4.354166666666667 48
Diadema The cigar has an amazing rich taste and like all day without perfectly build the trauma is always better than perfect I love the cigar and will continue to buy 5 5 1
Diadema I enjoyed this smoke a fair amount. Was well made burned Evan and lasted for a bit. Overall pleasing 4 5 1
Diadema The Davidoff Nicarauguan Diadema is part of the most tasty Davidoff series I've had. The construction is flawless. Once to flame is applied to the perfecto tip the burn is even all the way. It has flavors if coffe and cream and packs a good amount of flavor which does not change much over the life of the cigar. A very good cigar and worthy of a box buy. 5 5 1
Diadema This Davidoff Nicaragua is a beautiful cigar with strong flavors and creamy. Great quality top Nicaraguan. 4 5 1
Diadema My favorite non Cuban tobacco is Nicaraguan and my favorite shape is the Diadema so this is a winner right off the bat. Amazing flavor and consistency 5 5 1
Diadema This Davidoff Nicaragua Series Diamide is well made Nicaraguan cigar. You can taste the rich earthy soul in the wrapper. It's a full bodied cigar with a smooth after taste 5 5 1
Diadema this is a good one seriously. It has a nice draw and an even nicer taste! 4 5 1
Diadema Draw was a little tight because of the tighter foot but overall this was a great cigar. I would recommend one of the other sizes though 4 5 1
Diadema I gave to a friend to try after someone gave to me said the draw was OK not much flavor but we like infused cigars a lot too 3 5 1
Diadema All Davidoff cigars rock and this Nicaraguan version is better Incredible amount of smoke and the wrapper is heaven in the mouth 5 5 1
Diadema A bit pricey but worrh the bucks. Nut nutmeg cocoa and cedar flavors abound in this great stick 5 5 1
Diadema Great smoke but I personally like the Lonsdale cigar better. This one ain't bad though lots of rich mellow smoke and it has a great flavor 3 5 1
Diadema The appeal of this is great. Looks like a good cigar and the black band is cool. Tastes what is expected of a Davidoff. 5 5 1
Diadema Davidoff went to Nicaragua and came up with a masterpiece. Wow is an understatement for this incredible cigar 5 5 1
Diadema As far as I'm concerned this is the absolute best non-Cuban cigar and production today absolutely amazing experience treat yourself you will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Diadema This exotic one from Nicaragua has a fantastic wrap wh tons of flsvor and great draw 4 5 1
Diadema What an awesome cigar here. Medium bodied and tons of flavor with a fantastic aroma. It's no wonder this cigar received so many accolades. Well done! 4 5 1
Diadema Usually lobe anything Nicaragua but this one tasted way too much like dirt. I could probably go kick a garden stake and get the same flavor 2 5 1
Diadema I was quite surprised when I smoked the Davidoff Nicaragua series at the Davidoff event at Casa de Montecristo. A fantastic mid-full with a lot of flavor. Would definitely smoke again. 4 5 1
Diadema Do you like davidoff but wish they offered a little bit more? This Nicaragua is for you. It has the great davidoff flavors you know and love but with a little extra pepper kick. 4 5 1
Diadema Davidoff cigars boast one of the best reputations in the industry in terms of construction consistency and quality. Spicier than your standard Davidoff and a bit fuller of body. 5 5 1
Diadema This davidoff has a great tast of Nicaraguan tobacco thru and thru and extra flavor from the perfect I shape a true Fla or bomb 4 5 1
Diadema My favorite non Cuban tobacco is Nicaraguan and my favorite shape is the Diadema so this is a winner right off the bat. Amazing flavor and consistency 5 5 1
Diadema This had a not so firm feel when compared to the escurio. The draw was OK although a bit lose. Flavors wasnice with a hint of spice in there. Construction was good and didn't require any touch ups. Was an overall good smoke but just wasn't wowed. 4 5 1
Diadema A step above the robusto in overall quality and somehow taste . a perfect cigar all around great flavor medium to full bodied yet subtly smooth .also great footsmoke output and excellent on the retrohale. 5 5 1
Diadema The best of what Nicaragua has to offer went into this one. An absolute treat to smoke. 3 5 1
Diadema I just simply love the Davidoff Nicaragua series. Well constructed smells great smokes wonderful has a great chocolate undertones and espresso. I always love to have this one right after meals and before bed at night. I'll buy more in the future thanks 5 5 1
Diadema Bold and tasty with strong flavors of coffee chocolate and mild spice. Smokes perfectly every time 5 5 1
Diadema The Davidoff Nicaragua is a little different for Davidoff. It is a bit more spice and pepper than you usually get from Davidoff. Still a very well made high quality cigar. 4 5 1
Diadema Rich robust and hmjust flat out awesome. Rich Nicaraguan tobacco with perfect construction and flavors. Definitely one of my favorite Davidoffs! 4 5 1
Diadema I was really excited to try the Davidoff Nicaraguan. While it wasn't bad I certainly wasn't overly impressed. Draw was good but multiple touch ups and some wrapper issues have definitely detracted from my enjoyment. Flavorwise I didn't hate it but I haven't been overly impressed. Just kind of flat. 4 5 1
Diadema Great medium to fill bodied cigar. It is made of our Nicaraguan tobacco. The flavor is amazing. Slightly spicy and a hint of sweet with good ole earth 4 5 1
Diadema Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Well worth it. Nice clean smoke. Enjoy this gem. Outstanding. C'mon I am creative. 5 5 1
Diadema Just good old fashioned good tasting cigar that hits you right in the teeth with some good old fashioned flavor 5 5 1
Diadema One of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Delicious flavors excellent smoke output gorgeous aged wrapper just perfect. 5 5 1
Diadema Davidoff is a major league dealer with some major flavor. This one will blow you away and is worth the price. 5 5 1
Diadema This Davidoff is unique in deep rich and complex flavors. This cigar will satisfy every cigar aficionado needs. Excellent drawburnashsmoke flavor and finish. 5 5 1
Diadema Nice nica smoke well made with bold nica flacor. These things are addictive. Check them out and you'll love em 5 5 1
Diadema The Davidoff Nicaragua is a special cigar for an exquisite pallet… The flavors move the around your mouth and I find pair great with a nice scotch 5 5 1
Diadema Loved this cigar from davidoff the Nicaragua the tobacco seams to have more complexity than that of the domimincan variety great cigar 5 5 1
Diadema Good cigar great aroma excellent consistency and construction. The draw is good as well as the good burn time that was long with a nice even burn. 3 5 1
Diadema I do not know if it was smokers error or what it was but this cigar just did not do it for me today It did not burn even and I hard a hard time keeping it lit 5 5 1
Diadema I love Nicaraguan cigars and this one did not disappoint. Great consistency from beginning to end and great flavor. Would definitely buy again. 3 5 1
Diadema One the better cigars I've smoked over the past 6 months. Flawless construction great draw and an easy finish. Go get one 4 5 1
Diadema this is a nice to have it off cigar excellent construction as usual if you have the money for the other nice to try if you don't mind something on the mild side 3 5 1
Diadema Davidoff Nicaragua is yet another treat Sensation from the geniuses at Davidoff. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe these. 5 5 1
Diadema These Diademas are very nice to try once in a lifetime as a special experience, just to check off a checkbox on your checklist of life experiences. The cigar has a very-high-quality build, and has a very nice flavor. But, unless you want to show off to others that you can afford Davidoff cigars, buy for yourself instead a similar-flavor-league highly-rated Punch Diablo, and spend the saved money to buy one or more of the Davidoff label perfumes, such as Zino Davidoff or Davidoff Cool Water for yourself, or Davidoff Good Life for your other half. I took one star off in my rating due to high cost of these cigars. Price consideration aside, these Diademas are true five-stars in all other aspects. 4 5 1
Diadema Love them just the best smokw 5 5 1

Davidoff Nicaragua Series

Diadema 6.50 × 50 DAND

Packed in boxes of 12, the Davidoff Nicaragua Series Diadema is a uniquely shaped 6.5 x 50 handmade premium puro cigar meticulously tapered at both its head and foot. This is a shape that serves to showcase the bold bittersweet character of this complex and balanced blend of top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in the country's rich, volcanic soils. Featuring a zesty pepper spice that nicely accents a smooth, leathery flavor, the Davidoff Nicaragua Series Diadema cigar is finished with a lush Habano-seed Rosado leaf that is sure to catch the eye of the seasoned connoisseur shopping online for luxury handmade premium cigars.
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Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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