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With their rustic look and delectably good flavors, Backwoods Cigars have become a favorite for adult consumers across the country. First introduced in 1973 and going national in 1981, Backwoods have since taken off and can be found in just about every convenience store, gas station, or tobacconist. Although they are machine-made, Backwoods’ old-school look and feel could fool any aficionado.

What gives Backwoods Cigars their distinctive look is the use of a genuine and whole Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a rarity for machine-made brands that commonly use an HTL wrapper. Broadleaf can often look a little rough around the edges, and combined with the shaggy cheroot-style foot, unfinished cap, and gradual taper give Backwoods the look of classic cigars from the American Wild West.

Although Backwoods Cigars are the perfect choice for outdoorsy enthusiasts and feature an old-school style, they are perfect for any aficionado, especially those who are constantly on the go. The smaller size makes them ideal for squeezing in a quick and flavorful smoke during breaks at work, out running errands, doing yardwork, or any activity that would make enjoying a full-sized premium cigar unfeasible.

Coming in resealable pouches of 3 or 5, Backwoods Cigars are a great option for aficionados on the go. The resealable foil pouch helps to maintain the cigars’ freshness and ensure that when the time is right for a flavorful indulgence, your Backwoods cigar is in top-quality condition.

Every Backwoods cigar is made and distributed by Altadis U.S.A., the same maker of famous handmade cigar brands such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and H. Upmann. Special rolling machines are used to give Backwoods Cigars their distinctive tapered shape and shaggy foot, crafting choice Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers draped by a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper into a 4.5x32 size.

Along with their unique look and whole Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Backwoods Cigars stand out from the rest with an array of flavors to satisfy any palate. If savory and rich is how you like it, the Honey Bourbon and Russian Cream flavors will be an excellent choice. Prefer something sweet? The Honey, Sweet Aromatic, and Honey Berry will satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can also enjoy a touch of richness and boldness with the Black Russian and Dark Stout flavors. Resembling the rich coffee flavor of a Black Russian cocktail and the dark smoothness of a stout beer, these options will fill your day with flavor. If you prefer your smokes to be traditional and old-school and cannot get enough of that rich tobacco taste, then the Original Backwoods are the cigarillos for you.

While Backwoods Cigars are a twinge pricier than some other machine-made brands out there, you simply cannot argue with the quality of the cigars, especially when looking at the wrapper. Few machine-made cigars use a genuine whole tobacco leaf as the wrapper, elevating an otherwise understated category. Despite that, Backwoods Cigars are still exceptionally affordable to fit into any budget.

No matter which Backwoods Cigars flavor you choose, know that you are in for a superior smoking experience at a price that cannot be beat for the quality you get. Available as 8 packs of 5, 10 packs of 3, or in boxes of 24, you can get your favorite flavor of Backwoods Cigars shipped to your door fast and fresh by ordering them online at JR Cigar today.

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