4.705882352941177 34
Double R It really is a perfect cigar labor wise it’s not my favorite but you can’t knock the cigar that simply a matter of preference. Construction draw taste are all there perfection! 5 5 1
Double R These are great. Very well made with a good draw. Flavor profile is very nice and enjoyable. Like a few of these around 5 5 1
Double R lets talk about davidoff. I like cigars like you like them. We both like them ok? try them and maybe you wont hate your life 4 5 1
Double R You should consider giving this as a gift They'll love the creamy texture of the wrapper and a great mild cigar is a great gift 5 5 1
Double R Great cigar Ina great wrapper. These things are awesome and enjoyable. Another winner by a great maker. These are amaxing. 5 5 1
Double R This davidoff is a good cigar with great draw and good construction. Also some good flavor 4 5 1
Double R As good as it gets regarding cigar construction. The R has near pefect draw. The mild to medium flavor is very smooth. 5 5 1
Double R This is truly a fantastic cigar. This 4 pack tells you everything you need to know about Davidoff. The finest tobaccos are used and the blend is delicious. If you love full stength cigars only these may not be for you but I think any cigar smoker would find these delicious and enjoyable. The body and flavors definitely override the stength. This is relaxation! 5 5 1
Double R Davidoff cigars boast one of the best reputations in the industry in terms of construction consistency and quality. A bigger body than most these come in at a tasty medium-full. 5 5 1
Double R This box of Davidoff Double R cigars was excellent. Truly a Five-Star afternoon smoke. Fabulous and a true top level cigar—absolutely! The title is focused to share that as good as the Double R is, it’s not as good a smoke or as good a value as a PG Gourmet Double Corona. Dr. Garmirian has mastered that level—but again the Double R is fabulous, just about $300 too expensive! Just being honest. RT Long 5 5 1
Double R this is a great cigar. Davidoff doesn't disappoint. buy these for yourself you deserve it. smoke them and enjoy them 5 5 1
Double R Impressive not what I expected. Really subtle spice with sneak peeks of Earth and leather. It felt like a real roller coaster ride it really was a complex masterpiece. 4 5 1
Double R this might be the best cigar ever made. i just wish i coud afford it more often. the construction is always perfect. a great smoke for contemplating. like sex you should take your time. 5 5 1
Double R This cigar is very spicy and has some other strong flavors also. however it is still really smooth. Well constructed with a good draw. 5 5 1
Double R I carry this four pack of Davidoff special series are to work with me. I love the little box and the way it's just in my pocket. Sometimes during meetings I will hand them out to my clients. They love the way it lights smokes and smells. What a great smoke what a great way to make friends 5 5 1
Double R Very nice. Cream leather and pepper. Perfect draw and construction. A very nice if not perfect mild to medium smoke. 4 5 1
Double R It is hard to tell about top quality cigar en entire world simply nobody is better the only issue is very high price 5 5 1
Double R I had the pleasure of receiving a box of these for my last birthday. I thought that I would have to put them away for a while to age. After about 3 weeks I decided to try one I found the initial first third a combination of green Earth in a desert-like taste on the foot. The cigar in my opinion transitioned rather nicely into a medium to full body flavor bomb. I personally like the Mellow and smooth changing of the flavors it never got too harsh or too strong the smoke output was on point almost a razor-sharp burn only needing a couple of touch-ups but all around I would definitely rate this cigar at a 92 in my opinion. 5 5 1
Double R The obvious David flavor mashed into this pack. Good for a smoke after only a few weeks in humidor 5 5 1
Double R Geez. This sticks are top shelf stuff. Exceptional flavors and very well constructed. Fantastic burn. Exceptional cigar. 5 5 1
Double R A semi consistent expensive smoke. Mainly musty tobacco flavors that are quite metallic and a hint of grass 4 5 1
Double R My friend just bought the Davidoff Double R and share one with me. Davidoff never seems to disappoint me at all. Still great smooth taste with a nice aroma. 5 5 1
Double R I'm glad these come in four packs because sometimes you don't want the whole box but four is perfect. 5 5 1
Double R Creamy and nutty smoke with some nice slice to it. Not a lot of pepper which is good for me but nutmeg or cinnamon I get. 5 5 1
Double R When you hear the name Davidoff. You have Stumbled upon greatness. Quality at its finest. Fire one up and enjoy. 5 5 1
Double R This classy little number delivers all the bold tasty flavor that I have come to expect from this delight 5 5 1
Double R An extra special gift for anybody and cheapest at jr cigars. I love these cigars and keep them on hand for anytime smokes. 4 5 1
Double R The Double R was my first Davidoff. It was pricey but worth every single puff. Smooth and creamy from the initial draw. This was a treat to smoke. 4 5 1
Double R Davidoff special series is a nice break. Taste the break in taste and goodness. Really good and great aren't strong enough to describe the flavor. 5 5 1
Double R the cigar is excellently constructed and is pretty mild its nice and creamy and consistent worth a try if you like that kind of thing 3 5 1
Double R Davidoff cigars boast one of the best reputations in the industry in terms of construction consistency and quality. A bigger body than most these come in at a tasty medium-full. 5 5 1
Double R Davidoff Special RR is creamy and consistent. It was enjoyed by four friends on a morning and does not disappoint. We decided on this vitola because Bibi Netanyahu keeps them in the humidor on his desk. Good enough for him good enough for us! Brilliant cigar perfect burn line great Davidoff flavor and just enjoyable way to spend morning. Yum! 5 5 1
Double R Chose to open the box for July 4th and it did not disappoint with over two hours of cigar heaven. First third was full of blackcurrant with mild tones of cedar and black pepper, second third introduced sugary sweetness that complimented the ongoing blackcurrant and earthy wood, the last third had hints of cinnamon and was a little herby for my taste but I still enjoyed it immensely. Draw was perfect with lots of smoke. Not the cheapest cigar but it is a masterpiece and sometimes you just have to say 'I'm worth it'. If you get the chance to try one, don't pass it up, just be sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it. 4 5 1
Double R Got one as a gift. An elegant cigar. Perfect burn and medium bodied. It was very good, but frankly I would never buy them at this price. 5 5 1

Davidoff Special Series

Double R 7.50 × 50 DASDR4

This 4-pack contains the same Davidoff Special Series Double "R" cigars that are packed in boxes of 25. Crafted in a 7.5 x 50 Double Corona size expertly designed to balance the top-quality Dominican tobacco blend's zesty pepper and smooth leather flavors, the Davidoff Special Series Double "R" cigar is wrapped in a premium Ecuador Connecticut leaf with a toasty medium-brown hue that conveys a sophisticated, extravagant, and engaging smoking experience that lasts for over an hour. When buying true luxury cigars online for your home humidor or to take along to share with fellow Davidoff cigar fans, the Davidoff Special Series Double "R," packaged in five convenient 4-packs, is a smoke to consider by any cigar connoisseur shopping for an effortlessly indulgent premium handmade cigar.

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Ecuador Connecticut

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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