4.3936170212765955 94
Short Story Great quick smoke. My first cigar and have always come with the same great flavor after all these years 4 5 1
Short Story There is obviously already enough good reviews on the Short Story. If you have never smoked one then you will not be disappointed. 4 5 1
Short Story Super dank! This little beauty will not disappoint. I prefer the maduro for its slightly higher durability but the Cameroon wrapper adds a nice toothy feel and flavor. 4 5 1
Short Story This was a very tasty short smoke not very expensive good even burn with a few draw issue very earthy and cedar 3 5 1
Short Story Really enjoyed the flavor here. Can't place the taste. Surprised me. One that I would like to smoke on the regular 5 5 1
Short Story If heaven has a house cigar it has yo be the one. I love this cigar. The aroma draw burn flavor ash everything is perfect. Medium towards a light medium body. Taste of cedar faint spice and one and find out. You will love it too. 5 5 1
Short Story My all time favorite stick. Medium-full in both body and strength. A true dessert stick at a great price. Lots of notes of milk chocolate cream and coffee 5 5 1
Short Story Favorite short smoke especially the Maduros. Great draw and excellent flavor profile for the cost. 5 5 1
Short Story Excellent little guy - from start to finish a good smoke that won't take all day! 4 5 1
Short Story One of my all time favorite cigars. Great small package that never disappoints 4 5 1
Short Story Perfect cigar for my wedding. People that know cigars appreciate them. Folks that don't know cigars or want to try one are intrigued by the size then pleased by the smoke. I have never gone wrong with anything Fuente makes. 5 5 1
Short Story A nice cigar that is a bit bolder than chateau Fuente line. Despite its diminutive size the cigar is satisfying and everyone needs to try it. 4 5 1
Short Story The short story is a real finger burner this tasty smoke is very well balanced and super smooth satisfying but to short 5 5 1
Short Story These Are Not Bad Sticks. They DoBurn Unevenly. The Flavor Is Pretty Good And These Don't Take Forever To Get Through. 4 5 1
Short Story Such a fun little classic. Burns longer than it should and burns perfectly. Classic fuente flavor profile. Wish I could afford to keep this as an everyday. 5 5 1
Short Story Sometimes you need to watch your budget a little more closely than usual while still hoping to enjoy that sweet tobacco taste and aroma you're used to. Sometimes you just need something short that won't have you sitting outside in the freezing cold tundra of your middle-of-nowhere town (or the coma-inducing heat of your city perfectly placed over the center of Hell itself). In either case Arturo Fuente's Hemingway Short Story is the be-all end-all. While personally I think the perfecto tip is pointless other than aligning itself with the Hemingway theme this cigar is nutty creamy flavorful and does not wear out its welcome. Perfect for when you don't have a lot of time or just want a short-but-sweet smoke the Short Story is an excellent example of reservation at its finest. Like one of Hemingway's real-life masterpiece short stories this cigar gets to the point in a hurry and never stays longer than it should. 4 5 1
Short Story Very impressive cigar, smoked five already excellent draw and construction. Love the shape and flavor is out of this world. Even burn. Very enjoyable. 5 5 1
Short Story Although it's been quite a while since my last SS cigar I retain a vivid memory of these wonderful little cigars. I've smoked many of the Hemingway line from AF but the Short Story send to lend itself as the start of the stable. What an unique shape and flavor profile from a Dominican tobacco harvest. I truly believe it is a contender to the OpusX and Don Carlos (my personal favorite Don Carlos Belvidere ) lines. What a beautiful 30 minute experience. While I can't say it stands up to a Partagas Short in most cases, it does fill and important spot in my collection of favorite cigars! I tip my hat to the AF Short Story! 4 5 1
Short Story Did not burn well. Smoked 5 so far and all burned with sideburns. Maybe bad batch. Not impressed with the quality of the rolls either. 3 5 1
Short Story This medium-bodied cigar is enjoyable through and through and is perfect for when you don't have an hour or more to smoke a big guy. 5 5 1
Short Story These are fantastic 20-30 leisurely minute cigars. Consistent above Medium flavor cigars. Good construction, easy draw. I find them perfect for travel and parties where you don’t have an hour to disappear for a nice smoke. 5 5 1
Short Story If there is a better 30 minute smoke I have not found it. Been smoking these gems for over 10 years. Humidor always has a box in it and always will. 5 5 1
Short Story excellent cigar 5 5 1
Short Story easy draw,wonderful taste. three fingers of 122proof Elijjah Craig bourbon and a short story and it is all about quality of life. it doesn't get any better 5 5 1
Short Story Immer gute gleichbleibende Qualität. Gut abgestimmtes Tabake. Ausgefallenes Formt mit gutem Zugverhalten. 5 5 1
Short Story This is a very nice cigar. Beautifully rolled with an even burn and very good draw. Flavor in my opinion is very good - not spectacular. A nice 25-30 min smoke. My ratings are based on overall value - quality burn flavor vs cost. A solid 4* (i'd be 5* if cost were lower) 4 5 1
Short Story Absolutely love this smoke. From the wrapper to the filler the flavor is spectacular. A true art piece in every stick. Nothing at all I can say negative about these smokes. Do yourself a favor and buy a box. 5 5 1
Short Story Perfect name and it is really good for a short smoke. Makes you want another when you're done. 4 5 1
Short Story Always a fabulous wrapper with the oils just right Always flavorful and nutty Always a funky burn Oh well 4 5 1
Short Story This hemmingway short story was a real let down really thought it was going to be a great stick not so much 2 5 1
Short Story There is obviously already enough good reviews on the Short Story. If you have never smoked one then you will not be disappointed. 4 5 1
Short Story These are always a hard buy for me due to their short stature but they are built fairly well and only getting better with age. Leather and wood with a little spice kick 3 5 1
Short Story This is a true value! A quality cigar for a great deal. It's got everything you want in a great smoke and more. I highly recommend this bad boy. 4 5 1
Short Story Had about 4-5 of these just buying from a local B&M and decided to get a whole box of 25. Great cigar with very unique flavors. Many say that they get a milk chocolate flavor while smoking and I know that sounds crazy but I often do notice a milk chocolate flavor while smoking. Love the short story size and shape. If you get them in a 25 count box the price goes down to $5 a stick compared to the $7 (with tax) retail price that I was paying. HIGHLY recommend!! 5 5 1
Short Story I wrote a review that was my honest opinion of this cigar which is one of my favorites but I kept getting a notification that what I wrote wasn't creative enough. I wonder if this one is any more pleasing 4 5 1
Short Story Fuente is one of the first cigars I ever smoked....I love this shape...the first time I smoked one it put me on the couch..since then I have more tolerance..very spicy with hints of leather..billows of white smoke..try it! 5 5 1
Short Story I adore these cigars. The flavors are good and solid and the shape feels more elegant than others. This is just a great smoke all around! 4 5 1
Short Story This little guy is another one that I have in the humidor and when those cold nights hit that i wasn't in and out this is it. 4 5 1
Short Story Great 20 minute smoke. Always an enjoyable way to kill some time or spend a short walk in the city. 4 5 1
Short Story Great smoke for after lunch great smooth taste and flavors I bought 3 boxes of these and will stock up with more 5 5 1
Short Story I could smoke this daily. I think I may prefer the Beat Seller slightly but would never say no to either. 5 5 1
Short Story Dont bother trying to buy these because all your going to get is the AFSS3 I'm on my 4th box that I have to return good luck to all this website sucks there service sucks and they must have a bunch of junkies working for them in the back because they have no idea what they are doing. I am so sorry sir don't you worry I'm going to make this my duty to make sure it's right this next time don't you worry. Haha ok 4th box later.... 5 5 1
Short Story Best draw nice short and sweet can't beat the taste by far the best cigar out on the market. Lights up in a jiffy because of the well crafted tip. I order a box a month. It's a must have in your stash 5 5 1
Short Story I'm a sucker for figurados. And Arturo Fuente is the best brand out there. I get a box of these every Christmas and try my best to make them last til my birthday in June. 5 5 1
Short Story One of my all time favorite cigars. Great small package that never disappoints 4 5 1
Short Story Excellent smoke the short story is a great cigar for the end of the day. The cameroon wrapper is a great touch. 4 5 1
Short Story Another amazing story to tell that's not as dark. This is truly a great well balanced cigar. Great construction with a easy draw and even burn. A. Fuente cigars are all great. 5 5 1
Short Story Excellent cigar although about a 15 minute smoke. The perfect cigar for a short smoke break. A little pricey. 5 5 1
Short Story This is one of my all time favorites. It's a short smoke with great flavor. 4 5 1
Short Story Always a great quick smoke. I buy these thinking I'll smoke it while mowing the yard. But end up sitting down and enjoying it. 4 5 1
Short Story Awesome little cigar when you don't have alot of time.A little pricey , smooth draw even burn always have a box in my humidor you won't be disappointed in fact I'm going to have one now...Enjoy 4 5 1
Short Story Great smoke perfect size when not much time . 5 5 1
Short Story What a great little smoke. All of Fuente’s great flavor and quality wrapped in a tight, little package. A little uneven on the burn sometimes but that’s typical of a Perfecto. Good everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Short Story This has become an everyday cigar. Mellow yet spicy. Will definitely purchase again. 5 5 1
Short Story The first time I smoked one of these was 1997.It just overwhelmed my senses.In the middle, it had a wonderful floral note that reminded me of the botanical gardens in summer.Well done AF. 5 5 1
Short Story Great cigar Very very smooth Crisp cut smoke it allows you to function and still be productive meanwhile still boasting a relaxing stigma. Very good cigar but it has room for improvement. Lacks flavor and length 5 5 1
Short Story If there is ever a cigar that the Doctor ordered this would be it. From the packaging, first and last puff its just a joy to smoke. I can see always having a box in my humidor and on those "what do I smoke days" I shall grab a short story. 5 5 1
Short Story Overall I really enjoyed these. I had a few that burned wonky and had a lot of tar buildup, But overall very good. Probably move towards something a lot stronger next time. Classic cigar and my clients were mostly satisfied(who doesn’t like a free cigar). Good cigar but overpriced. 4 5 1
Short Story The short story is a “great” story! The well made 4 inch perfecto is a classic and the result is a full flavored and aromatic smoke. This is true for the whole Hemingway series and the shorty speaks volumes. As you go up the line the stories get longer but the flavor is consistently the same and it all starts with the little guy. A perfect start to the day and a nightcap as well. I can’t break down all of the flavors for you but just think of what a perfect cigar tastes like and I believe you’ll find it in the short story. You “can” judge this cigar by its cover and you won’t be disappointed by anymore than the story wasn’t longer! But isn’t that why we buy by the box? 5 5 1
Short Story Great cigar for smoking while doing some work in the yard or walking the dog. 5 5 1
Short Story Perfect cigar to have after a nice meal.....lasts just long enough,,,,,,,, 4 5 1
Short Story A+ 5 5 1
Short Story Great cigar , good flavor and small for a short smoke when you don’t have time for a bigger cigar. 5 5 1
Short Story A few of them unraveled before I got to the middle of the cigar. The rest very nice. 2 5 1
Short Story A very good 15 minute smoke. Excellent service from JRs 5 5 1
Short Story Love them the best 5 5 1
Short Story Perfect quick smoke! Delicious and amazing in every way. I got all my friends addicted to stogies with these bad boys lol 5 5 1
Short Story smooth and light 5 5 1
Short Story This is one of my favorite go-tos. It’s a full body but smooth. Although it’s a short cigar it lasts 30+mins. 5 5 1
Short Story Need I say more, Cameroon wrapper, the perfect short smoke when there’s not a lot of time. One o JR’s best short stories. 5 5 1
Short Story My favorite smoke went time is short. Absolutely the best consistency and flavor in a small package. Good balance of length and ring size. Can get a bit hot, so don't rush through - enjoy it! 5 5 1
Short Story They are the best 5 5 1
Short Story the perfect short smoke when there’s not a lot of time 5 5 1
Short Story For a quick one. 4 5 1
Short Story Great for a fast smoke 5 5 1
Short Story They don’t stay lit! I’ve been buying these cigars for years, never ever have I had this problem before! 3 5 1
Short Story The smallest Hemingway Fuente, is a tasty gem. Great short smoke, that won’t disappoint. 5 5 1
Short Story I have smoked these many times. I just receives a box and tried the first cigar. It was more than terrible. No draw. would not stay lit. Cracked immediately Total disaster. If the rest of the box is like that. Thumbs down................ 1 5 1
Short Story I have never understood why Fuente cigars get such good reviews. Other than the Opus X, which were fabulous, but which apparently are no longer being produced, every Fuente cigar I've smoked has been less than satisfactory. The Cameroon wrappers are fragile, and almost always crack and unroll while smoking. They seem to smoke well, with good draw, but the taste is grassy, harsh and dry. I recently received one Hemingway Short Story with a promotional collection, and it was the same as ever. Maybe I've just never been in the right mood, but the whole Fuente mystique is lost on me. 3 5 1
Short Story A really good short smoke. well donw 4 5 1
Short Story Love AF Short Story's, they smoke great, taste great and are a great 30-40 minute smoke. They arrived in perfect shape with a 70% Humidipak included in the beautiful box. Never had a bad one, They are happily aging in my Sistemador right now... 5 5 1
Short Story :) 5 5 1
Short Story Fuentes are always excellent! Burns even Short story 5 5 1
Short Story I smoked 3 of these this week in honor of my first grandson being born today June 13. Welcome to this world, you have so many waiting love ones wishing you love and blessings. These perfectos have been waiting to enjoy for some time. They were excellent in areas. one of my top choices in all cigars. I need a box asap . 5 5 1
Short Story On those days you don't have time for a 2 hour burn these are ideal. Nice draw and initial flavors of the quality tobacco have mix of citris but as the burn ages the full richness of the tobaccos shines through. 4 5 1
Short Story The Hemingway Short Story was my go to cigar in the fall and winter. But it was hard to find for several years. JR had it and I bought a box. Truthfully, the cigar is not has good as it used to be. The stogies were rather loosely rolled, burnt faster than when I used to by them before and short on the type flavor I remember from the old days. Still a decent cigar but not as good as before. 3 5 1
Short Story First, these cigars arrived in perfect condition with humidity control in the box. Second, these cigars are the best to share with friends who are of varying degrees of cigar aficionados. I got tired of giving away my coveted Cuban Robustos only to see someone smoke 1/3 to 1/2 and then put them out. These are small and priced right to dole them out generously. My humidor now is stocked about 50% with these and I keep the big and expensive ones for true cigar lovers. Great service from JR’s. They will be my go to source now that my international travel has ended and I no longer have access to the Duty Free selections. 5 5 1
Short Story Draw is perfect. Virgin puff shows off the great wrapper flavor. So smooth on the retro-hail with very little bite. Smokable to the nub every time. 5 5 1
Short Story Overall, a big fan of Fuente's, although first time having this particular one. Initial thoughts on first third.....a little young, needed some time in the humidor, and VERY PEPPERY !!!! Still very enjoyable, and got a little smoother in the second third. Obviously a super short stogie, so the last third was a bit hot, and dare I'd even say a little harsh. Still a great cigar, especially for a quick smoke. I'd like to try one of the larger size Hemingway's, as I feel the overall experience will be far better. Would also try another one of these after it sat in the humidor for a few months. Felt it needed a little aging. Just my opinion.... 4 5 1
Short Story You know where these cigars fit in? Outdoors. If you are fishing or hunting and want a break, light up one of these little cigars. They are an easy 30 minute smoke, light up quickly and burn well in the wind. Boom! 3 5 1
Short Story These are great for a quick cigar break. Great flavor and aroma, uniform burn and smooth draw. A.Fuente never disappoints 5 5 1
Short Story great cigar. delivery was quick... ordered on a monday and had them by friday.. they're foolers. they last longer than you would think. the perfect commitment thank you 5 5 1
Short Story I loved smoking these in the 80's then quit for a while and now we are reunited! Thank you! A great quick smoke without giving up anything! 5 5 1
Short Story -not sure exactly what's going on but i've smoked Short Story's for years,... these either are not the real deal or something's gone terribly wrong over at Fuente. They burn uneven, fast, and hot,... and only last 15 minutes,... not at all what Short Story's are well-known for. I've pulled about 8-10 of these out of my humidor and all have been lacking; bummer, i have 2 boxes to go through. I really shoud be returning them. 1 5 1

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Short Story 4 × 49 AFSS

Hemingway wrote many a short story, but unfortunately, he never lived to smoke one. The vintage Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story beauties are velvety smooth with deep luxurious flavors that only time and the skilled hands of Fuente and Company can produce. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.


Each box of premium cigars from Arturo Fuente includes a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to maintain the ideal moisture levels for the cigars. Click here to browse our line of innovative Boveda products.


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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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