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65% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton The 65% Boveda 8 gram 10pk Carton Boveda is a good value for a good product. You may want a higher percentage humidity for a large humidor, however. Perhaps the only downside is the longevity of each individual pouch, which is a bit short. Multiple pouches address that problem, and with the 10 pack, such a solution is feasible. 3 5 1
65% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton BovedaThese Boveda 65% Humidification Packs works great only need 3-4 packs in my 20ct humidors last months and when they dry out I put them in a zip lock bag with a water pillow and less then 7 days later there fully recharged ready to reuse so no need to buy many a year to toss them recycle them and recharge them I simply Rotate them every other week not to mention when I recharge these there way more fuller then when you get a brand new pack in other words recharge gives me and additional month or more so instead of 3 months it last me 4-5 if fully recharged! Perfect for Travel Humidor, Wood Humidor, Coolidor, Tupperdor, Acrylic humidor, even works good in tins however if you use Tins or plastic tupperdor with 100% air tight seals you want to make sure to rotate your cigars as well as let air flow threw open containers for about 15-30 minutes once a week or every other week! These also work great to keep my pipe tobacco Fresher for Longer & They work great to keep Cannabis Fresh not Bone Dry! Easy to use, easy to recharge! Many Possibilities to functionality, Best Product Ever! 5 5 1
65% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Perfect for when you have multiple storage spots for your cigars, sprinkle these in as needed and you'll be set. 65% is perfect imo 5 5 1


65% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton 3HP865

The Boveda 65% 8 gram 10-pk Carton contains everything you need to keep your beloved premium cigars at a perfect 65% humidity level. Within each pack, Boveda monitors the ambient RH (relative humidity) and adds or removes moisture to maintain this level with precision accuracy. It also simultaneously sucks out excess moisture from an over humidified box.  After using Boveda packets to keep your cigars fresh, you won’t settle for anything less!

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