4.2451923076923075 208
Corona A very well made and satisfying smoke. 4 5 1
Corona I haven't smoked the Carmona yet but the rest of the black series are great. Can't go wrong. 5 5 1
Corona Nope not what I expected. Not worthy. I was utterly disappointed. 2 5 1
Corona Big flavor in this cigar. Spicy and sweet. I really like the corona size for this cigar. 5 5 1
Corona Fav cohiba. Sweet and some still spicy all the way throughout. I'd only pay $7 but places do jack price 5 5 1
Corona The black Corona I will pass on. I do not care for the Corona brand as they are basically knock off of the real cuban Cohibas. 1 5 1
Corona Like its bigger brothers this is a one way ticket to flavor town. The draw was a bit tight but got better once into the 2cd... 4 5 1
Corona Quality about cohiba is not questionable. Full body yet flavorful. The end is a bit spicy but if you like full body you have to try this. 5 5 1
Corona Great stick! Good construction nice even burn. I really enjoyed it. 5 5 1
Corona The black corona is a smooth silky maduro wrapper cigar with a great smooth draw and taste. 5 5 1
Corona It's pretty good. I just feel like I'm paying a little more th an I need to soo I can have the name 4 5 1
Corona This was a great cigar! Dark earthy flavors and a full body that I really enjoyed throughout the entire stick. It burned surprisingly longer then I expected out of such a small cigar but that was okay because I really enjoyed the entire thing and would definitely purchase these again but wish they were a little bit cheaper 4 5 1
Corona Pretty consistent and pleasurable stick. The only downside to this specific cigar I had was a tight draw. All in all would buy it again. 4 5 1
Corona Great stick. Don't be afraid of the dark color it is a nice mild smoke. Enjoy this one!!! 4 5 1
Corona Deep rich flavor helped by the small viola size. Perfect burner but don't have to spend hours smoking it. 4 5 1
Corona The Corona black is one of my fav coho as of all time. I love the Med-full flavor the draw is great and the construction is too notch. Consistency is great. 5 5 1
Corona This Cohiba Black is a good smoke. I had it a few days ago and I truly enjoyed it. I'd recommend it. 5 5 1
Corona The cigars are unbeatable as far as the flavor girl Burn smoke output aroma and all the other factors that come into play when smoking a quality stick 5 5 1
Corona Great smoke to enjoy any time it had a good flavor and good consistency and 4 5 1
Corona One of the best Cigar ever. Love the taste. Slow burner. Cohiba are my favorite type of cigar. 5 5 1
Corona Awesome smooth wrapper earthy manure smell. A bit of pepper on the tongue when smoking. Band looks very good on the dark wrapper. 5 5 1
Corona Great rich smoke. Complex and full flavor. Proof it doesn't have to Cuban to be good! 5 5 1
Corona Perfect smoke. A little strong at first but it mellows out quick. Great for after a big meal. Only back draw is the price which could be a little cheaper but then again it is Cohiba 4 5 1
Corona I love starting a weekend morning with one of these and a good cup of coffee. Very quick and enjoyable stock with good construction 5 5 1
Corona One word BOLD! These are a full flavored smoke. Easily lit and stays lit. These are what you expect from cohiba 5 5 1
Corona So good it should be illegal. It might be. I'm not sure but that's the way you tvtastes. It tastes. I think I got high from smoking by it. Then again I might have been high before. 5 5 1
Corona Packed with flavor. A good one if your looking for a full flavored cigar 4 5 1
Corona I really like the cigar would advise everybody try away a great cigars let setting your humidor 5 5 1
Corona Anything black and probably in. This was rich and silly with a slight earthy flavor. Great smoke 4 5 1
Corona Enjoyed this quite a bit. Good flavor and didn't break the bank. I like cohiba's not from Cuba and these are like all the rest 4 5 1
Corona Not the best Cohiba out. Would have liked it to be more transitional in this stick. Very straight shooter for the most part. 3 5 1
Corona Great cigars from a great brand. I will say this is better than the red dot but I feel you can find better cigars for same price point 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba is a great gist and very full I've smoked them and have gotten more very one in a while 4 5 1
Corona The Cohiba Black is one of the best noncubans out there. Full and bold this one is a real knockout. 4 5 1
Corona A long lasting smoke that is excellent for enjoying while having a cook out on a warm summer evening. 4 5 1
Corona If reat cigar with a strong smooth draw. This makes your taste buds go crazy. Order these today from JR Cigars 5 5 1
Corona I love Cohiba. This cigar is very harsh but I'm a great way. Leathery with a bit of pepper. The end of it became much harsher than the first half. 5 5 1
Corona A darker mysterious brother to the red dot many of us know it's the son you've always wanted. Very smooth yet peppery almost a wet top soil smell to it it is my favorite Cohiba. Especially great draw slightly uneven burn but it corrected itself. 5 5 1
Corona The black corona is a strong yet smooth cigar. It's strong but not overwhelming. 5 5 1
Corona Nice consistent draw with noes of coffee. I love the aroma and the razor sharp burn. 4 5 1
Corona Entirely too dark for me I am definitely not a fan. It may be good if you like this kind but it is just not for me 1 5 1
Corona It's a good cigar but wasn't one of my favorites. Would go in a different direction for the price range. 4 5 1
Corona One of the greatest smokes around! I tried this cigar and was completely blown away. Perfect burn smooooooth taste and I literally smokes it down to a numb. This is my most recommend cigar(and I have smoked some great cigars) if you want a special occasion stick. 4 5 1
Corona This cohiba black corona is just like the brand as a whole peppery flavorful and well made. It draws nicely and is well constructed. 5 5 1
Corona Black Corona another great cigar by great company! Huge Cohiba smoker here. Haven't had one of these in awhile though! 4 5 1
Corona The Cohiba Black is an awesome cigar. Pricey yet somehow worth it. You find lots of these in JR's samplers. 5 5 1
Corona this cigar is super smooth and very tasty you cant go wrong if you like full flavor without all the bite man you can smoke em all day like my st3orage hum will have 10 at all times and mt ready box will hav the same try'em 4 5 1
Corona The Cohiba Black Corona is a mainstay in my humidor. This medium to full bodied smoke delivers every time. 5 5 1
Corona The cohiba black carina is actually a wonderful cigar. I recommend this cigar because it is a great cigar. They have good cigars 4 5 1
Corona A very nice stick. Medium to heavy. Very oily. All in all a pretty decent stick. 5 5 1
Corona Here we are with the Cohiba again. As stated before I'm a super huge fan of this brand and now we are talking about my favorite viotola win win win 5 5 1
Corona This is a strong stick. The construction is great and the draw is just right. Cohibas are the most ripped off stick for a reason. 4 5 1
Corona This is an excellent cigar. A must smoke for any true cigar lover best of the best! 5 5 1
Corona Of course it's a cohiba amazing draw earthy flavor with coffee and dark chocolate reminds me of a strong espresso at the start but ends with smooth earthy flavor. 5 5 1
Corona A beautiful black wrapper. Rich tastes of coffee espresso and chocolate. Never been a big Cohiba fan but this is a nice surprise. 4 5 1
Corona Decent smoke but not my fav Cohiba by far. It lacks strength and not real impressed with the flavors either. My opinion of course. 3 5 1
Corona Good flavors. Terrible draw and construction. Smoked three of them and all had this issue. The wrapper was very flaky and paper thin as well. 2 5 1
Corona Man Cohiba knows how to make a tasty cigar. This oily stick is beautiful flavorful and powerful. Has a sophistication about it that makes you feel like a mobster while burning it. Lol 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba Red Dot as a very good cigar great alternative to the Cuban Cohiba . I try to keep some In my stash 5 5 1
Corona A really good full flavored cigar With a lot of pepper and earthy flavor. 4 5 1
Corona Lots of pepper and spice. Draw on mine was tough and kept going out and I had to keep relighting. Not typical of Cohiba so maybe I had a dud. 3 5 1
Corona Though not as good as the cc. This cigar is great. The price I can't agree on so much. In my b&m it's around 20 bucks a stick. I just don't feel comfortable paying that all the time. I'd rather go with a cheaper small batch cigar imho. 5 5 1
Corona A Fantastic cigar! I would recommend this cigar to anyone beginner or expert! Great flavor! 5 5 1
Corona Fairly pricy for one stick but this cigar has it all. Dark cocoa flavor flawless construction and a razor sharp burn 4 5 1
Corona A dark tempting tasty mamajama. Gives you a delicious draw wonderful mouth feel and a delicious palate. Dark and oily so good. 5 5 1
Corona Cigar is exploding with dark chocolate flavor and hints of spicy. Definitely want to sit down alone with this delicious smoke 5 5 1
Corona One of the absolutely best of the Cohiba brands. I smoked this cigar on a cruise and it made me feel like I was on the top of the world. Good work Cohiba! 5 5 1
Corona This cigar is very bold and tasty however it is not one that I typically smoke on the golf course 4 5 1
Corona Very good cigar. Very powerful full body and flavor. Hard to beat a cohiba 4 5 1
Corona I love smoking this cigar its the king of kings thank you for the cigar has been doing well as the perfect taste length and classy look 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba's Black Corona is a heavy hitter for sure. Packed and wrapped solid with no give. Great burn. On the higher side of medium strength with a thick woody spice and tobacco taste. Easily an hour and a half smoke. Good smoke. 4 5 1
Corona Real nice black wrapper with a good kick of vitamin n to wake you up in the morning definitely not for beginners 5 5 1
Corona Flavor and strength dynamite coming from this vitola. Notes of pepper and spice. Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 5 1
Corona The most iconic cigar in the most iconic size. This cigar may start off dry but blast into flavor after a few puffs. Great cigar. 5 5 1
Corona You can't beat the flavor of this full body cigar. Cohiba is known for making some of the best cigars and this is in my top 10 4 5 1
Corona I found them at zt cigar in Oklahoma city while i was working one Friday afternoon (i know what you are thinking it's payday!!!) the perfect day to be out of my regular stogie. Anywho i was actually going to check if they didn't have any smokable cheapies as i waited for my bundles to come in. Gentlemen 3 CIGARS were bought that day but i shall only speak of one the cohiba black a cigar so good it'll literally will give you a chubby. $18 smoke oh yeah you're going first and boy was i one mad mf'er when i tasted the perfection that it held within itself. You're asking WTF is this guy talking about. Wouldn't it upset you when you finally find your one true love but she's to expensive for your pockets. Now if only for a little amount of time were to arise later in my life I will have the lady one more time. 5 5 1
Corona Delicious cigar very flavorful with a nice clean draw. This was the first Red dot that I've tried. 4 5 1
Corona The cohiba black corona is an absolutely delicious cigar. Huge full body and flavor. Very strong for beginners. One of my favorites. 5 5 1
Corona Nice flavorful medium bodied stick. Slight white pepper mixed with espresso and earthy flavors. 4 5 1
Corona Deep dark chocolate flavors and aromas here. You could even call this a cocoa bomb 4 5 1
Corona Great smoke for anyone that likes Cohiba I love it can't go wrong here 4 5 1
Corona cohibas are always good. Full bodied cigar. I enjoyed it very much. Would buy again for sure. 3 5 1
Corona The maduro wrapper has a nice oiliness and burns slowly it is a medium to full flavor with nice spicy peppery flavors . It got a little stronger as the nub grew near 3 5 1
Corona This is a great smoke it you like them bold has a good draw got to try this for the flavor 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba is always good. So is this one. Can't believe how the flavor was. Good cigar. Would recommend highly. 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba Black Corona is a flavorbomb. This is very stout compared to the original Red Dot from Cohiba. The dark wrapper leaf pours bunches of white smoke. Tasty. 3 5 1
Corona I typically enjoy Cohiba's and this particular cigar was no different. While I typically prefer a mild cigar this one while a bit spicier than I normally prefer was quite delicious. Perfect draw. Became a little spicier towards the end. 4 5 1
Corona The cohiba black is everything I love about cohiba with a little kick that I like. This is a great after dinner smoke. 5 5 1
Corona This smoke is and will be in it's own class. You won't want to have a few of these in you humidor for that special moments. 5 5 1
Corona Was not a fan to be honest. The draw changed constantly like it wasn't rolled well. 3 5 1
Corona While this is a very tasty cigar I was left feeling nauseous. It may have been to do with not eating enough before but I will report back after j smoke another. 5 5 1
Corona nice cigar. good construction and draw. no touch up or relights needed. cigar had a bold flavor throughout the smoke. 4 5 1
Corona I love Cohiba. This Is a definite full body smoke easy burn and gives that Cuban feel. Love it. 5 5 1
Corona It's a Cohiba and a black is there even anything else that needs to be said. Simply the best. King of sticks 5 5 1
Corona Very solid bodied thick cigar for those who like a punch to their cigar. Not too overpowering though and very enjoyable 4 5 1
Corona These are one of my favorite cigars.they are extremely tasty with a nice oily wife says they smell terriblebut i don't listen to her. 3 5 1
Corona In my top three for best stick. Smooth a little peppery but extremely good I'll be buying more for sure 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba black in corona i prefer red dot over the black line as far as price point it doesnt really hit me with what profile i like for the cost 4 5 1
Corona Wasn't all that impressed after hearing all the hype. Got onecin a sampler and it was hard as a rock and almost unsmokable 3 5 1
Corona Cohiba did a great job on this one also. A little more flavorful than the normal ones and still a great stick 5 5 1
Corona To be honest I think there are better. It starts off harsh but unexpectedly doesn't mellow out. I tend to go in other direction. 4 5 1
Corona You cannot and will not be at cohiba. Smooth and great draw. The flavors are amazing. Too bad jr doesn't have the cubans. 5 5 1
Corona The only thing you can question about the cigar is whether or not it is worth the price it's truly a great cigar the darkest deepest flavors you can imagine coffee dark chocolate earth dark as the night itself 5 5 1
Corona Heres another fine cohiba not as nice as a real cuban but nice for sure and well worth the dough 5 5 1
Corona Tgis is one of my fav go to smokes nice wrapper great taste even burn nice and rich taste 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba is one of my favorite brands and the black corona is a deep sense smoke but very easy 5 5 1
Corona I don't like Cohiba cigars. Just as someone previously posted they are over hyped and priced. But this cigar is great from start to finish. The roll taste burn and flavor meets expectations. My first smoke I thought it was luck. Since then I smoked several of them and never been disappointed. I tried Cohiba Black outside of the corona... and was disappointed. 4 5 1
Corona All of us are different no doubt but not all of us are daily smokers and to be totally honest I have been smoking cigars for over 14 years and this cigar isnt a grand slam for me AT ALL ,it is slightly pleasant aside from an undesired and almost waxy smell all through the tobacco is good quality but something went wrong with this cigar try a Davidoff Nicaragua instead and you’ll love me for it 3 5 1
Corona This is a great cigar. Normally don’t like full bodied cigars but this one is really a good smoke. Would definitely smoke this one again. Draws great and has a really good flavor as well. 5 5 1
Corona the draw on this one is a little better. the flavors and construction are on par with other cigars in the same price point. I would smoke again 3 5 1
Corona It is what it isThis black beauty is a great example of a really well-made cigar everything from the punch to the smooth flavors to the gray construction… What else can you say 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba is the best cigar out there this one happens to be one that sells at my local smoke shop so I stock up every chance I get it is perfection wish I could taste the flavor all day 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba is traditionally a great smoke and the draw with this stick is flawless. Great big billowy smoke and leaves you satisfied. 5 5 1
Corona Very good smoke! Constructed in a dark wrapper that holds up from start to finish. It has some spice. Easy draw. And never fails on consistency. 5 5 1
Corona Better draw. Beautiful flavor. Chocolate leather a hint of vanilla without being a sweet. Absolutely amazing. Get them and let them rest a week or two in the humidor and you won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
Corona All in all a good smoke. One of those ones that is good to keep around just in case you get in the mood for them 4 5 1
Corona Great stick full body great flavor. These are solid 45 min smokes. Just too pricey. For the money a liga privada papas fritas would b better 4 5 1
Corona I really liked smoking this one. Super cohiba. Super Maduro. That wrapping makes a difference 3 5 1
Corona The cigar with a little too strong for me. It was overwhelming. I like a milder cigar. Do you want to try maybe you'll like it. 2 5 1
Corona Consistently hard to draw on... need to have a draw poker tool to take out tobbaco not just poke thru 2 5 1
Corona Cohiba black corona is the great tasting and consistent flavor that's expected if a cohiba 4 5 1
Corona Dark rich and complex profile. Cohiba is always a great choice for most. Buy the box it will be worthwhile​ 5 5 1
Corona I have issues with General cigars but these are great sticks. Smooth and strong right down to the nub. Very well made. 5 5 1
Corona Although I gave a lot of stars for this cigar it is still a disappointment. The price of all Cohiba's is just plain ridiculous considering they're riding on the popularity of their Cuban namesake these are considerably overpriced. For instance the day after I smoked this cigar which was okay I smoked a PDR 1875 Reserva Dominicana toro that blew this so far out of the water it wasn't even on Earth anymore. Those are half the price so go figure. Well made looks greatbut really lacks in the flavor department considerably. A $15 dollar Cohiba? I can buy 2 much better cigars for the same price. Stop trying to impress others and smoke a better cigar. Cohiba's (except the cubans which are phenomenal) are no where near as good or flavorful as at least a hundred other cigars. So if you want to appear to be a big spender buy these. If you're an actual cigar lover buy something better (and cheaper). Cohiba's are all hype no real show. Bland and boring and that's the truth. 4 5 1
Corona Red dot cohiba. Nice dark creamy wrapper that pleases throughout the smoke. Never had a bad stick 5 5 1
Corona Always a good cigar but there are just as good or better out there for less money but to each his own 4 5 1
Corona Great smoke cohiba makes very very spicy smokes. All pepper and spice with thisbone 4 5 1
Corona I have smoked several Cohiba black and it's one of the best of the Cohiba's it's a very full-body cigar but it is not a overwhelming cigarit's full of pepper and spice and cederwhat ever you do don't miss trying this master piece of a smokeyou may just miss the cigar of a lifetime !!! 4 5 1
Corona I love these Cigars!! I can't say enough good things about them. Worth every penny 4 5 1
Corona Interesting cigar. Very strong in the beginning but then seemed to hit a wall of blandness in the final third. Still not bad though 4 5 1
Corona Great rich smoke. Complex and full flavor. Proof it doesn't have to Cuban to be good! 5 5 1
Corona This cigar should deliver fro. The start for the price point. It doesn't. It gets into full stride over half way in and peters in and out of flavor. Sometimes its amazing sometimes you think your smoking a factory 2nd. Buy 3 cheaper cigars for the money. 4 5 1
Corona Paying more for a name than a quality smoke found each one harsh and bitter near then end 2 5 1
Corona Exactly what you would expect from a Cohiba. Excellent choice for you and your friends. 4 5 1
Corona I have tried several of these cigars and my past and I may be a little biased with the Cohiba brand. I enjoy a nice dark Rich cigar I have been a fan of Dominican cigars for a very long time and this remains one of my favorite. 4 5 1
Corona This cigar packs a punch! If you're new to cigars this one might need to wait. It's quality built with a great draw but it has a stout flavor! 4 5 1
Corona This isn't one of those sit down in a quiet room and break it your flavor wheel sticks. This is a good walk the dog play some cards pay some bills add some enjoyment to your regular tasks stuck. It tastes great but it's very predictable with very little changing from start to finish. 4 5 1
Corona Love maduro and oscuro both visually and from a flavor standpoint. Mainly chocolate and espresso. Underwhelming notes of wood and spice 4 5 1
Corona One of the few cohibas with the money. Great draw flavor and construction. Great smoke 4 5 1
Corona LOVE Cohiba but I am more of a mild cigar guy. I live more of a robusto size also! 4 5 1
Corona Dark rich creamy oily. If you love maduros you will find your new favorite one here. So delicious with coffee or wine. 5 5 1
Corona Cohibas are great cigars. Burn a little quicker than most cigars but I'd trade that for the nice draw it has 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba cigars are the real deal. These are some of the best I've smoke next to real Cubans. The flavor on this one is full and earthy with hints of spice really enjoyed smoking it. 5 5 1
Corona I have tried all the sizes in the cohiba black series and this is my favorite. You get so much more flavor from the smaller ring gauge but keep all the strength 5 5 1
Corona Like I said before one of my favorites. Nothing beats a nice cohiba and a glass of bourbon. 5 5 1
Corona Typical Cohiba stick! Burns well draw is effortless with plenty of smoke..not sure I got the flavor profile right and the wrapper had a very sour taste to it 4 5 1
Corona Great smoke. Good draw. Good flavor. I always enjoy this one. Good regular smoke for after dinner 5 5 1
Corona Another consistsnt stick from Cohiba. Very enjoyable from start to finish. Define you will be grabbing more 4 5 1
Corona This is a fun size for this cigar. It is a lot better with a couple years of age but the cohibas are consistent cigars. 4 5 1
Corona Good cigar for the size. Good draw and had a somewhat consistent wrap. Good flavor. 3 5 1
Corona This Cohiba didn't disappoint. Very smooth cigar. Would definitely recommend. Worth every cent. 5 5 1
Corona I liked this cigar but I wasn't blown away by it. Decent flavor but not outstanding 3 5 1
Corona Strong but if that your treat well then treat yourself! Little strong for me but that's my only complaint 4 5 1
Corona Black Corona another great cigar by great company! Huge Cohiba smoker here. Haven't had one of these in awhile though! 4 5 1
Corona Dark red smoke however it leaves a lot to be desired there are better options in this price range 3 5 1
Corona Smooth easy draw good construction. A tasty treat for me in the evening. I'd buy them again! 5 5 1
Corona Very rich flavor and long finish strong flavor but not a strong stick. You will know you had a cigar later in the day. 4 5 1
Corona Oh what an amazing and different flavor profile! All I can really say about this cigar is if you haven't had one get one! You won't be sorry! 5 5 1
Corona What more needs to be said about one of the world's finest cigars that hasn't already been said? It is marvelously constructed and has a wonderful draw with even burn. Enjoy it. 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba is a great brand. I love the black series because it has such a rich flavor and smoke. It had hints of cocoa followed by an earthy sour taste. Loved it! 5 5 1
Corona I was very impressed with this cigar! It was a good medium full flavor cigar. The burn was perfect the quality of the construction was great too definitely a new favorite! 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba is one of my favorite. Full flavor great draw. Nice long smoke for evening relaxation. 5 5 1
Corona Man Cohiba knows how to make a tasty cigar. This oily stick is beautiful flavorful and powerful. Has a sophistication about it that makes you feel like a mobster while burning it. Lol 5 5 1
Corona Just wow the draw is smooth while the stick burns even. The taste is sweet but spicy giving you all you need 4 5 1
Corona A dark rich tobacco with hints of coffee and bitter coco. A very nice stick with a drink as it can get dry at times. 4 5 1
Corona This Cohiba is a great pick for me when I have friends or family over and want to go golfing highly recommend it for any cigar enthusiast. 4 5 1
Corona Fairly pricy for one stick but this cigar has it all. Dark cocoa flavor flawless construction and a razor sharp burn 4 5 1
Corona I love a good Cohiba and i must say that this one of the best of those blends that Ive ever had. Flavor was so freaking good 4 5 1
Corona I uad a few of these with a tight draw so flavor and smoke production were down. Maybe it was my humi or cigar not sure. The one i did have that was perfect construction had great rich flavors with a wonderful aroma 3 5 1
Corona I didn’t find this cigar to be particularly complex or exciting but it did excel at providing a rich dark chocolate and coffee or espresso flavor throughout 3 5 1
Corona Great Cohiba black kind of pricey but well worth the price for a great strong stick unbelievably strong and great smoke output 5 5 1
Corona This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Being a coffee lover and combining the cigar is an absolute pleasure. Flavor notes: cocoa espresso and cedar flavors with a nice hint of spice to the palate. 5 5 1
Corona When you need to relax this is the cigar for you. Pour your favorite scotch and kick back and puff. 4 5 1
Corona Very intense flavor. Doesn't change much through the smoke but at least it's good. Great construction. 4 5 1
Corona Love the wrapper. Very flavorful cigar. Very spicy. Good draw. Gets better as it goes along 5 5 1
Corona An all around great cigar. Full of flavor but doesn't bite. A good smoke at an affordable price. 4 5 1
Corona This is a very lovely treat that I would recommend to everyone so glad I grabbed one 4 5 1
Corona If it wasn't so expensive I would give a higher recommendation. Definitely a great smoke if you can find on sale though 4 5 1
Corona This cohiba is very interesting. It's so dark and I am not a big dark cigar smoker. Get educated and make the decision yourself though. 3 5 1
Corona Great cigar with alot of flavor not quite up to the expectations of its cuban brother. Although a great stick 4 5 1
Corona I absolutely love Cohiba and these are extra flavorful and dark. The wrappers are very rich and oily. 5 5 1
Corona Love the Cohiba black regardless of the size. Medium to full for me. Earthy leathery and smooth all the way through. 5 5 1
Corona A nice cigar with earthy tones. Very well made and a nice draw. Full body cigar. 5 5 1
Corona The Cohiba corona is an ok cigar in my opinion. A little to dark for me 3 5 1
Corona In my opinion this was a power house which I'm not usually fond of. But man oh man the flavors were incredible 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba Black Corona is a great smoke for the special days when something really good happened! I recommend 5 5 1
Corona The initial smell is a little fishy but the cigar is very good. It dries out your mouth a little but the taste and pleasant aroma is enough to push through lol. Definite recommend. 5 5 1
Corona I have only had one of these and it was alright not my favorite. It has a full bodied taste. 3 5 1
Corona This Cohiba packs a true punch! BOLD flavor and good smoke ability make this cigar a real gem 4 5 1
Corona When you get a good one there great. Very inconsistent super tight draw. Hard feel in hand. Great flavor when you finally get a good one. Tried several most are unsmokable. 2 5 1
Corona Smooth esay draw slow smoke. Beautiful black wraper holding great tasting delicate flavors. Buy yours today 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba is always a winner and a true stand out in the cigar world truly a good smoke 5 5 1
Corona Tight but smooth draw. Very well balanced. This is one of my favorite splurge sticks. 4 5 1
Corona Cohiba Black Corona is a flavorbomb. This is very stout compared to the original Red Dot from Cohiba. The dark wrapper leaf pours bunches of white smoke. Tasty. 3 5 1
Corona Purely one of my favorite cigars !! Love smoking these !! Have one for the 1 year anniversary of my new home ready to go!! 5 5 1
Corona A strong contender! Thick white smoke with a strong flavor profile. A medium to strong cigar. Draw was a little tight but loosened up about halfway. This is a flavorful smoke with a unique blend of tastes but it is even throughout. Not boring to smoke in the least but predictable all the way to the end. 4 5 1
Corona Like a fine wine / aged whiskey this Cohiba delivers robust and consistent flavor. Cohiba has always been a favorite of mine and this one is probably better in my opinion than its Habana tobacco variant. 5 5 1
Corona I like the dark maduro wrapper but the overall taste seemed bland and one sided construction was good overall 3 5 1
Corona The classic sweet peppery goodness that only Cohiba knows how to make. Great cigar really pricey but wth? Get you some. 5 5 1
Corona Like all Cohibas this is a solid tasty cigar. My only complaint is the price. 4 5 1
Corona From the very beginning of this cigar I was hit with a chocolate mocha flavor that lasted throughout. Mixed in was a slight leather and oak that mixed perfectly. 4 5 1
Corona Love the Cohiba brand this wasn't my favorite BUT I did finish the smoke. Hard to beat a Cohiba. 4 5 1
Corona Definitely enjoyed this black blend more so than the domimincan red dot way more flavorful and overall appearance was better 4 5 1
Corona The cohiba black corona was excellent. Great flavor of chocolatety nutty cream. Perfect in morning with cup of Joe 5 5 1
Corona With a full flavor and body the Cohiba Black Corona delivers a wonderful smoking experience. 5 5 1
Corona I'm new to the cigar world. Been cigarette smoker most of my life. I find most cigars raunchy but, these Cohiba Blacks are awesome. Best cigar I ever smoked. Easy to smoke, nice long ash, nice taste and no lingering aftertaste. 5 5 1
Corona Luckily you can usually get a deal on Cohiba cigars. The Cohiba Black performed really well for me. Lots of tasty smoke. Draw was perfect. I'd recommend these to any smoker. 5 5 1
Corona They were given as a gift, the recipient enjoyed them very much. I plan on continuing to use JR cigars for my future purchases 5 5 1

Cohiba Black

Corona 5.50 × 42 CDC3_1

Inside this glass tube, lies a bold classic Corona worthy of the most demanding cigar enthusiast’s attention. Rich bold flavors that are both spicy and sweet will captivate your senses with every puff. The famous Cohiba is back in Black and tastier than ever! Packaged as a single cigar.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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