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Ruby Black Cherry I switched exclusively over to these Djarm cigars over a year ago. I used to smoke regular cigarettes. My lungs were always irritated from the harshness of them. So I went to clove cigars as a way to ease that irritability. I have had no problems since. They have a smooth mellow smoke with a hint of cherry added. And are now my go to for smoking from now on. 5 5 1
Ruby Black Cherry Fast delivery I love 5 5 1
Ruby Black Cherry N/a 5 5 1

Djarum Filtered Cigars

Ruby Black Cherry 3.5 × 20 DJBC

 Top-quality Djarum Filtered Ruby Black Cherry cigars embrace the palate with a spicy blend of exotic tobaccos enriched with an added zing of sweet wild cherry. This enormously popular machine-made cigar not only tastes great, but it soothes the senses with a unique tantalizing aroma. Ruby Black Cherry cigars are affordable, conveniently packed, and ready to enjoy with no cigar cutter required!

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf




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