4.142857142857143 49
Imperial Tube Any time I go to Vegas I pick up a couple of these because I can throw them in my pocket and not worry about them but they are still among the best 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Not like the one I smoked awhile back but still a good finish. Recommend the Ashton line. 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Ashton tubos are a great smoke! Ashton makes a great line. Great taste and flavors galore. Lots of smoke with tight ash. Would recommend!! 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This was one of my favorite smokes of the month I try to smoke different cigars just to see what's out there and this one was a great smoke 4 5 1
Imperial Tube I mean just look at that tube man that thing is sick like bird flu. Amazing sensational it's great 5 5 1
Imperial Tube The Java cigar had a very pleasant sweet chocolate flavor that dominated on the nose and palate. It doesn't taste like coffee as much as provide a good pairing for it. Construction is a weak point here...this stick tends to go out with about one third left and becomes mushy far down from the burn line. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube I like the light one a lot better than the darker one simply because it is a smoother taste nice creamy vanilla and mocha smoke too perfect draw excellent flavor 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Good smoke. Flawless construction and burn but mediocre on flavor. Definitely more mild for my liking but an overall satisfying smoke. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Very good cigar. I like it a lot. Perfect smoke to have out on the golf course 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Great cigar 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Smooth creamy and consistent. Good mild smoke thats very reliable. Very easy to draw and smoke overall. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Bought a box of these and they were moldy typical with tubes but I thought these would be different tried it again out of a tube and they were just ok 2 5 1
Imperial Tube This is a good smoke it burns well well made it has a good smooth an mild flavor. I would recommend to friends 5 5 1
Imperial Tube The Ashton imperial tube is a very flavorful cigar if you can afford it buy it you won't regret it 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Rich and creamy smoke. Ashton makes some great cigars. Great construction and draw. Great cigar. 5 5 1
Imperial Tube An incredibly complex and rich cigar to have as a companion. Easy and consistent draw with changing flavors. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Nicely aged tobacco and well thought out flavor all wrapped up and delivered in a beautiful tubo 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This Ashton is one of everyone's favorite. From the time you Crack open one you will know that you you are on for an enjoyable smoke. Excellent complex flavor for start to finish. 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Very nice smoke. Fresh stick. Taste changes halfway to smooth. Give these a try for sure 4 5 1
Imperial Tube So good and not enough of these will be made for me. I need many more of these for my humidor 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This Ashton is like them all smooth and delightfully creamy the excellent construction leads to the superb draw and 3 inch ash 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Thunder rolls and the lighting strikes with this great smoke from the boys at monte! One great selection from monte cristco 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Great stick lots of flavor highly recommended try some today thick full nutty smoke 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Ashton imperial tube is a great cigar with good draw and construction and very easy to smoke 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This isn't just for fun to see the attached file to a few months in advance and a few days to go 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Good not as good as the great maduros but a good light shaded cigar that is pricey but good 3 5 1
Imperial Tube I'm not a big fan of the tube. My father Always told me it would dry it up and take away from the flavor. Not to bad though. Worth a try 3 5 1
Imperial Tube I'm not a very big fan of Tubo cigars unless your going to buy and smoke them. But even then they can mold very easily 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Top of the line on this one. Smooth and creamy smoke. Long burn makes for a very relaxing smoke. 3 5 1
Imperial Tube First off i love cigars that come in tubes. They are always fresh. This cigar is no stranger to freshness. Beautifully made and taste like no other 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Can't go wrong with that Ashton Imperial awesome smoke nice Connecticut wrapper well worth the price awesome burn rate great flavor 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This is a light medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: very creamy peppery but not too overpowering. The draw on this stick is near perfect. Had one of these in the past & maybe had a bad stick cause draw & flavor was off. This is perfect after a meal paired with dark roast coffee or Crown Royal on the rocks. 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Draw was a bit snug for an Ashton. Loosened up a bit about the halfway point. Mild to medium body and very smooth. 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Ashotn does it again. The imperial tube was more then fascinating and i really enjoyed the flavor to its fullest. Adding it to my favorite sticks 4 5 1
Imperial Tube A great smoke for when on the road. Remember the tube serves no purpose other than for travel. But a good smoke with loads of rich tobacco flavors. more cinnamon and hay that others 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Great cigar has been really good for me I really appreciate the flavor of this cigar has a lot more then what you want 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Try one Most definitely a treat ill be trying again. Rich smoke. Deep flavfull cigar. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Ashton always makes a nice cigar. This is perfect for any outdoor activities. It is protected and kept nice and fresh. Very mild but enjoyable a even burn and never a problem with the draw. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Really fantastic upper level smoke. Love the smooth flavor and perfect draw - makes you feel like a million bucks! 5 5 1
Imperial Tube This cigar was great! Had nice smooth flavors and kept me in the cigar the whole time. Can't wait to get my hands on another soon! 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Was not a big fan. It was mediocre at best. Had good construction and draw but flavor was lacking. 3 5 1
Imperial Tube Good smoke nothing to incredible though. Got it for a good price give it a try if you got a couple bucks to spare. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube Great flavor profile. I love these when I spend an afternoon at the range. The packaging saves them while I am getting my gear out and set up. Nice bold flavors. Might be a bit too much for a morning cigar. Flavors are smooth but bold. Good cigar just a bit pricey. 4 5 1
Imperial Tube The Ashton tube is something I smoke occasionally. A little on the pricey side but a great cigar for special occasions 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Ashton hit a home run with this one. It will be one of the best cigars you will ever smoke. Classic yet classy at the same time. 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Great cigar the flavor was awesome medium to a little stronger smoked great using a punch or cuttet. Great construction 4 5 1
Imperial Tube These are well made by Ashton. They have superb quality and great flavor. Check them out and you'll live them. 5 5 1
Imperial Tube Okay I will smoke them if this is all I had left they are kind of bold enough for a good smoke 3 5 1
Imperial Tube I liked this Ashton too. Even with the lighter wrapper it still gave a nice flavor. Burned beautifully to the end 5 5 1


Imperial Tube 5.50 × 44 ASI

Ashton offers its customers a truly luxurious and regal experience, which is why the Imperial is a perfect fit. A mellow and creamy smoke with vintage Dominican tobaccos all packaged in a durable yet elegant white tube, the Imperial really holds up to its name. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 24 Aluminum Tubes.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Cedar Chest of 24 Aluminum Tubes

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