4.4 20
Gran Toro I love the packaging these come in along with the accessories for the line. Davidoff did wo ders with this. Just wish they had knocked it out of the park with this blend. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Most flavorful cigar. Complex. Smooth. Pricey but worth the money. Hints of pepper and sweetness. Great burn and great construction 5 5 1
Gran Toro These cigars are very expensive..a friend of mine gave me one for my birthday..it was a goo cigar but way overpriced..to mild for me 5 5 1
Gran Toro My wife bought me this pack nice gift pack for the cigar smoker great value awesome stick can't beat it 4 5 1
Gran Toro These are a nice change up I just didn't care for toro but have to say pretty solid stick great tastes 4 5 1
Gran Toro This is a good smoke I like it that's all I'm going to say so I don't care what you do buy it or don't 5 5 1
Gran Toro Yes best everything about this cigars is good and great mild smoth to get my money back in a row of a cigar petition 5 5 1
Gran Toro The year before the game with the same time and money and time consuming but the fact that they think we're going 5 5 1
Gran Toro An exquisite cigar. Burns beyond perfect. In my opinion one of the best Davidoff cigars ever made. Medium we with tons of flavor. Very smooth and just wow. 4 5 1
Gran Toro As a Davidoff fan this would be one of my favorites from the line. Amazing sweet and warm mellow blasts of chocolate and hay. One of the best in the world. 5 5 1
Gran Toro This is for the most part a great cigar but the flavor it provides holds it back a little. Look to try it but Nicaragua and some other Davidoff and AVO cigars are a bit nicer. 4 5 1
Gran Toro This is a decent cigar though a little too costly. It has a decent draw but not a great consistency. Falls apart near the end. Has some flavor a with leather and vanilla. 3 5 1
Gran Toro This one was pretty decent I did not know what to expect but the profile was surprisingly good 4 5 1
Gran Toro Spicy and tasty. Easy draw super sexy and silky feel on the hand and lips. Delightful and enjoyable. Nice size keeps it smoking cool. 4 5 1
Gran Toro This is am outstanding cigar with nuances of cinnamon nutmeg cedar vanilla and toast. Robust and enjoyable cigar. 5 5 1
Gran Toro This was my first Davidoff - and what a first! It has such a wonderful sweetness to its immense strength. I highly recommend! 5 5 1
Gran Toro Was not all that impressed with the cigar thebtaste was very bland lots of earth and mellow leather tones. 3 5 1
Gran Toro I may have been spoiled smoking Liga's lately as I noticed a rather bland flavor in the first few minutes, not bad, not good, nothing much at all until you near the end of the first 1/3. Now it really start to open up in flavor, bolder notes of floral woods and a bit of nuttiness culminate an excellent smoke that leaves you wanting more! I will caveat this review with the fact that I had enjoyed a Corona Gorda & my Gran Toros are still untouched. However, I would still not hesitate in buying more when the opportunity presents itself. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Was exceptional choice; this was purchased for my 18th year Anniversary celebration. My wife and I enjoyed every minute of the fine expression. The only set back was that 1 of them had a hole in the wrapper, which changed the performance and taste. But worked through it and all is well. 5 5 1
Gran Toro I enjoyed the cigar. At first I didn't like them, but they were young...sat in the humidity for 5 years...took one out today and it was MUCH better than I remember, but that is aging for you..IMHO these are overrated due to the name..you can find the same good quality for much less price..just research the tobacco used and dive in..you're paying for the name..if you're looking for prestige in social smoking, spend the $20, but if all you need is enjoyment find another comparable for $6-$10.. 4 5 1

Davidoff Escurio

Gran Toro 5.50 × 58 DAEGT

Davidoff Escurio Gran Toro is a 5.5 x 58 super premium cigar from one of the most well-respected cigar brands in the industry. Handcrafted at the company’s legendary factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic, a dark and oily Ecuador Havana seed wrapper conceals a Brazilian Cubra binder and fillers comprised of Mata Fina and Cubra tobaccos from Brazil, along with San Vicente and Piloto tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. Escurio is a remarkably flavorful medium to full-bodied smoke that is overflowing with luscious notes of vanilla cream, toast, cinnamon, leather, nutmeg, and baking spices. Order a box of Davidoff Escurio Gran Toro’s today and enjoy every moment smoking a cigar that embodies a lifestyle of luxury, indulgence, and sophistication.

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Ecuadorian Havana


Brazil / Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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