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Grab Bag 4 Sampler GB4SMP

What better way to surprise yourself than with a grab bag? As kids, we all remember being blindfolded and sticking your hand into an unkwown bag to retrieve some mysterious toy, candy or neither! Well, for you grown folks out there, we have this mysterious, mythical 4 cigar grab bag! Now, before you ask - our warehouse warriors were carefully bindfolded as so even they wouldn't know what cigars were picked! Size definitely doesn't matter in this case, neither does a particular brand. What we do know is that every cigar nut loves some assorted stogies every once in a while (no, they won't explode!). So, what do you have to lose...except for a few taste buds?! Our Grab Bag 4 Sampler is such a hit that we now only have limited quantities left in stock so grab yours while you can!

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