4.428571428571429 35
Robusto Really enjoy the Robusto of this cigar. Great for fishing in the morning. Well I usually concentrate on the cigar more than the fishing. 5 5 1
Robusto The heritage is the staple of the AVO line coming out as the original blend that started the company. Whit the hints of oak grass and dark coffee it reminds me very much of a good Cuban 5 5 1
Robusto Nice bold tobacco flavors with tastes of chocolate leather and hints of spice. Almost thru a box and have all had nice even burns 5 5 1
Robusto The Ago Heritage Robusto is a nice size of a excellent cigar great smoke output 5 5 1
Robusto All the good tasty flavors you could Ever want. And it’s a smoke you can enjoy any time of day 4 5 1
Robusto The Avo Heritage is a great series from Avo. This size the Robusto is a perfect size for anyone! 4 5 1
Robusto The avo heritage was ok but i dint like the construction the draw was super tight but lossened up 2 5 1
Robusto By far the robusto is my favorite size in any cigar I feel that I get a lot from this size 4 5 1
Robusto All of the Avo cigars are the best. They are always satisfying and never dissapoint. 5 5 1
Robusto Nice subtle spices in this smooth and tasty cigar. Burned great and had a tight draw at first but opened up nicely after the first third 5 5 1
Robusto Very strong and flavorful cigar! One of my top ten favorites. Avo's don't disappoint. Burns evenly and a great draw. 5 5 1
Robusto The heritage robusto left me wanting more not more flavor or more attention to detail not more of a volume of smoke but more stick 5 5 1
Robusto These are great smoke. You can't beat the value these cigars have against other brands. Avo's are my favorite brand of cigars. They are superior smokes. Give them a try. 4 5 1
Robusto AVO is my all time favorite cigar. I've tried different sizes and types and all AVO's are consistent. Great with a drink or cup of coffee. 4 5 1
Robusto This stick was full of flavor. Smoked very well with a good burn. I definitely tasted a hint of cocoa and cedar. Good smoke! 4 5 1
Robusto This is one of the best full-flavor cigars that Avo makes - savory and rich flavors signature creamy-smooth body expertly rolled with a gorgeous wrapper. This hogh-end cigar truly delivers. 5 5 1
Robusto I absolutely love this cigar. Smith smoke great for after work relaxing on the deck. 4 5 1
Robusto The Avo Heritage Robusto is a really strong cigar with some nice woody flavor 5 5 1
Robusto Robusto is the way to go! Spicy with a coco mix that ends woody! Perfect with a cognac or hot coffee enjoy! 5 5 1
Robusto Avo makes great cigars! This is no exception! Draw is consistent the burn is even and the cigar is very flavorful. This is one of my favorites! 5 5 1
Robusto While a smooth cigar not crazy about this for the price. Avo can be a hit or a miss. And their smokes aren't as consistent as MC or Davidoff etc. Nice natural tobacco flavor hint of pepper good with a fiddich. 3 5 1
Robusto The avo heritage is spicy in a good way has a good price so I smoke about 3 per week and really enjoy them 4 5 1
Robusto Cigar is absolutely amazing and has great taste. Can be used for everyday. I love the flavor and aroma. Any aficionado should try this cigar 5 5 1
Robusto Wow full power. Flavor is good. Wood toast and chocolate. Peppery. Alot in the beginning but a little less later on. 4 5 1
Robusto Another good avo in a good size. Burned good and a good draw. Good flavors and worthy of the avo brand 3 5 1
Robusto Great cigar. Great flavors and even better nodes. The cigar holds true all the way through and is a top for my humidor. 5 5 1
Robusto Excellent smoke! Great construction consistent burn smooth draw and wonderful flavors. Definitely adding this to the short list of what I must keep on hand. 5 5 1
Robusto Good stuff! Get you some. Is this 15 letters? 5 5 1
Robusto Great cigar. I love the Avo brand. They are consistently a tremendous buy and fantastic smoke. Hats off as usual. 4 5 1
Robusto Good dominican. Altho very similar i like the domaine better than the heritage. Still very doable. Woody smooth and almost floral. Good cigar. 4 5 1
Robusto Avo makes great mellow cigars. This one is in that category. Really well constructed with a great draw. The flavors are so nice creamy notes with light coffee and earthy undertones. 4 5 1
Robusto I can't not say or type enough good things about this brand. Top quality construction every time and a smoke so good you wish it would never end. 5 5 1
Robusto Great little cigar! Flavors of cedar earth chocolate and spice. When I can't make up my mind on what to smoke I always go for an Avo robusto. 4 5 1
Robusto Wonderful wood flavors definitely among my favorites. 5 5 1
Robusto This is a great cigar. Worth ever penny. Rich and earthy. 5 5 1

Avo Heritage

Robusto 4.88 × 50 AVOHR5

The Avo Heritage Robusto cigar is a collaboration between famous jazz composer and cigar lover Avo Uvezian and cigar-making legend Hendrik 'Henke' Kelner. This luxury-class cigar features a special sun -grown wrapper from Ecuador, gown exclusively for this blend, paired with the finest Cuban-seed Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. The result is a full-bodied smoke that delivers smooth, highly complex flavors toasted nuts, cedar, oak, earthy chocolate, and white pepper. Order a 10-pack from JR Cigar, and savor these 90-rated gems from AVO.
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Ecuador Special Sun Grown

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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