3.8 30
Churchill I have smoked this cigar twice both times it lasted close to two hours and was delicious to the nub. It is between mellow and medium and issues a billowing smoke that is lush. The taste on the tongue is gentle. I do not get any coffee or even traditional tobacco flavors but it is tasty even if I cannot exactly describe the flavors. I do recommend it and wish that I had bought it in a smaller vitola...7.25 by 50 takes too long to smoke on any but the most liesurely of evenings. 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar for beginners and a really good price. Nice smooth and creamy all the way down to the nub 5 5 1
Churchill Not too bad. Mild and pretty well made. The ones I tried burned a bit uneven and had loose ash. Decent flavor of wood and earth. Plus they are cheap! 3 5 1
Churchill This was actually a pretty decent cheap stick and nothing hat I could find wrong 4 5 1
Churchill The cusano18 is in my estimate the closest to a cohiba red dot Nicaragua smoke withsome very nice sweetness and tobacco and are one of the best cigars made pickup a five pack and give em a try you won't be disappointed I promise there the best of the cusano full body. 4 5 1
Churchill The cusano 18 Connecticut is great wrapper and binder of the same Connecticut tobacco is genious and adds so much depth 3 5 1
Churchill A great cigar that is super under the radar. Not a whole lot going on here just a simple lovely morning cigar to pair with your coffee. Good draw and burn too! 4 5 1
Churchill This cigar is mostly creamy and it gets bitter pretty easily near the end. A decent beginner cigar for creamy flavors but not good for much beyond that. 2 5 1
Churchill Last time I was in Miami I picked this cigar up. After a dinner with friends we lit these up and enjoyed the night. 3 5 1
Churchill Cusano 18 double Connecticut is a very mild stick. That's not to say I didn't like it. I just like a little more strength in my step if ya know what I mean. 4 5 1
Churchill I take exception with those who think this cigar is a "beginner" cigar. I have been smoking them for years now, and true to the Dominican heritage, superior in construction and flavor. I am not one of those who cherish cigars that eat their way down the windpipe, or overwhelm with a cacophony of exotic flavors. I like a friendly cigar that tastes good and does not overimpose itself to my senses. Good price, good construction, good choice. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a great medium body smoke. You we onto be disappointed with this cigar. Great flavor and construction. 5 5 1
Churchill Nice medium Cigar for me. Construction was flawless just not a lot in the flavor department no surprises just a creamy solid smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Good smoke last a long time and has a great slow and even burn. I really like these and will purchase more in the future. Good construction and consistency. 3 5 1
Churchill This is a great mild to medium bodied cigar that has a lot more flavor than you would normally expect from a Connecticut wrapper cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill I jad two of these in my humidor. I smoked the first one and cant make myself smoke the second. It was so good I want to see what some age on it will do to it 5 5 1
Churchill I love this cigar!!!! I smoked this one while I was outside and sanding down a table for the wife it was a really smooth cigar and it burned very well 5 5 1
Churchill I found the cigar adequate a bit spicy for my palate definitely worth getting but for me leaves me a little wanting I can't just put my finger on it but something is missing all in all a great smoke just not one I would go out of my way to find 3 5 1
Churchill Okay stick. A little bitter at first but opens up midway. A tobacco flavor is apparent with white moderate smoke output. 3 5 1
Churchill this is a pretty good Connecticut stick it's fairly creamy and a bit woody with hints of Halen that I enjoyed it 3 5 1
Churchill This 18 is one hell of a smooth smoke with good flavor mild to medium in strength strongly recommend you give this stick a try 4 5 1
Churchill The cusano 18 Connecticut is great wrapper and binder of the same Connecticut tobacco is genious and adds so much depth 3 5 1
Churchill This is a really good light smoke. Great for morning or midday. Still has really good flavor but really mellow flavor. Good stick if you want something a bit lighter. 4 5 1
Churchill the conn really wasnt bad but not good i think im letting rest of these rest a while and revisit 3 5 1
Churchill Not a big flavor cigar, but very smooth, complex for its mildness. One or two per box will have a little inconsistency in draw, but in general a very well made product. This has been my go-to since 2015. 5 5 1
Churchill My go to regular smoke. I try others, but sooner or later, even though I have been initially impressed, I am disappointed by: draw, construction, or flavor. Not so much with Cusano. For me, Cusano has reliably consistent flavor, draw, and a fulfilling "heft" to smoke intake. It is not a fragile cigar that is prone to split when I use my hole-maker. Nice tough tip which holds up throughout the smoke. It is a mild to medium smoke which satisfies me. I am not very fond of cigars that try to burn their way through my throat to get out. But that is just me. 5 5 1
Churchill Excellent 5 5 1
Churchill really enjoy them 2 5 1
Churchill Smooth velvety Flavor excellent cigar for a Cigar smoker That is just beginning to enjoy cigars 4 5 1
Churchill The write up for a creamy smoke…never got that flavor. Nice construction but disappointing flavor 3 5 1

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut

Churchill 7.25 × 50 C18CH2

This 91-rated cigar will keep you smoking for hours. Creamy and smooth, this box of 18 uses 18 year old Dominican filler so the smoke is almost silk-like. The light brown Connecticut wrapper gives it a creamy and nutty taste. This aged delight burns nice and even, and will have you coming back for more.
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Connecticut Shade

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Box of 18

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