4.171428571428572 35
Hampton Court So far the Macanudo (Hampton) is one of my favorite pricey cigars. could use a little more creamy flavor but that want stop me from purchasing this product again. 3 5 1
Hampton Court Nice all around smoke but kinda hits and misses on flavor consistency. They are great to hand to newbies with weak stomachs 3 5 1
Hampton Court I usually don't smoke products from this maker but I was given a couple at a polo match. They are very well made and draw nicely. The flavor is smooth but a little unimaginative. These are great smokes for novice smokers who want a better higher end cigar. You won't go wrong with it but you won't be floored by it either. 4 5 1
Hampton Court Someone mild but with Rich sweet occasionally spicy notes. A little mild for my taste usually but a very enjoyable cigar 5 5 1
Hampton Court Expensive well made cigar that is only good in the morning or for the older people who want a light smoke Fans are as old as baseball fans(Like me) 4 5 1
Hampton Court I got this in a sampler recently. Mild body easy draw good construction and real pleasant to smoke. 5 5 1
Hampton Court The Hampton Court by Macanudo is a good stick. Not as flavorful or as high quality as some other cigars but still good. 3 5 1
Hampton Court No no no go far away these fall apart and taste like horrible and one of the worst I've smoked in a long time 2 5 1
Hampton Court The mac hating court is a great vitola for this cigar smooth and mild good to the last drop great construction and classic to the core 5 5 1
Hampton Court A staple in the Macanudo lineup. These are priced right and built well. I simply enjoy a full bodied cigar so this isn't my favorite but if you enjoy mild cigars give this one a shot 4 5 1
Hampton Court Staying in the Hampton 's and going to court the smoke is mild and consistent from box to box you get a great draw and burn the flavors were spot on but not very complex 4 5 1
Hampton Court First cigar I ever smoked. A little overpriced and short on flavor but perfectly constructed and a nice starter cigar. 3 5 1
Hampton Court Always good for a throwback to one of my first cigars! Sweet and mild but packed with flavor. Good draw a touch too open for me but still good. 5 5 1
Hampton Court Just received and smoked this. Wonderful smoky, coffee, musky flavor. From first draw to last excellent. Consistently smooth draw and stayed lit entire time. Kind of a loose wrapping, which made for a not so long lasting cigar, but highly recommend it. 👍👍 5 5 1
Hampton Court Love the Hampton Courts 5 5 1
Hampton Court Great smoke, mild smokes easy 5 5 1
Hampton Court Love those Hampton Courts especially after a days worth of yard work then a cool shower, a cold one and a great tasting cigar from JR’s! 5 5 1
Hampton Court Would like to see smaller veins in outer wrapper. 5 5 1
Hampton Court I like the Alec Bradely for a stronger smoke and definitely the Mac for a mild - creamy experience. I enjoy the difference in both with whatever I am drinking them with: port wine stout porter etc... 4 5 1
Hampton Court A perfect middle of the road cigar. Not bad not good just in the middle. Perfect for giving to newbies 3 5 1
Hampton Court Macanudo was once a brand that was at the forefront of the industry or so I have heard. I don't know if the blend changed on ourpose or its just different leaf in general but I'll take a pass. 2 5 1
Hampton Court Just a little too flat of the flavor profile for me. Burned well just make sure you don't store them in the tubes they will grow mold over time 3 5 1
Hampton Court This was okay nothing too special about it but it's still a ma ando so it's good 4 5 1
Hampton Court Not too strong in flavor but smokes very well. Nice and mild bodied draws 5 5 1
Hampton Court Great smoke easy & mild cigar! But that is expected from Mac. 4 5 1
Hampton Court As always Macanudos are a great smoke.Mild with a lot of flavor. 5 5 1
Hampton Court Draw is ALWAYS inconsistent from Cigar to Cigar. 4 5 1
Hampton Court Great smoke very satisfying flavor leaves no after taste. 5 5 1
Hampton Court Very good quality,great draw and good construction 4 5 1
Hampton Court These smokes are as enjoyable as when I first tasted them in the eighties! 5 5 1
Hampton Court na 4 5 1
Hampton Court Smooth, mellow, good draw very enjoyable 4 5 1
Hampton Court the cigar was mild and well made ordering another box . 5 5 1
Hampton Court I like the cigars individually tubed for carry convenience. I am not a heavy cigar smoker, so this cigar suits me great. The size is perfect for a smoke that does not take too long, and the aroma is great. 5 5 1
Hampton Court Great 5 5 1


Hampton Court 5.50 × 42 MAHC_1

This is it, the famous Macanudo Hampton Court cigar! Back in the day, the smaller rings were king. They burn slowly, and perfectly compliment any cigar blend. Why not give this classic little guy a try, and save the big stogy for later. It is available in single cigars.
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