4.55 20
Super Toro This is my favorite AVO after the Classic. It’s got great construction. Smooth creamy smoke with a hint of spice. Nice light earth as well. 4 5 1
Super Toro The Avo Syncro Ritmo Toro is a awesome stick with great flavor and strength 5 5 1
Super Toro Draw was good long lasting smoke with a great Scotch and the flavor was a medium body and was excellent! 4 5 1
Super Toro The Avo Syncro Ritmo Toro has some good dark coffee taste and some nutty aroma 5 5 1
Super Toro Beautiful made and cool smoking this cigar has a great draw but keeps a cool burn. The aroma is great but the taste is very one-note. 4 5 1
Super Toro Not overly impressed with this cigar especially with the hype. Good draw and construction but I thought the flavors were average at best. SirKnight SirKnight 4 5 1
Super Toro Everything you want in a cigar full body woody start coco middle with a spicy ending 5 5 1
Super Toro The Avo Syncro Ritmo Special Toro has some good espresso flavor and a little bit of strength 5 5 1
Super Toro I’ll smoke this AVO on special occasions when I have the time for a 2 hour smoke 4 5 1
Super Toro Medium bodied and strength. Full of flavor and complexity. The 7 nation blend shines. Good construction great draw and burn. Highly recommend... 4 5 1
Super Toro Make sure to have ample time to enjoy this blend in a larger format. You won't want to cut this one short for any reason. The box press and wrapper are downright beautiful on this cigar. 4 5 1
Super Toro Took a box down to the rgv when I rented a condo at the island. They didnt last very long. Amazing flavors and draw out of these. Best if smoked beach side. 5 5 1
Super Toro Flare the only thing in mind that I don't think about you or any plans or two things is going 5 5 1
Super Toro Another great smoke by AVO. Great flavor! Mine was from my local shop and it was pretty loosely rolled, but it still smoked pretty well. 5 5 1
Super Toro Good size because even though AVO claims this is med to full bodied and it is actually a very good medium , mildish smoke. Creamy but still leathery, nice complexity 5 5 1
Super Toro Hands down one of AVO’s best cigars! It’s unique flavor profile and perfect burn make this stick a total winner. Highly recommend this guy. 5 5 1
Super Toro I will say these are very consistent. They stay bland the whole entire cigar. It has to be better. The draw was good though 3 5 1
Super Toro AVO is a great brand and will always be one of the top sticks in my humidor 5 5 1
Super Toro Perfect burn and draw. So much smoke output. Didn't have to worry about a thing while smoking this cigar. Just the way I like it. 5 5 1
Super Toro other than the classic this is my favorite avo, the unique blend of filler is something ive never tasted before. Very well balanced cigar not too harsh but not light at the same time. 5 5 1

Avo Syncro Ritmo

Special Toro 6 × 60 AVSRST

Avo Syncro Ritmo Special Toro are distinctively delicious premium cigars with outstanding construction and burn. Crafted with the seasoned aficionado in mind, these hand rolled gems boast the finest aged binder and filler tobaccos from five countries paired with a silky Ecuadorian wrapper. Starting with a bold peppery blast, the cigar settles in nicely with smooth, medium to full flavored notes cocoa, roasted peanuts, black coffee, and a long creamy finish.

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Mixed Filler

Dominican Republic



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