4.0285714285714285 35
Belicoso CAO maduro is a smooth maduro and the belicoso features a wonderful complex flavor that pleasantly darkens as it burns Not as full bodied as Brazilia but studly anyway 5 5 1
Belicoso I'm not sure why but I can't find these often but when I do... I pick up a few. The smoke is complex and flavorful and the construction lends itself Tia nice long burn. 3 5 1
Belicoso Cao makes fantastic cigars with good flavor throughout. Great sturdy construction and easy draw. Would definitely recommend 4 5 1
Belicoso This one was a mid for me want much to it no surprises. I may have to gone it another try just not what I look for in a Cigar 3 5 1
Belicoso CAO maduro was an outstanding cigar from start to finish which is just about where your fingertips burn never got bitter wonderful flavors great construction 5 5 1
Belicoso If you like a stronger than mild buy these they are made well the consistency and construction are Excellent. The burn is good and smokes a long time 3 5 1
Belicoso I tried one after a big dinner and it ended up being a little too heavy. The burn was a bit lopsided and after a little help from the torch lighter it straightened out. Still I wasn't able to finish it. It could have been what I ate that night but I haven't had the guts to try another one. 3 5 1
Belicoso CAO Maduro is a classic Maduro. You will not be disappointed here. This is a truly underrated any time of the day kind of cigar. Give it a try 4 5 1
Belicoso These are great cigars. Something about caos maduro aging process must be working for me. I've had these cigars year after year and find them a decent smoke every time. 4 5 1
Belicoso Very good full body well built cigar with nice draw and hints of cedar This is a great cigar in premium class 4 5 1
Belicoso Love how CAO upped the antenna with this maduro wrapper. Still a great flavor overall but the wrapper just added a little more to think about. 4 5 1
Belicoso The CAO maduro is a favorite of mine. I love the Belicosob shape too. A lot of flavor packed into this one with spice and pepper. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great smoke a little hard to draw used a nail on it. Got better nice nutty peppery smoke flavor. Would recommend this cigar 4 5 1
Belicoso Fine but nothing special. Well made with some medium Maduro flavors. But fans of Maduros may want to look elsewhere 3 5 1
Belicoso Another good cigar by CAO. Burns nice and smooth and the draw is good. Hints of coffee through the entire smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso CAO Maduro is a stout stallion of flavor. Touched off by a light this billows smoke like a Choo choo train on the way to cigar flavor town. Take a ride today 4 5 1
Belicoso Very nice smoke. I would say more toward the full side of the medium-full scale. Burned evenly and never went out. Not a ton of smoke output but adequate. I enjoyed this cigar very much and would purchase it again. 4 5 1
Belicoso This was my second box of these. The first box was great the box I just received were terrible the ends were blown out and must had bad rappers. Not sure what the problem was but they were no where near the Quality of the first box. Very disappointed in these. 1 5 1
Belicoso Not the oily pretty wrapper or slow smoke it once was. But with a lower price point and complex great flavors still a great cigar! 4 5 1
Belicoso One of the first premium sticks I've smoked amazing construction and draw. Great flavors dark chocolate and espresso I enjoyed this stick on my birthday it's that good. 5 5 1
Belicoso Strong CAO Maduro ..great flavor and heavy smoke with a little punch of spice ..this cigar lasts about 30-40min 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a terrific cigar I really enjoyed this smoke I bought these for a special occasion smoke and they are perfect I would recommend for sure 4 5 1
Belicoso The cao maduro was excellent . The hints of spicy peppery goodness was an awesome taste.... 5 5 1
Belicoso Cao is a great full bodied smoke that I enjoyed. I think this is a great cigar foe after dinner with a food sprite. Would buy again. 5 5 1
Belicoso The Cao maduro belicoso is a great cigar to have stocked for all maduro lovers great price good flavor and a solid overall stick 4 5 1
Belicoso Like all CAO cigars this is another beauty. It's heavier than most but not as heavy as the Brazilia. Worth trying 4 5 1
Belicoso CAO is a magnificent company. They pay attention to the little things that matter. This cigar is a Devine delight tasty from the tip. Try today 4 5 1
Belicoso I'm a maduro andCAO fan to begin with. So what's not to like about this one. It has the greatCAO draw and construction. The flavor has that rich mellow flavor that maduro delivers. A great consistently good smoke savor it with a good lager orwhiskey 5 5 1
Belicoso I love this cigar. Medium to full body but not harsh. Flavor of spice coffee and dark coco. This is a very good cigar and you owe it to yourself to try it. 5 5 1
Belicoso The cao maduro is a nice medium to mild maduro. It has good flavor but just doesn't have any life to it 3 5 1
Belicoso these are just in one word delish great smoke nice and strong and dark smoke awesome burn 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a decent smoke with an oily wrapper and deep tones of cherry and wood. Rich smoke and a nice construction. 3 5 1
Belicoso CAO Maduro is ultra-consistent. Always good. 5 5 1
Belicoso n/a 5 5 1
Belicoso I can't imagine not always having a few of these on hand. The sweetness to full bodied balance is right up my alley! 5 5 1

CAO Maduro

Belicoso 6 × 54 CMB

It takes a lot for a cigar to be rated as one of the best in the world. Well CAO was up to the challenge with its classic Maduro line. A dark oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper covers vintage Ecuadorian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos to give you a medium to full body cigar with a lot of flavor. Rich and robust with hints of coffee, this luxurious maduro is one of the best you can find. Packaged in a box of 20.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Ecuador Sumatra

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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