4.647058823529412 17
Jeroboam Today only these Giants are less than $2 a piece! These are the best made huge ring cigars on the market. Hurry! 4 5 1
Jeroboam nice mild cigar , long lasting 5 5 1
Jeroboam Surprisingly a great smoke for looking like a gag cigar. Good easy smoke. Nothing to complain about. Just be ready to sit down for up to three hours on this 10in! 5 5 1
Jeroboam I have enjoyed these Leviathans for several years; I now smoke one or two a day, which is made possible by their current price. I'll be sorry if they go "out of print"; they're mild, impressive, and most are well-made. 5 5 1
Jeroboam One of my favorite big cigars. Takes awhile to smoke but well worth the time. 5 5 1
Jeroboam these are very nice cigars and take along time to enjoy and when your wife says you can only smoke 1 cigar a day then she can't say a thing 5 5 1
Jeroboam A good mild cigar. I Save this one for the golf course. Lasts for 18 holes 4 5 1
Jeroboam Great smoke have to enjoy large ring and length smokes 5 5 1
Jeroboam For the price, you can't beat it. 4 5 1
Jeroboam Good smoke. Takes a while. Give about 2 hours plus. Great for a football game. 4 5 1
Jeroboam Great smoke U have to get use to the length Some times you are to close to things 5 5 1
Jeroboam I live in Canada where cigars are 10 times the price of the US. So each time I go down, I order some to my hotel (or wherever). But, can only bring 100 back (per couple) duty free. These are great, because I cut them in 3, and have 3 different 30 min smokes. So I really bring back 300, instead of 100 Now that being said, I am amazed that they are long filler for the price. Hey don't fall apart, even when cutting them in 3's. And they taste & smoke great for a large value cigar. Please do not ever stop making these!!! 5 5 1
Jeroboam Great smoke, burns evenly. I relight a cigar frequently during the day and the taste and burn remains the same. 5 5 1
Jeroboam too expensive too expensive too expensive your products have increased in price way beyond the inflation rate 3 5 1
Jeroboam 4-hour cigar. Perfect burn, no constant relighting. Perfect draw. Mild to medium body. Wrapper is a little delicate. The golfer’s dream. Usually hard to get, so leave some for me! 5 5 1
Jeroboam Hardly ever need to relight and lasts >3 hours (depending on the stress levels!). 5 5 1
Jeroboam As a true lover of Casa Blanca cigars, the Jeroboam is a tremendous smoke. When you got plenty of time to just sit back and relax with great music and a drink(s), this is the cigar you want. As for golfing, this baby is fantastic since it will last a mighty long time. You will never go wrong with any of the Casa Blanca cigars when you want a great mild smoke. 5 5 1

Casa Blanca

Jeroboam 10 × 66 CBJB

The original monster cigar, this 10-in. Jeroboam may be one of the biggest cigars in regular production. It contains vintage long filler tobaccos from Dominican Republic. Its wrapper is a flawless Connecticut shade leaf. It’s smooth, creamy, and nutty and will last for hours. Packaged in a bundle of 10.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Bundle of 10

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