4.526315789473684 19
Cherry I’m not sure what’s happening, but the last two cases I got were terribly soft, cannot even get a good draw. 3 5 1
Cherry i have been smoking this cigarillos for years this is the best if you want a pleasant aroma and very satisfying pipe tobacco smoke 5 5 1
Cherry always sold out 5 5 1
Cherry Recent order was a replacement. I normally smoke Blackstone Vanilla tips. but everyone is either backordered or sold out. The cherry tips are not as strong as the vanilla tips and get damaged quickly. 3 5 1
Cherry I was unable to find these at any store or online until I found your website. Thank you 5 5 1
Cherry fresh and great taste 5 5 1
Cherry These are the only cigars I go to. They have the smoothest flavor. 5 5 1
Cherry Great service appreciated! 5 5 1
Cherry pretty good 3 5 1
Cherry Your the best! 5 5 1
Cherry The level of service is outstanding..I really appreciate the way my needs are met...thank you so very much David 5 5 1
Cherry Great taste 4 5 1
Cherry Was a great experience 5 5 1
Cherry When I order it is delivered properly and I will order from you again 5 5 1
Cherry Very fast shipping. You can smell the cherry as soon as open and the smell lasts throughout the cigar. I will certainly buy again. 5 5 1
Cherry Best small cigar made by Swisher. 5 5 1
Cherry Great cigar but cost has gone up way to much and jr doesn't put these cigars on a special if so its always after i purchase them never before I purchase them always a excuse.. 4 5 1
Cherry The only cherry cigar i like. Flavor lasts throughout. Only issue with them over the last 4 years is that the cigar sometimes isn't sealed good at the tip or its to tightly sealed you cant get a good drag. Easy fix pull off the tip rip off end and put tip on. 4 5 1
Cherry The Blackstone Cherry is a good smoke. Ordering was simple and they shipped quickly. 5 5 1

Blackstone Tipped

Cherry 4.50 × 30 BKCH

Blackstone Tipped Cherry cigars are made with an exclusive blend of pipe tobacco and offer satisfying and relaxing flavors with pleasant tastes of sweet cherry and classic tobacco with an intoxicating aroma. Packaged in handy packs of 5, the plastic-tipped cigars are perfect for those on the go.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Nicaraguan Short Filler

United States



20 Packs of 5 (100 total)

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