4.833333333333333 24
Leather Rose There is a reason they are so hard to find, everyone wants them. Just try one and let me know what you think. 5 5 1
Leather Rose Finally my perfect cigar! The flavor, draw and plume of smoke are just right. I’ve had my first and last at The Lucky Raven in Soldotna Alaska. I had the pleasure of smoking this cigar sitting next to the Kenai River whole family and friends fished for salmon. Nothing better than that! 5 5 1
Leather Rose Great Cigar 5 5 1
Leather Rose Will recommend 5 5 1
Leather Rose Move over black bottom Betty and Sweet Jane! This is absolutely my favorite! Good to the last draw. Paired perfect with an Old Fashioned. Worth the money I paid for a box a my local shop. 5 5 1
Leather Rose I've been a huge fan of Deadwood tobacco since the days of going to the hills to purchase Sweet Janes and they were limited during certain times of the year. They have been a constant spot in my humidor, Move over sister because Rose is now my favorite, Still the mocha wrapped flavor with a touch of vanilla, cut just the tip, sparked with a match or torch and enjoy. Great pull and flavorful to the last bit, doesn't get all burnt leafy or even hot at the bottom. Enjoy with a good whiskey or even a dark brew, or enjoy by the fire. Get a box or 3, seriously these cigars are what heaven must smell like and angels taste of. 5 5 1
Leather Rose great cigar 5 5 1
Leather Rose Great flavor with or without a drink, nice construction and a good feel when on the lips/mouth. Easy draw and very little bite. Sometimes burns a little iffy and gotta relight but very enjoyable any time of day ! I want this cigar stocked in my humidor all the time👍 5 5 1
Leather Rose Very sweet tasting wrapper before lighting. The 1st half is very mild, and the 2nd half somewhat less mild. For me, it did not have the expected cigar tobacco taste - not at all unpleasant, but not my idea of 'cigar taste'. The construction and burn were fine. My typical smoke is a medium-full Churchill, or #2 Torpedo. It would be fine for someone wanting to join-in a cigar smoking group, but wants a very mild smoke. 2 5 1
Leather Rose Every aspect of this cigar is incredible. Perfect length, flavor, its construction, the draw is silken smooth. All the way down to the presentation and even the box its sent in. It is by all means worth every penny. It is a cigar so good, it's the kind reserved for an end of the week, goals all accomplished, life is good kind of smoke. 5 5 1
Leather Rose My ALL TIME favorite cigars!!! The Deadwood Leather Rose the is the perfect combination of pipe and cigar tobaccos! Being a pipe smoker these cigars are as close to pipe smoking as you can be to pipe tobacco flavors! Love them!!! 5 5 1
Leather Rose This is a great cigar it looks like a dark one but it’s quite mild, with excellent flavor. The small version is great as well but the torpedo end allows for a great draw 5 5 1
Leather Rose Haven’t tried yet 5 5 1
Leather Rose This cigar is my regular smoke. Great construction, great feel, easy draw, great taste , and a satisfying plume of smoke on the draw. Very little bite, if any. This cigar fits easy in the mouth and sometimes I am not even lighting it right away due to the great taste and aroma of the cigar. Goes great with a good cup of coffee or a smooth whisky. A favorite that is always in my humidor 👍 5 5 1
Leather Rose Deadwood line of cigars has really nice flavor and quality. I keep going back and forth between this and fat bottom Betty. Lately the leather rose has been burning uneven, so I think I gotta try different cuts for a more even burn. You can’t beat the flavor, draw and aroma of this stick. 4 5 1
Leather Rose Have tried both Sweet Jane and Leather Rose but still prefer Leather Rose. Great aroma, very enjoyable to the palate and with different notes that will have you wanting to light that second one soon. 5 5 1
Leather Rose Leather Rose is one of my favorite cigar. Great taste. 5 5 1
Leather Rose First - I absolutely LOVE pipe tobaccos and smoke pipes the majority of the time...mixed with the ease of smoking cigars. I happen to stop at my local tobacco shop and they were having an event for Drew Estates cigars. I bought several sticks of the Leather Rose and the smoke was absolutely AMAZING! With a blend of pipe and cigar tobaccos...this is EXACTLY was I was looking for in a stick! The aroma is pleasing like pipe tobacco, the flavored wrapping is nice, and the smoke is just overall nothing but AWESOME!!! These are now my go to cigars and the boxes I buy just don't last long enough! I had a friend bring over Cubans and they smoked nothing like this cigar! This should also tell you something...I went to Mexico for a trip and packed a box of these in my briefcase over going to a local shop to smoke Cubans. I'll pick the Deadwood brand of cigar over all others! I have tried the Sweet Jane cigar but the Leather Rose is my go to! They're perfect! 5 5 1
Leather Rose What a great cigar! Even burn and pull. Great flavor! I like this one in a V cut. Will continue to keep this one stocked. 5 5 1
Leather Rose Totally unique and a fantastic smoke, even burn, great construction, truly a different flavor from your typical cigar. The infusion is subdued enough that it doesn’t forsake the natural taste of the tobaccos yet complements them with anise, pepper and a wonderful aroma. I ordered a box of 24 and have not been disappointed yet. The packaging is beautiful and the box is fantastic. Truly a huge fan of this Drew Estate collaboration. It’s a nice break from your typical Nicaraguan or Dominican, definitely has some great pipe tobacco blends in it as well. Complex flavor and a great draw with plenty of smoking pleasure. Sweetened tip adds a little sweetness to the natural Maduro flavors. Lots of anise on the very smooth retro but not an overpoweringly strong amount of pepper or nicotine. 5 5 1
Leather Rose This is a mellow yet punchy cigar. starts sweet then boom it's bold, then it gives you the burn and the time that most this size dont offer. Give it. try! 5 5 1
Leather Rose I keep finding myself ordering another box each time I’m down to 5 or 6 In the humidor. All of Deadwood’s cigars are great, but the Leather Rose is my favorite. Great with my morning coffee, or with a good bourbon. 5 5 1
Leather Rose Nice little cigar. Draws very good, real smooth throughout. My wife is very good at the aroma and she loved the smell of this cigar! Personally I enjoyed the whole experience! Must Try! 5 5 1
Leather Rose This is simply my new favorite cigar, hands down. I normally don’t buy boxes, but the Leather Rose is a definite box purchase since it is now my go-to. Unbelievably amazing flavor, perfect consistency and a great draw. 10/10. 5 5 1

Deadwood Tobacco Co.

Leather Rose 5 × 54 DWLR

Deadwood Tobacco Co. Leather Rose cigars are a collaboration between Deadwood brand owner Vaughn Boyd and the world-famous Drew Estate Company. This stunning (5 x54) Pyramid is meticulously handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua using a manufacturers secret blend of exotic tobaccos covered by a stunning, dark brown maduro wrapper. After torching the foot and lighting Leather Rose, you’ll be greeted by a medium -to- full bodied smoke offering luscious notes of anise, pepper, earth, dried fruit, and some floral tones, that simply scream Drew Estate! Order an affordable box of 24 from JR Cigar today ,and enjoy yet another magnificent Drew Estate cigar that takes unique mouthwatering flavors to a whole new level.

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