy it smoke it slow and don't let it get to hot. Overall for the price and as an everyday smoke it satisfies me completely. Will not break up on you, only when it gets real wet at the tip. Its not whole leaves its a chopped up blend. Over all a four because like I said before the flavor is not consistent, but it is a good buy. 4 4 1
Toro Shade Burns fast, tastes super bitter and it has more of an odor than an aroma. Constructed nicely and has a good ash, but otherwise tastes like gas station cigars. 1 4 1
Toro Shade Great everyday cigar 4 4 1

Factory Smokes by Drew Estate

Toro Shade 6 × 52 DEFSST

Drew Estate Toro Shade cigars are affordable bundled smokes from the makers of Liga Privada, Undercrown, and a slew of other top-rated blends. Covered by a silky-smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper, the cigars are filled with perfectly aged Indonesian tobaccos. The result is a medium bodied smoke with rich creamy smooth flavors of cocoa, cedar, leather, cream, and hints of fruit. Order a bundle of 25 now, and experience that great Drew Estate quality and taste for pennies on the dollar!  

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