4.571428571428571 7
Morning Star Title says it all 5 5 1
Morning Star Great boom boom room smoke 💪. Purchase the 5-pack !!!!!! 5 5 1
Morning Star Got them on sale and high expectations (maybe to high). The light and burn was fine but did not get a lot of smoke. I was most disappointed in the taste. Was expecting a fuller flavor and more spice. 3 5 1
Morning Star good smoke for the size 4 5 1
Morning Star After a few months of resting this Boneshaker FBC, it certainly doesn't disappoint. My initial taste of this BEAST was surprising and delightful. It was so POTENT and yet silky smooth that I couldn't put it down. After some rest this BEAST is still a BEAST and smoother than I remember. This is not for the faint of heart ... most assuredly this is still the most powerful smoker I've encountered. I haven't tried too many, I do have my own Palate to maintain. LOL One of these days I may order another 5-pack to let them sit and rest a good long while and share these with friends who enjoy a HEFTY HEARTY BEAST 5 5 1
Morning Star I was optimistic at first, I'm excited to say it was awesome, fantastic, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to experience it. Thank you Respectfully. 5 5 1
Morning Star This is a great smoke at the end of the workweek to unwind and chill. 5 5 1

Boneshaker Full Body Cast

Morning Star 5 × 56 BSFMS5

The Boneshaker Morning Star now comes in very delectably affordable packs of 5! It truly is a genuine full-bodied bombshell! With more powerful strength than its original Boneshaker cousin, this 56-ring Robusto is over-stuffed to the brim with hardcore flavor combination that are altogether sweet, luscious, and spicy! Highly recommended for aficionados with expertise on premium handmade cigar of this strength and caliber. Newbies, however, need to proceed with ultra-conservative caution as it may shake you to the bones!

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