4.333333333333333 66
7000 Padron has to be the most consistent cigar on the market. The 7000 with its ceder smooth spice and hints of sweet is an amazing pairing with any lager whiskey or scotch 5 5 1
7000 7000 more like 100000... These are good. They smoke great and taste even better. 5 5 1
7000 It's certainly not the 1964 maduro and it won't win any beauty contests but for value you really can't do better. Smells and tastes like Padron without the inflation. Buy a box a if 1964's or buy 3 of these. 5 5 1
7000 I love Padron cigars and this one is no exception. amazing construction draw and very smooth flavor development. 5 5 1
7000 Padron series 7000 is the tip top of the top of greatness. Flavor is freaking outstanding 4 5 1
7000 Overall very nice quality with a darn good flavor. The construction was extremely well done and the consistency is true and smooth. 5 5 1
7000 This is a really good cigar for the price. Tastes amazing. It is rolled perfect with a great draw and plenty of smoke and burns evenly 4 5 1
7000 So good so good well bolt cigar smokes good east good Burns very good smoke one with a beer 4 5 1
7000 Nice spice. Easy smoking with a nice creamy flavor profile. This cigar starts out a bit too mild but builds into a very enjoyable treat. 4 5 1
7000 Flavor never really got there for me. Don't know if I just got a dud but I have a few more resting in the humidor. So I'm hoping it was just a fluke 3 5 1
7000 While these are no where near tadting like Fuente's Gran Reserva line. I find them similar in the fact that they are inexpensive offerings that can just about taste as good as their more super premium counterparts. The beautiful looking cigar and presentation might not exist but once it's burned you have smoked a good cigar and ashes pretty much look the same. 3 5 1
7000 Then entire 1000's line is great. This one is no different. Pick some up on the cheap and let them rest. 4 5 1
7000 An interesting blend for sure. It doesn't overpower or underwhelm. Notes of chocolate leather and wood. If you're a fan of larger ring sixes you'll like and enjoy the 7000. Otherwise the 3000 might be better. 4 5 1
7000 When I started smoking cigars I was turned on to these in a NJ cig atshop where I grew up...it was love at first puff! What a smoke..so much flavor..great burn..so consistent...top shelf all the way.. 5 5 1
7000 Not my favorite Padron stick. I felt like it had less flavors than other lines I have had in the past. 2 5 1
7000 This is the best bang for your buck from the Padron line. Not as peppery as others; all flavors from start to finish 5 5 1
7000 the 7000 series are vey nice med to full i bet these dont stay on shelf that long but i will be keeping in humi a lil longer next time 5 5 1
7000 This Padron cigar was not for me. I thought it was too strong for my liking. 4 5 1
7000 As I always say. I have yet to met a Padron I didn't like. And the 7000 is no exception. It definitely stands up to the hype. 5 5 1
7000 Padron series 7 0 0 0 is a great cigar with creamy smoke and great tiniest 5 5 1
7000 I was a bit apprehensive buying the cigar for the first time. They are known to be very full-bodied cigars and I did not know whether I would be up to smoking such a large vittola. I was pleasantly surprised however by the way it smoked. Great flavors and great burn. 5 5 1
7000 Absolutely awesome! 5 5 1
7000 this is such a good quality cigar. these are easy to smoke and also very easy to enjoy. I love these sticks 5 5 1
7000 This is a nice cigar. Well made. Smooth flavor and over all enjoyable. I have these time to to time 4 5 1
7000 you will be happy by this cigar my friends. smooth draw too good too pass up my amigos. 4 5 1
7000 Another great smoke from one of the best lines in the industry. Always delicious and consistent. Burns even great draw and always a pleasure 5 5 1
7000 The Padron series 7000 is a fantastic smoke. I always have these in my humidor 5 5 1
7000 Full bodied and spicy. Rustic wrapper with some veins. Draws well and burns evenly. Tastes much better than it looks 4 5 1
7000 You cannot beat this cigar at any price. Recently went on the annual spring golf trip. Took a box of high-priced tubed smokes but kept coming back to the tried and true counterfeits. Try a five-pack and you will become a big fan. What a fine smoke for the money! 4 5 1
7000 One of the smokes I give to friends who don't smoke regularly. It's medium in profile without being overly strong. Light pepper and cinnamon. 5 5 1
7000 Great smoke must get more. 5 5 1
7000 Pardon 7000 was a very creamy chocolate cigar almost infused tasting so much cream a very good smoke after dinner 5 5 1
7000 Just bought a box and loving them. Very sweet and smooth stick. Flawless cigar pick up some. 4 5 1
7000 I always keep a few of these in my humidor to hand out to friends and not feel like a cheapskate. These are truly great cigars for the price 5 5 1
7000 If you enjoy any padron cigar but once something with a fantastic taste without the cost this is definitely the cigar for you. When I want to enjoy a nice cigar that will not break my pockets the patron Naturals especially in Maduro is definitely a go to. 4 5 1
7000 These padron 000 series are a real bargain. What a fantastic smoke that won't hurt your wallet. 5 5 1
7000 Padron cigars are amazing the flavor never changes great cigar ring and I will be a sight to behold the same time as 5 5 1
7000 Padron makes great stuff. Excellent flavors and construction. My only complaint is the size. 60 ring gauge is so much it feels like work. The smaller vitolas are better. 4 5 1
7000 Not bottom shelf by any means. Great quality great flavor and great overall satisfaction. Wood raisin cedar and cocoa. A fantastic Padron at a much less cost. 4 5 1
7000 flavors are muted and weak. not a robust smoke. draw was only fair. Flavors never did develop but grew sour as cigar burned into the last 1/3rd. Huge disappointment from the Padron's usual excellence 2 5 1
7000 This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: creamy cedar leather hints of toffee. This is one of Padron best. The Maduro is super smooth and creamy. 3 5 1
7000 Great smoke anytime. Enjoy them with a nice cuppa coffee in the morning. Of course they're good anytime put them away for later and let them age. Get to your nearest store don't pass them up 4 5 1
7000 The Padron thousand series is the cigar that got me hooked. This is a big Daddy here but that doesn't mean it's any less on flavor. Cocoa and spice and brownie like sweetness make this an excellent desert smoke 4 5 1
7000 All of the 1000's are good cigars. They are not as tasty or high quality as a 26 or 64 but they have great flavor and don't come with the price tag of a 26 or 74 either 4 5 1
7000 A larger ring gauge than I prefer but it's great...it's Padron. I prefer Natural over Maduro myself in the standard line of Padron. 5 5 1
7000 An inconsistent good stick. Tastes exactly like the 1926 natural but at a fraction of the cost. A good smoke for after dinner 3 5 1
7000 On the lower end of cigars in terms of price but certainly not value. Flawless draw and construction. Notes of cocoa coffee and cream a nice desert stick 5 5 1
7000 It was ok. Not my favorite and not my least favorite. To my pallet it didn't have very much variation. But try it for yourself and see. 4 5 1
7000 A solid cigar. Not as impressive as some of the more expensive Padron cigars but a very good overall value. 4 5 1
7000 Not quite as good as a 1926 but more affordable. Pick up a padron at your local lounge and it will taste the same as the one you bought a week month or year before. Earthy and full flavor a cigar you should have in your humidor always. 5 5 1
7000 All the 1000 series is very good and any time I have one there is nothing but goodness to be expected. 5 5 1
7000 Great cigar with perfection in its flavor and draw and finish. Over all a great smoke with whiskey. Would recommend. 5 5 1
7000 Good for an entry level cigar to get a flavor for Padron but it definitely doesn't have the complexity of more expensive Padron smokes. 4 5 1
7000 These lower level Padrons are the perfect low cost cigar! Great flavor and burn! Can't go wrong 5 5 1
7000 Closer to medium with a smooth draw. Hints of spice leather and cedar round out the flavor profile. 4 5 1
7000 Great holiday smoke. Took one puff and knew it was going to an enjoyable christmas cigar. Got it as a gift. Def gonna purchase again! 4 5 1
7000 This 7000 padron is a bohemith of a smoke great burn wonderful flavors and aroma the roller is a true cigar professional thanks padron 4 5 1
7000 Yes this is a good day to be able to get one of these cuz there mild sweet a bit more bold 4 5 1
7000 Always a fan of the Padron x000 line. Wish they would do more than a single cap but for the flavor you get (albeit no major changes if that's your thing) at the price its an all around good stick. 4 5 1
7000 These were not included in the shipping do to being back ordered. There was no communication about this until I received my other cigars and sent and email to question it. 1 5 1
7000 This has been my goto cigar for years. Very consistent cigar 26 in a Box doesn't hurt either. The cap is not as good as it should be. 5 5 1
7000 I bought my first one for 50th birthday trip to Tulum, as soon as I got back bought a box!! Great flavor, smoothest draw, stays lit forever!! Do yourself a favor, step up your game, buy some!! 5 5 1
7000 Dry flavorful, but not overpowering. Creamy, smooth smoke. A little too easy on the draw or else these be 2.5 hour smoke. Always good construction and the quality you’d expect from Padron but at a great price point. I love these on football saturdays sitting outside with the meat on the smoker and a cold ipa. 5 5 1
7000 Made well. Always try and have one in my humidor. Wish they were in stock more consistently. 5 5 1
7000 Great flavors and great burn. 5 5 1
7000 Great cigar 5 5 1

Padron Series

7000 6.25 × 60 PD7000_1

The natural-wrapped Padron Series 7000 cigars are a real treat. These luxurious gems are medium in body and filled with silky-smooth, creamy, and rich flavors. They are also rated very high. Available to try in as single cigars, these elegant premium handmades are some of the best on the planet.
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