4.133333333333334 15
Privada No. 2 This is nice mellow bodied smoke. Flavor is nice. and starts to expand half way through. It has an even burn, nice tight white ash. no problem having a 1" long ash at the end. You can keep this baby parked in the corner of your mouth while tinkering in the yard. Smoke wont bother your eyes at all. Excellent middle of the day kind of smoke. The draw was mildly tight but not problematic. 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 My husband is a big fan of Don Diego 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 Very mellow smoke, with an even burn. 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 Very good flavorful mild smoke 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 Very mild, would be a great beginner cigar. One of my very frequently smoked cigars. 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 The Don Diego Privada No. 2 is a long-time favorite of mine. It is my go to daily smoke - mellow, creamy, well constructed, even burn. My first cigar of the day is enjoyed during morning walks and the DDP2 is a perfect mild and enjoyable cigar to start the day. 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 Don Diego Privadas are a big step up from the regular Don Diegos. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the cedar wrap, or the extra aging time. The #2 is my favorite size. The construction is always good, the draw is always easy, without being airy. The taste is sweet and slightly spicy, the body light to medium. If you are frustrated with the inconsistency of some of Garcia's expensive lines, such as Montecristo, give the Don Diego Privada #2 a try. It may not be quite up to Monte in taste, but it's pretty close, is less expensive, and in construction it is much more consistent, and thus less frustrating. Take your time removing the elaborate double band, foot band, and cedar sleeve, or the wrapper will crack. 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 A smooth well made cigar that is mellow.You cannot miss with this one. 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 I have enjoyed cigars most of my adult life. I’m pushing 60 now so I guess you could say I’ve smoked my fair share. There was a few years in there where I enjoyed the newer styled cigars that are bold, peppery and strong. But I have burned out on that style. I realized that I prefer my cigars to politely accompany me, versus be the loud center of attention. This cigar is perfect in that respect. It has plenty of flavor but it’s not overpowering. It has that classic Connecticut wrapper taste which to me is smooth and toasty like a roasted nut. This one has just a little bit more of that unsweetened brown tea flavor than some - a little bit tannic I guess you could say - but I do enjoy that flavor profile. The construction is outstanding as is the draw and burn. Highly recommended if you enjoy classically flavored Connecticut wrapped cigars or want to taste something with a traditional mild flavor. 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 Smooth and mellow with decent flavor 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 Flavorful, creamy, good burn and nice draw. Good bang for the money. 5 5 1
Privada No. 2 Bitter cigar with not much of a redeeming flavor profile. Cigar might have benefitted from more time in the humidor as it was dry and started peeling less than halfway through. Disappointed because it was well presented with a cedar wrap, but that is where the enjoyment ended. Not interested in trying another one, after 2 fails in a row. 2 5 1
Privada No. 2 What happened to Don Diego. I used to buy this cigar and it was always a good smoke. My recent purchase was horrible 1 5 1
Privada No. 2 Very attractive....Had an issue when sliding off cedar sleeve. Original band was on very tight actually compressing the cigar near the head. Slight damage to wrapper as outer band had been stuck to it.No biggie though...I sniffed the unlit cigar and it smelled of a chocolate nut essence that I really liked. It was a good smoke...wanted a little more flavor but I would buy again. 4 5 1
Privada No. 2 Good 5 5 1

Don Diego

Privada No. 2 6 × 50 DDP25

Don Diego is one of our oldest and most trusted Dominican brands thanks to its top-notch construction and inviting flavors of sweet spice, leather, cedar, and cocoa. The 6 x50 Don Diego Privada No. 2, one of the most popular sizes in the brand portfolio, features the finest aged tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, covered by a silky, blonde U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper. Each cigar is wrapped in cedar to promote further aging, while adding an overall sweetness to its rich mellow -medium bodied profile. Order an affordable pack of 5 from JR Cigar, and join the millions of satisfied smokers that turn to Don Diego Privada No. 2 when they crave a smooth and creamy smoke that will never let them down.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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