4.411764705882353 17
Cuban Corona A nice flavorful smoke. Hints of chocolate spice a and licorice. Smooth smoke and a nice retro. Truly can't go wrong with a Fuente. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona As usual AF delivers a consistent quality experience. Loved the size of this one personally. Flavor profile was consistent with other AF cigars but for me this one was a hint stronger. Mellow as ever though. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Good smoke and smooth taste cigar definitely one of my favorite cigars to get when shopping for smoke 5 5 1
Cuban Corona The art up Fuente Cuban Corona is fantastic great vitola the classic feel with delicious flavor amazing construction and old world charm Fuente is a beast delicious 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Nothing to complain about here is a great cigar that is consistent as the temperature in Hawaii the aromatic blend tantalizing and satisfying 5 5 1
Cuban Corona This is my favorite corona. The flavor is excellent and the wrapper tastes great. Perfect burn with a beautiful ash. Very flavorful yet very smooth. A+ 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Amazing And absolute classic. Every aficionado knows the cigar inside and out! It’s a mainstay in my humidor always has always will I enjoy giving these out to friends after a good party Flavors of leather nut and spice Make this more support than overly complex 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Easy smoking cigar. Not a mild cigar. Cap seems to come off on me. Slight sweetness from the dark wrapper. Nice coffee notes. 3 5 1
Cuban Corona Very earthy you can almost taste the ground it was grown in. Very rich flavor profile. An excellent Cuban style profile again with the ground it comes from It does make a difference. Still very well done 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Arturo Fuentes Cuban corona is such a beautiful experience. Flavor is absolutely outstanding. Can't wait for another 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Fuente cigars are always top notch. This cigar falls in line with the rest. Beautiful cigar. Medium flavor. Some spice. Good cigar 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Just the first time in his own way in which was x-rays to be the more of you are not a 5 5 1
Cuban Corona These are a better than average cigar and well worth the price for admission. I recommend at least trying. 3 5 1
Cuban Corona This cigar Eminem me of the old Cubans from long ago..lots of flavor..nutty and creamy..a bit hot at the end but it's worth it.. 5 5 1
Cuban Corona Like the size as opposed to a standard corona I do not like modern Cuban cigars because the soil is played out but I love Fuentes 4 5 1
Cuban Corona I always like this one. AF cigars are always consistently well constructed. Good flavor and a good draw. 4 5 1
Cuban Corona Three Fuente cigars I always have in my humidor are all Maduro 8-5-8 Cuban Coronas and Short Story. Always consistant. 4 5 1

Arturo Fuente

Cuban Corona 5.25 × 45 AFCC3

The famed Corona size is made even more famous when it’s wearing the renowned Arturo Fuente band. The Cuban Corona has been flying off cigar shelves since many of you younger smokers had training wheels on your bicycle. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25 cigars.

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Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 25

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