4.8 30
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Consistently flavorful smooth a pleasure to smoke. I prefer the EMS to the maduro. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) This is a really good cigar. It is my favorite El Rey Del Mundo I've tried. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) For my money these can't be beat--except maybe the ELDM Rectangulare natural. 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Great Cigar, Nice finish, Draws great, Well worth the price ! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Box after box the Flor de Llaneza Pyramid is the most consistent torpedo I smoke. I cannot say enough about the quality of this great cigar. I have at least two boxes of them in my humidor at all times ! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) One of my favorite cigars. Delicious all they way through 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Well this one is my favorite taking in consideration that I been smoking cigars for more than 30 years and have smoked them all. With name like frank llaneza no cigar can be bad 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) These are one of the all-time great cigars for the money. They just can't be beat. 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Top ten cigars ever 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) May I have another star? I want this bad boy to have six. From the sniff of the wrapper, to the last puff that burns your finger this cigar will not disappoint! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Upon receipt of a five pack of these cigars, I immediately lit one up, as I so often do, and wasn’t terribly impressed. I knew time in the humidor would only improve things, so stuck these away for a month, and then tried another. What a revelation. It was sweet, mildly peppery, with an almost perfume like quality on the retro hail. I’ve been lucky enough to try some of the best from Montecristo, RP, AB and others, but believe this may be my very favorite of them all. Thanks to JR cigars, I got an amazing deal on a box of 35, and intend to enjoy every last one down to the nub. Highly recommended! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) This is definitely a premium cigar in burn and flavor. Ironically the 5 pack version wrapper used to be lighter in color than the 35 pack and slightly smoother in flavor. However that lighter color wrapper is no longer available in the 5 packs. I wish I could find one of the other cigars that company manufactures that has a lighter/milder cigar. 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Among the several kinds of cigars that I smoke, these are one of two or three absolute favorites. These cigars are beautifully made--so that the appearance and the draw are, in my opinion, what a cigar should be and do. Along with the physical beauty of this particular El Rey del Mundo cigar, one cannot say enough that's good about their aroma and flavor. Packaging may be or not important for some aficionados, so one may note that the box and the presentation of the cigars in the box are themselves a treat. Finally, these Flor de Llaneza pyramids have been, in my experience, consistent in character and quality of construction. This is a fantastic cigar. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Top of the line for me as far as cigars go. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) As always, the service and speedy delivery were appreciated. The cigars themselves have been a pleasure to enjoy. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Nice smooth smoke, but a fast burn. 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) A spicy smoke with coffee notes, and a little nuttiness. I could smoke this on a regular. A little time in the humidor and these will stand up to the best cigars on the market. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) I've been smoking these cigars for decades now & they continue to be well-constructed of quality tobacco with an even burn. The result is a flavorful, medium to full-bodied stogie depending upon the wrapper one may prefer. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) I started smoking these when they first came out. Since then I have tried many different cigars from JR thanks to samplers and specials. I've broadened my palate quite a bit but when these come on special, I always get a box even though the humidor is pretty well stocked already. These offer a even draw and a mellow yet very flavorful smoke. This cigar stacks up well against offerings that come at a much higher price point. You will not be disappointed! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Frank Llaneza cigar do not require any reviews, it in top 5 cigars in the world. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) One of my favorite cigars 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Very nice enjoyable smoke 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Added to my rotation 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) This is the cigar that got me started with JR. For years the only cigar I would order. Still the best constructed, best flavor in a mid range priced cigar out there. Unfortunately others have come to the same conclusion and they are often backordered! So, please, don't act on my review until I can get my order in1 4 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) I bought a box of 35 of these 18 months ago and smoke them periodically, I smoked one last night and OMG!! The flavors have melded and are more pronounce, lots of coffee and nuts. When they become available buy them. I'll take this over a $20 Padron any day. Looked on the site today to re-order...not available. JR is the only site that I know of who carry them. A classic. Must buy! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Great cigar 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Excellent stick, love everything llaneza, this had a lot of good flavor notes to it, 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Smooth!!! 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) Not much to say about this cigar that hasn’t already been mentioned. Excellent construction,fine even draw,very nice flavor. 5 5 1
Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) It has been a few years since I smoke Flor de Llaneza sticks! Well I received them and did not follow my own advice and they weren’t bad but I immediately regretted smoking the two sticks. I use to order the Flora del Llaneza and keep them in the humidor for at least 6 weeks before smoking any. Honestly I quit smoking cigars for a number of years, and I miss it. Well I’m back. Humidor before smoking it’s well worth the time. 5 5 1

El Rey del Mundo

Flor de Llaneza (Pyramid) 6.25 × 54 RMFL_1

Named after the illustrious cigar legend Frank Llaneza, this fabulous Pyramid is the finest that money can buy! A chestnut-brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper covers a mix of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers. A lush, full-bodied yet incredibly smooth array of sweet and earthy flavors blend beautifully with its exotic spicy core. Almost too complex to describe, this universally scrumptious smoke is perfect for every smoker, no matter what his taste preferences may be. Packaged as a single cigar.
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Ecuador Sumatra




Medium - Full


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