4.6 25
Cuban Corona My favorite hands-down. I disagree with the full strength rating. Med to Med full maybe. Tasty Aromatic and consistent. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona The corona is my favorite shape and sized cigar. Smaller ring gauge cigars allow the wrapper to have more influence on aroma and flavor and the corona has enough girth for a complex blend under the wrapper. This held true for this cigar. A full-strength nearly full-flavor smoke Bolivar Confradia is reminiscent of its island forebearer. Strong but smooth peppery with flashes of cedar and solid tobacco flavor. It holds its own with the excellent rash of boutique brands at a much lower price. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Basically my favorite cigar and I smoke a lot of cigars of all types and sizes. A perfect size shape flavor profile cigar that delivers as good as any gordo or presidente. If you want to have just one cigar in your humidor to enjoy after dinner on the back nine pass along to friends over for the poker game or to just indulge in something that the wife hates but you love then a box of these should do it. And if you're like me and smoke everything from mild Macanudos to face punch Boneshakers these need to be in your collection. I have and smoke at least five different sizes and wrapper types of Bolivars and this one is the best on delivery. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona A well-made and full flavored stogie. Got a 5 pack for pocket change on JR auction. Quality smoke from start to finish. Have to see if they make a gordo... 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Worth every penny. Classic cigar with a good consistent flavor. Goes great with some makers mark 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Consistent quality and flavor at a reasonable price. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona This is a very tasty Cigar for the money you can't go wrong makes a great afternoon stick 4 5 1
Cuban Corona This has been #1 in my rotation for years. Over the years I have sampled hundreds of smokes stored as many gone almost broke in a mindless cigar stupor to find THE CIGAR...what a moron I was...With that saidI my rotation is down to about 5 smokes sans special treats....and this vitola is still #1. Consistent delicious well made smokey treats. These are always in the box... 5 5 1
Cuban Corona cuban corona bolivar cofradia is the best premium cigar i've had so far. nice draw very full bodied flavor. smokey chocolate coffee taste with a smoke time of 75 minutes. excellent cigar and a great price. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Great draw great burn. Spicy earth tones with a sweet spicy notes. Bolivar is one of my go to stogies . 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Enjoyed very much excellent burn great flavor I am ordering again for my rotation. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Awesome flavor with near perfect burn requiring no touch ups. I bought two 5-packs and will buy more. Have told friends to buy it too. Lots of smoke medium draw. 2 of first 3 smoked great one burned hotter than I prefer. The cap on two didn't hold but over all I would call it a very nice medium stick that I would rate 88-89. 3 5 1
Cuban Corona Very good flavor if you keep them in a proper humidor. This was the first time I'd ever purchased my own cigars, so I hadn't acquired a great humidor set-up yet. However, I've smoked many cigars in my time, but they were all given to me or shared with by friends. Overall I'd say the flavor is a mild-strong, a very pleasant smoke for an occasional cigar smoker like myself. I've also noticed its structure is quite hardy to dryness even in rural Colorado where I live. Definitely recommend trying this cigar! 5 5 1
Cuban Corona To me, this cigar is closer to medium than full. It’s not quite as robust a flavor as I had hoped, but it’s still delicious. Burned perfectly. Lovely little cigar. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona The five pack was a great intro into bolivar. Never smoked them before but loved the flavor punch they packed. For the price it’s a great gift idea or a humidor filler. Will buy again 4 5 1
Cuban Corona I've gone through a lot of these now and the construction and draw were perfect on all of them. They have a nice sweet chocolate taste that is cooling on the tongue and very satisfying. I would call this medium not full in strength. Can't go wrong buying this stogie or this brand they've always been excellent. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Everything about it is awesome... 5 star everything! Superb! 5 5 1
Cuban Corona One of my Favorite sticks that's a must in my humidor. It's a longtime original cigar company that displays it's pride in this cigar. Great Great Great smoke! Get a box for your humidor. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Purchased a 5 pack to try it with a couple of friends. We all enjoyed the smokes and will buy it again Excellent taste. Burns great. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Very good cigar. Good burn good flavor and consistent cigar to cigar. Will order again. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona A cigar that is worth every penny. They deliver quality and taste every time. This is a classic for a reason. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Very good construction and consistency. Likely the best corona I've found in this price range. One of my favorites from JR cigars. . 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Bolivar is my go-to smoke. Price is manageable, and the Cuban Corona (as opposed to the skinnier Corona, which ends too soon) is the right size. Spice is nice, and construction is flawless. Lights readily and sideburns simply don’t happen. Opening a wooden box full of these is one of life’s olfactory pleasures. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona This is my second time purchasing this cigar. I first bought the slightly smaller one of the confradia Bolivar, the regular Corona. This one has a larger ring gage but the same flavor profile. An excellent choice for anytime of the day! 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Good everyday cigar , price is good with some discounts ! I buy these every month , pleasant smoke that don’t break the bank ! 4 5 1

Bolivar Cofradia

Cuban Corona 5.62 × 46 BFCC

Fashioned in a true old-world Cuban style fashion , this classic 5.62 × 46 Cuban Corona from the Bolivar Cofradia line has big-time flavor. Its sweet smoky aroma originates from a stunning Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper making it hearty and spicy. A premium blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers gives it a full-bodied flavor profile of pepper, roasted nuts, coffee and earth tones. Order an affordable cedar chest of 25 and discover one of our oldest and most trusted Honduran brands.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduras / Nicaragua




Cedar Chest of 25

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