4.310344827586207 87
2000 Excellent cigar amazingly light draw while still providing loads of thick smoke. Smooth flavor complex. Expensive but definitely an experience. 4 5 1
2000 The davidoff 2000 is a little pricey but was a good smoke had good construction and a good burn will smoke again on friends wedding 4 5 1
2000 This is another amazing davidoff. However I do prefer the Churchill. A tad bit bolder and not as mellow as the 2000. But still a must try. 5 5 1
2000 All Davidoff cigars are awesome. Smooth creamy and elegant. The true Cadillac of cigars! If your looking to treat yourself buy it. 5 5 1
2000 Good consistent construction and burn with a typical mild flavor. A good blend that never fails to satisfy. 4 5 1
2000 The Davidoff Signature Series 2000 is a wonderful cigar that everybody should have in their humidor 5 5 1
2000 This is actually one of the best cigar I’ve smoke. The brands itself speaks for itself 5 5 1
2000 not sure why these cigars cost an arm and a leg but they're good. worth the price? maybe not 5 5 1
2000 These sticks are well worth the money. I can't afford them that often but they sure are a pure joy to smoke one of my favorites. 5 5 1
2000 Standard Davidoff smooth flawless and mild to the core. Creamy smooth mild flavors but lots of it. The body is high but the flavors aren't bold. 4 5 1
2000 I prefer the classic line but these are darn tasty as well. You can't go wrong with any of the sizes. They have more strength than the original but the same base flavor 4 5 1
2000 The basic offering from David off but my favorite of them all. I don't know sits because it was my 1st or if it's really the best 4 5 1
2000 The first 2 thirds were amazing in every aspect. Very mild and creamy yet complex. The draw in the last third was not as perfect though. The body became fuller in the last third a nice surprise to me. I don't smoke cigars frequently so I prefer to have less but of good quality and these are perfect for that purpose! I'll try other brands because I think Davidoff is a bit overpriced but really you won't be disappointed anyway. 4 5 1
2000 Mille 2000. Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. You will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
2000 Found these cigars to be somewhat lacking in flavor. They had a mild flavor but I felt as though there should have been more development the longer I smoked it. 3 5 1
2000 I absolutely love the Davidoff brand! This stick I enjoyed only once but will smoke again. I paired it with coffee and when I say amazing it was a great smoke. 5 5 1
2000 This cigar has 2000 in the name and it is as memorable as the millenia in my opinion it is worth a two thousand year wait 5 5 1
2000 I like this line of cigars in particular they have a certain unique and distinct flavor I have come to crave 5 5 1
2000 Elegant is an understatement for this beauty. Delicious is more like it. Very tasty cigar. Think about the best cigar you ever smoked then times that by 10 5 5 1
2000 Good construction and good burn. The flavor was really mild . Would recommend for the beginner. 4 5 1
2000 Honestly is there a Davidoff that is not true to their name?! Sometimes the quality just speaks for itself. You don't need a bogus review to help you decide. 4 5 1
2000 Aside from the minor construction issue that I had this was a typical davidoff smoke .. Amazing. I will certainly be adding many more to my humi 4 5 1
2000 Davidoff what more needs to be said this is another great cigar at a reasonable priceif you haven't tried one go out and try it nowrate this a 9.5 out of 10 5 5 1
2000 My friend got me a few of these beauties on a recent trip I had never had a davidoff until then but I have to say is easily my favorite cigar ever. The draw is phenomenal its a nice cool very flavorful draw that leaves the tounge begging for me. Absolutely flawless construction this cigar is deffinatly one for the record books 5 5 1
2000 These are my favorite Davidoff cigars. A powerful but smooth smoke. Always consistent burn Great ash. And great construction. 5 5 1
2000 Great smoke - great flavor and smooth as butters would smoke em all day if they weren't cash money Hammer scale 8.8 5 5 1
2000 This Lil beauty carries a lot of gre as t memories for me as it was the cigar of choice at my best friends bachelor party. No not the cigar you smoke at 3 am after making all the right decisions but the great stogie smoked on the balcony of the penthouse suit before painting the town. Really fine cigar. 5 5 1
2000 Nice stick. Good look good flavor nothing spectacular but still very nice and good for any occasion. Excellent construction and draw always. 3 5 1
2000 The series 2000 is another Davidoff stick that is well okay. The flavor is mild to be fair and the burn tapers at the end. 3 5 1
2000 Nice and smooth smoke with good draw and consistent burn. Well balanced with a good build up of strength in the final 3rd. Definitely a very good smoke for the money. 5 5 1
2000 Most of Davidoff smokes ate smooth flavorful and always enjoyable. This was was ok but not living up to there other spectacular smokes. 3 5 1
2000 This is a great stick from start to finish it's flavorful and smooth and well balanced the construction is nearly flawless great treat 4 5 1
2000 Davidoffs have never been my cup of tea for my palate. At their price point they just don't seem worth it. There's much better cigars out there for the money 3 5 1
2000 Got one as a gift - wow I wish I could afford to keep these in my humidor more frequently. Construction was perfect burn was even draw was incredibly smooth. Taste was divinely mellow though it built nicely by mid smoke. Definitely a bit more bold than the classic davidoff but every bit as smooth. Absolutely fantastic smoke that makes me want to do nothing else other than sit and enjoy 5 5 1
2000 First one of these I had was a bit.... Underwhelming. The second third and forth ones I had were great though! Notes were black pepper sweet tobacco cedar and .... Something else. It's a very classic profile done very well. Get some 4 5 1
2000 Great stick smooth impressive flavors that show you why it is a highly sout after brand perfect construction 4 5 1
2000 Are you kidding me! Can’t get better than This smoke! Total full body a bit spicy what he an amazing aroma all the way through one of the greatest cigars ever made 5 5 1
2000 This is a really amazing cigar that's really mild but still has tons of flavor to it 5 5 1
2000 Smooth silky conneticuit cigar. I'll go ahead and say these are the best of the best. You pay for these though. Have fun with this one. 5 5 1
2000 The Davidoff Signature series 2000 is definitely a stick that has to be on your bucket list you're either going to love it or you're not me personally I enjoyed it very very much but I wouldn't consider it my to go to stick. 4 5 1
2000 Top of the linewhen they say you get what you pay forthis is a prime example... beautiful stick 5 5 1
2000 Earthy woody with sweet notes and a hint of bold coffee. Davidoff says enough alone but the 2000 series delivers delicious flavors that won’t leave you anything but satisfied. The hint of sweet leaves you with a clean and creamy aftertaste and not cigar mouth like some cheaper tobacco will do. Fantastic cigar and you can’t go wrong! 5 5 1
2000 Davidoff Are one of the best cigars I have tasted... Would recommend to anyone love the favor... 5 5 1
2000 Tasty and aromaticly pleasant the Dominican filler gives a creamy coffee taste with hints of cedar and spice. I would recommend this on a quiet evening with some good whiskey. 4 5 1
2000 This is a really smooth cigar with great body and smoked perfectly all the way through. A great cigar smoke for special times. 5 5 1
2000 I would smoke this cigar 2000 times if I could. This is an amazing davidoff. I'll be ordering 1999 more shortly ! 5 5 1
2000 Nice and smooth smoke with great draw and consistent burn. It's a wonderful experience. Flavors are earthy with medium to full strength at the end. 5 5 1
2000 An amazing cigar reminiscent of a 90's Cuban. Real craftsmanship and fantastic blending. 4 5 1
2000 The name says it all. This delicious stick was again at the top of my list. 5 5 1
2000 A somewhat inconsistent stick with sharp burn and a nice aroma. Flavors ere salty and woody and a touch of earth. Good stick 4 5 1
2000 These are possibly the toothiest cigars I've come across which gives it an absolutely fantastic texture. A real treat 5 5 1
2000 Nice cigar. I tried this for the first time and I was impressed. Nice spicy flavor smooth draw. I'll add a couple to the humidor 4 5 1
2000 The Davidoff Mille Series 2000 is a great line of cigars made by Davidoff. The wrapper and fillers are the same classic of the Davidoff lineage. It does have a nice hint of nutmeg 5 5 1
2000 Spicy and smooth. Easy draw silky feel with the smoke. Delightful and enjoyable. Nice size. 4 5 1
2000 What more is there to say about such a great cigar. Everything is perfect and there is a big kick of flavor 5 5 1
2000 This Davidoff has a great taste on the lighter side. Enjoy able first thing in the morning with coffee. 4 5 1
2000 A great looking cigar with a consistent brown wrapper and even burn. Slight notes of pepper. And cedary and spicy with slight leather notes. 4 5 1
2000 These are great cigars with a good mild flavor. They are well made like all Davidoff cigars. Try them out. 5 5 1
2000 Great smoke full body and smooth. Worth the money - if you're sitting back with a nice scotch with friends or alone and want a quality smoke then yes. 5 5 1
2000 I found the cigar to be bland and lacking complexity. I have smoked plenty of cigars with a similar flavor profile at a fraction of the price. 4 5 1
2000 Davidoff is a cigar brand that is absolutely amazing. Nothing is ever anything other than perfect. Never ever. Taste body excellence personified guaranteed 5 5 1
2000 My friend got a box of these for his wedding and we all enjoyed them as things were winding down. Light body with a great draw and creamy smoke. 1 5 1
2000 Can you really go wrong with one of these? I don't often spring for the expensive stuff but every now and then I will and every time I've ever had one of these(or any Davidoff) it's been a great smoke. 4 5 1
2000 Nice smooth cigar. Lots of flavor hints of cedar it smokes nice and slow good even burn and burns even 3 5 1
2000 This is a very well constructed cigar it has an excellent draw The flavors are too mild for me but you can definitely tell that there is aged tobacco in there 3 5 1
2000 This cigar is amazing great burn great tast and great flover love to keep this for a big event like a wedding 4 5 1
2000 Another davidoff amazing cigar. Premium high price but worth the money if you want a super premium smoke 5 5 1
2000 This cigar might be small and the band might not be as show-offy as some of the others you see but the smooth creaminess of this cigar will have you wondering why you've never had it before. The construction and draw were perfect. No burn issues great get 5 5 1
2000 This is a great cigar but too Damon pricey. Everyone about it was great but that Davidoff stick comes with a high price tag. 4 5 1
2000 Tight visible seams and double cap possibly. Just describing this awesome stick. Had a blast smoking it. Has a bit of kick to it but all around another great one. 4 5 1
2000 Davidoff makes some of the most beautiful cigars. I love to remove the label to enjoy the smooth wrapper before smoking. These smokes can be heavy... but smooth. Because of the excellent construction I get a nice long (dark) foot. 4 5 1
2000 this is an amazing stick and great for a special occasion. Amazing construction with great medium flavors. 5 5 1
2000 The Davidoff 2000 is by far the best cigar I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. So good in fact I gave away all my other cigars and made myself a Davidoff exclusive humidor. Costly yes but worth every penny 4 5 1
2000 My friend got a box of these for his wedding and we all enjoyed them as things were winding down. Light body with a great draw and creamy smoke. 4 5 1
2000 Another Davidoff that comes through with mild creamy flavors. It's a beautiful cigar with no imperfections. 4 5 1
2000 Dang. This cigar is great. Amazing flavors and amazing complexity. It can be a wonderful stick if you put a year or two of age on it. 4 5 1
2000 dint buy thus overpriced cigar it has very little flavor i think garcia vegas have a better burn than this 3 5 1
2000 This Davidoff is a little mild to my taste but all Davidoff sticks are fantastic and worth trying. 4 5 1
2000 Davidoff doesn’t disappoint tight draw..burned evenly. Vanilla notes with some oak.. good smoke 3 5 1
2000 Another Davidoff beaut. Burns great. Tastes great. Lasts long and satisfies. Pair it with some bourbon on Pinot noir for perfection. 5 5 1
2000 Good but overpriced stick. Kind of a sharp taste on the draw... Not full of different flavors just a clean tobacco flavor. For the price you can get much better sticks. 3 5 1
2000 Complex strong and balanced. Cedar white pepper peat earth and a light sweet character. Nice smoke 4 5 1
2000 This is one fantastic smoke. Construction is flawless Smoke volume is extremely satisfying. Tasting notes : Creamy luxurious smoke nuts cedar and caramel.....sweet spice and cream coffee. You will love this stick ! Pricey but worth it. 4 5 1
2000 Want a trip to Heaven? Smoke this beauty and your three-quarter's of the way there. A medium to full bodied smoke that will have you craving for more. Beginning with notes of pepper and coffee it then opens to a array of flavors. Consistency is amazingly good. 5 5 1
2000 One straight up good smokes. Flavordrawconstruction. All top of the line nice pleasant flavor. 4 5 1
2000 I’m a huge fan of Davidoff cigars. I have yet to run across one I do not enjoy. Get yourself some. 4 5 1
2000 With the Connecticut wrapper and a supremely built cigar, likely the best classic corona there is. 5 5 1

Davidoff Signature Series

2000 5 × 43 DAT25

This 5-pack features the same luxurious Davidoff Signature Series 2000 handmade premium cigars that are packed in boxes of 25. Crafted in a 5 x 43 classic Corona size expertly created to deliver the bolder creamy-coffee notes from a top-quality Dominican long-filler blend with hints of earthy cedar and woodsy spice, the Signature Series 2000 cigar is finished with an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf in a lush and velvety medium-brown color. When shopping online for smooth and sophisticated handmade premium cigars to store in your home humidor, to take along on your travels, or to share with fellow Davidoff cigar fans, you'll find that the fragrant and flavorful 2000 cigar in convenient 5-packs dependably offers a complex yet impeccably balanced experience to cigar fans looking for luxury.
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Dominican Republic

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