4.517241379310345 29
Short Perfecto A fatty of a vigar with great taste the draw can be bad so needs a really good cut. 4 5 1
Short Perfecto You have to give Davidoff perks for creating this unique style of cigar. For it exotic shape and size smoking this cigar is like kissing a model for the first time 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Davidoff perfecto is a great quality smoke. The construction of this cigar is excellent. The burn is razor sharp and smoke output is great. 4 5 1
Short Perfecto You can never go wrong with one of these Davidoff's. Nice pull and smoke out out. Awesome shape to it. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto I like this one also its one of my favorite cigars great smkoe to it and has great color 4 5 1
Short Perfecto Median flavefull smooth smoking cigar. Try one. I definitely will be geting more very soon. Love the shape and feel 4 5 1
Short Perfecto I don't know how else to describe this other than to say it reminds me of Honey Nut Cheerios but in a great way. I love this cigar. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Fun size and shape to smoke that burns perfectly and is beautifully wrapped. Nice Woody musky roasted not flavors with a slightly Metallica finish 4 5 1
Short Perfecto Great small and direct flavors from the smoke. The body is a tad more strong as usual Davidoffs 4 5 1
Short Perfecto Wow what a Davidoff. There is no way I can describe the outstanding experience of smoking this Davidoff other then incredible. The flavorburn ash draw and finish will leave you speechless. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto A great short cigar. Full bodied to say the least. #FlavorBomb you will enjoy the journey from start to finish. That I am sure of. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto nice cigar. no rey or touch ups needed. the draw was good. great spice flavor. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto It's a funny looking cigar but the flavor changes are amazing. The draw stays consistent throughout and the burn was very good for such an odd shape 4 5 1
Short Perfecto the flavors are so great on this cigar. I love the build and the smoke off of this stick. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto I found this cigar to be pretty good. Not my top pick but it did hold up well and burn Evan. Flavor profile was nice 4 5 1
Short Perfecto It's almost like davidoffs version of the feral pig. This is a great short but satisfying smoke. Try it out ! 5 5 1
Short Perfecto This one was fun to smoke. I love the shape reminds me of a short story. This 1 is mild but incredibly flavorful 4 5 1
Short Perfecto VERY GOOD CIGAR Hootnholla_1 on 12/22/16 This is a wonderful cigar and I tasted a bunch of different flavors throughout. The only thing is there are better cigars in the Davidoff lineup 4 5 1
Short Perfecto Sweet little smoke I'm glad that the construction lead me to pick this up. I couldn't have been happier with my decision. 4 5 1
Short Perfecto Because it's a Davidoff you know that draw and construction will be perfect unlike some other figurados and the flavors came in droves 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Classic Davidoff construction in a spicier fuller flavored smoke. The figurado shows off Davidoff's ability to make a great stick. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Perfecto is right! With is amazing design and elegant taste you can't beat it. Keep a handful at the ready to impress anyone and everyone. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Amazing. Perfectly done. Construction is second to none. Flavors of cream nuts and cedar. This is an all around beautiful stick. 4 5 1
Short Perfecto A nice stick with a very musky aged smoke flavor with a touch of cinnamon. Great burn and ash 4 5 1
Short Perfecto These are short fat and delicious. I really love the uncut edge because I like being able to cut my own ends. I also think that uncut cigars keep better in my humidor. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto I think of natural wrappers when I smoke a Davidoff but this is a great EMS cigar Smooth and light but always worth the money 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Perfect for when you wanna look like a cartoon character. These are great smokes I'm not big on the shape. I love the taste. 5 5 1
Short Perfecto Draw problems with the cigar. Nice burn construction was good and not bad flavor. Would recommend this 4 5 1
Short Perfecto This is a good old fashioned style cigar that brings me back to a simpler time in my life 5 5 1

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Short Perfecto 4.88 × 52 DACCSP

Packed in boxes of 10 and skillfully created by Davidoff's most experienced rollers, the Davidoff Colorado Claro Short Perfecto is a 4.88 x 52 handmade premium luxury cigar in a tapered shape that balances the blend's zesty spice notes and smooth yet hearty nutty qualities.

A medium-to-full-bodied recipe of top-quality long-filler tobacco leaf from the Dominican Republic is meticulously wrapped in a rare and luxurious Ecuador Connecticut sun-grown wrapper leaf in a lush brown hue with a reddish glint, making the Davidoff Colorado Claro Short Perfecto as striking to look at as it is to smoke. While bold, this cigar features a soft, subtle sweetness that engulfs the premium-cigar fan's palate. When seasoned smokers are searching for unique and luxurious cigars to buy online, the Davidoff Colorado Claro Short Perfecto is always a sophisticated selection.

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Ecuador Connecticut Sun Grown


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Box of 10

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