3.76 25
Club Cigarillos Davidoff small cigarillo are one if my favorite quick smokes I get a lot of enjoyment on my break from this cigar 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos i was not happy with these they burn up fast and thenext one was tight just inconsistant na 2 5 1
Club Cigarillos Slightly pricy but these are premium cigarillos. Quality smokes in mini form. Nice and toasty 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos It's been a while since I've smoked these but they're very smooth and full of usual davidoff flavors. They're the only davidoffs I'm comfortable spending my money on as most others are extremely expensive for a mediocre cigar. 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos Normally don't like cigarillos but these were a happy surprise. Good flavor. Could use a little better consistency and a fuller draw 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos Definitely a sucker for some good cigarillos. These were outstandingly good. Would buy again and would reccommend to friends. 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos Davidoff club is nice little smoke that is sure to satisfy the tweener crave or very nice for that 15 to 20 minutes on the drive home from work or while running around from store to store a bit pricey but if you want to splurge on your mini than this is for you 4 5 1
Club Cigarillos Not a huge fan of cigarillos these were ok. Too short of a smoke for me but were better than Romeo and Julieta cigarillos 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos a nice little cigar to smoke when you don't have a whole lot of time nice choice for smoking in the car or just need a quick break today 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos Excellent construction on such a small cigar. Smooth creamy medium-mild body. Great for when you are in a hurry 4 5 1
Club Cigarillos These are extremely mellow and light but leave a very nice flavorful after taste in your mouth that lingers for a while 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos Best Cigarillos on this site. I've had quite a few to compare. You get what you pay for 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos Decent cigar for a very quick smoke in the run. All the taste and half the time. Will smoke again. 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos A good thing in a small package!!! Wonderful taste and nearly perfect consistency! Great quick burn if you don't have a lot of time! 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos If your looking for what i call a quick snack smoke these are perferect 15 to 20 mins nice greta white ash. Plenty of pepper and smoke 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos I like these cigarillos when they're consistent there's been times I found mold on them… But the times when they're fresh they taste and smoke amazingly 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos Nice and mellow. Tea flavored with tobacco and honey. A little bitter towards the end. Overall a good quick smoke 4 5 1
Club Cigarillos They were pretty much perfect. My only regret is that they are pricy. I can't afford to be a Davidoff smoker. 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos Come on JR! These things aren't even really cigars! Quit wasting our time on these cigarillos and focus on the real cigars! 2 5 1
Club Cigarillos The Cigarillos by Davidoff are a great little smoke when you don't have the time or appetite for a full size. 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos These are fun for parties. Bought theses for a bacholer party. They are good for people that don't wAnt a big cigar or don't regularly smoke big sticks. 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos I keep these for Sunday mornings at thesis before I start my day with a cup of coffee. Nice easy quick smoke. 4 5 1
Club Cigarillos Davidoff is quality. It's a picture in the dictionary next to the definition. The name Davidoff. These are really great when you only have a short time to smoke. 5 5 1
Club Cigarillos Cigars are great as usual but I paid for ups delivery and it took 6 d days to get delivered 3 5 1
Club Cigarillos These are my first foray into cigarillos. I've smoked a few cigars in my short life, though they were genuine Cubans. That said, these have a decent, if a little bland flavor; not overbearing but also not that raw flavor from my usual cigarettes, a nice in-between in my opinion. They have a good, slow burn to them though I imagine they actually burn slower than in my use. I smoke them on my work breaks in a semi-windy environment, which might contribute to them burning faster, although in my uses they tend to last 10-15 minutes. I never smoked them at home (in my opinion these aren't suitable for a smoke and drink session), but I bet they could get 25 minutes or so. Overall I'd say that these are good for a cigar smoker looking for something more suitable for a break smoke. I'll also mention that I did not receive any cracked or broken ones, but they don't hold up too well to prolonged storage outside of a humidor. 4 5 1

Davidoff Cigarillos and Small Cigars

Club Cigarillos 4 × 23 DAVMCC

In a 4 x 23 size that showcases an expertly selected long-filler blend of top-quality tobaccos from Brazil, Indonesia, and the Caribbean, Davidoff Club Cigarillos are finished in a soft brown Sumatran wrapper leaf, and offer premium handmade style and mellow sophistication in a slim shape that displays the impeccable construction and balance for which the famed Davidoff name is known. When buying handmade luxury cigars online, consider Davidoff Club Cigarillos, a petite yet premium handcrafted cigar packed in boxes of 50 to provide the satisfaction of a longer-lasting cigar break...even when your time is to indulge is limited.
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