4.0 14
Morning Star Easily In my top 10 sticks. A rich full-bodied smoke easy to enjoy. 5 5 1
Morning Star I originally was not a fan because they do pack a punch. But they are tasty, (don't ask me about tasting vanilla or leather - I don't distinguish that way.) They aren't bitter, unless you smoke to fast, which I am too guilty of. But I enjoy smoking them leisurely and stop when they begin to Rev up. This happens for me now about 2/3rds way through, but I find that true for most cigars. Definitely worth trying and keep some in your humidor for enjoying with your favorite whiskey, (Scotch is mine...) at night. 5 5 1
Morning Star Any time of the day. Strong yet smooth. Delicious flavor. My choice. 5 5 1
Morning Star This became one of my favorites a while back. The whole Boneshaker line is my preference when it comes to a great smoke. Great burn, flavor and presentation. 5 5 1
Morning Star I was gifted a five pack of Bone Shakers and was impressed by the quality of the wrapper and the bold full body flavor. The burn was even and slow comparable to a much more expensive cigar. I will 100% be keeping these in stock. 4 5 1
Morning Star Have smoke 5 of these cigars, burn uneven taste is okay. 3 5 1
Morning Star Great cigar with a great price! 5 5 1
Morning Star Very pungent.....try to breathe in this aroma and singe your nose hairs. Good cigar.I actually thought that the strength advertised would be raw, however this cigar remained consistent and balanced. Good after you put something in your stomach first though. Enjoyed. 4 5 1
Morning Star Rich flavor, good burn, figurado, maduro, all I can love. Buy em again and again. 5 5 1
Morning Star I never received them, a porch pirate got to enjoy them 1 5 1
Morning Star The Bone Shaker MorningStar cigar for me, was a medium flavored cigar with a nice even draw, and it held its ash well. There were hints of peppery flavor. I enjoyed will order again. 4 5 1
Morning Star One of my favorites, smooth even burn, good draw, flavor profile is just what i like. 5 5 1
Morning Star I was curious about these, so I decided to buy a 5-pack when they recently went on sale. First of all, JR's description says wrapper shade is EMS, whereas it's most definitely maduro. But that's relatively minor when you consider their performance -- or rather lack of such. The pre-draw on the first one indicated that it was grossly over-stuffed, but I managed to light it. Within a minute it developed a tunnel, and it wasn't possible to continue. The pre-draw on the second and third was akin to sucking on an iron rod, so I didn't attempt to light them. The fourth did light, producing thin and unpleasant smoke before ending up in a tunnel within about three minutes. Since my lungs were basically exhausted at this point, I didn't try the last one and just put it in the garbage with the others -- which is where they belong. 1 5 1
Morning Star Well I would have given them 2 stars 2 months ago but after forgetting about them for that long I figured I would try them again and wow 2 more stars (factoring in the price) so 2 months in the humidor naked did the trick gave them 4 stars because I couldn’t give a 3.5 4 5 1

Boneshaker Boneyard

Morning Star 6.50 × 52 BSBMS

A beautifully fashioned 6.50 x 50 Pyramid, the Boneshaker Boneyard Morning Star cigar is a bold, yet exceptionally well-refined Nicaraguan puro blend made from the best Cuban seed tobaccos. Full bodied flavors that include white pepper, espresso, wood, some earthiness, and hints of cinnamon, will have you craving more! Order a box of 20 when you buy cigars online from JR Cigar, and enjoy one of the best cigar values on the market today.
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