4.483870967741935 62
Best Seller Very good. Draw and taste. Only thing it will be difficult to cut as the cap is very small but good flavor burn and taste. This will be my go to cigar besides the montecristo white. 5 5 1
Best Seller I get these at the local smoke shop. Very affordable. Great little smoke when you don't have a lot of time. 3 5 1
Best Seller I love the hemmingway line. I could not find the 7 inch Hemmingways so I seller on the best seller. Good cigar for a cold night given the size. Not the stick you want for a long smoke 4 5 1
Best Seller A nice consistent quick smoke. Slightly bland on flavor but burns well and is great for not so long smoke times. 4 5 1
Best Seller Very good. Epitome of dominican cigar. Sweet smooth med body lots kmof fermented tobacco flavors. I like it. 4 5 1
Best Seller One of my favorite Perfecto cigars. Very complex profile that only gets better with every draw. Rich and earthy flavors just take your time 5 5 1
Best Seller This little gem is the perfect size. Looked at the AF in this line it's long on flavor but short in stature. Perfect quick smoke that is always sure to please. 4 5 1
Best Seller These are one of my favorite Fuentes. Always consistent with that signature Fuente flavor. Just the right size for when you don't have all night to enjoy a cigar. 4 5 1
Best Seller Great cigar with excellent construction. Flavorful from the first draw to the nub. 5 5 1
Best Seller Great cigars good flavor with a nice draw 4 5 1
Best Seller A great little cigar for a strong half hour smoke. Good quality and taste with this brand no matter the size 4 5 1
Best Seller Yes! Find it buy it smoke it! The absolute perfect package when you want a cigar but dont have a lot of time. 5 5 1
Best Seller This size in the Hemingway line seems to be a bit of unicorn or at least once was. I its kinda a mix of the Short Story and Work of Art. 4 5 1
Best Seller Awesome flavors that are like sweet flowers with some spice. Odd cigar to hold when you are only use to a even roll 4 5 1
Best Seller When you don't have a lot of time but want to enjoy a good smoke grab this one. Flavorful. Easy draw and just enough tp satisfy til you have more time. 5 5 1
Best Seller I love the Arturo Fuente best sellers! I have one of these on my ride home from work just about every day. They're fantastic! 4 5 1
Best Seller My first Hemmingway. Wow! What a great smoke. Very smooth and tasty. Will own a box very soon. 5 5 1
Best Seller I'm a sucker for a figurado. They look cool they light easily and the flavor builds as the cigar widens. Add to that the flawless construction and superb taste of an Arturo Fuente and You may just have the perfect cigar. 5 5 1
Best Seller Definitely worth a try but you'll be hooked after one. Replaced R&J for me in a quick way. From the African wrapper to the retro PERFECTO style wrap you wont be disappointed. 5 5 1
Best Seller great cigar. I had no burn or draw problems. a medium bodied cigar with great tobacco flavor. 5 5 1
Best Seller A favorite short smoke. Too bad I keep finding stale ones at smoke shops but never at JR. Great flavor for a small package. Think I'll ever find a Fuente Opus X to try? So far I never have since the first days they came out. Why produce a cigar that I can never find anywhere? They must make 50 a month for the whole country...ready to give up on Fuente and Ashton...Padron's don't limit their cigars. 4 5 1
Best Seller Hemingways are always smooth with great cedar and tobacco flavors. Mild relative to a lot of others but a great smoke nonetheless. 4 5 1
Best Seller This smoke is wonderful! Great draw solid construction and very good flavor! I love this stick and plan on ordering a box in the very near future. 4 5 1
Best Seller A delicious little number that exemplifies the Hemingeay line in its flavor and construction. Pick one up! 5 5 1
Best Seller This is one of the best medium cigars on the market. It my second favorite A. Fuente cigar. Natural sweet tobacco flavor with hit of an earthy cedar. Fantastic. 5 5 1
Best Seller There's a reason it's called Best Seller... it's a must have cigar in your humidor . 5 5 1
Best Seller This is an outstanding cigar perfect for a short smoke. Great flavor from the cameroon wrapper! 4 5 1
Best Seller outstanding but expensive 5 5 1
Best Seller The best 30 minutes of your life! Great flavor excellent draw and construction. Great for a quick break or short drive to clam one's nerves... One of my personal favorites! 5 5 1
Best Seller I love the whole series from Short Story up to Classic. Well made great flavor consistent burn. Next best cigars after Opus X. 4 5 1
Best Seller This cigar was amazing!! Only lasted about 40 minutes but I can't wait to get some more. Flavors were perfect draw was easy by far one of my new favorite cigars!! 5 5 1
Best Seller Love this little cigar! Just a bit larger than the Short Story you can enjoy this one a bit longer. Beautiful construction burn and draw it has delicious flavors. Creamy woody with a bit of earth and hints of chocolate. A great any time cigar. 5 5 1
Best Seller This is one of my favorite cigars! Can’t go wrong here if you haven’t smoked it do yourself a favor! 5 5 1
Best Seller Very smooth cigar with a good draw. I would recommend this cigar to friends and definitely share them with friends. 5 5 1
Best Seller Hints of pepper to start it off which tapered off into a nice raw sugar cane finish. Really good draw and construction. Worth the price. 3 5 1
Best Seller Great tasty little perfecto cigar. For the size it packs a lot of flavor. Make sure you cut it right to get a nice pull 4 5 1
Best Seller Truly a great smoke. One of my favorites. Very complex in profile that evolves with every draw. I usually get two boxes when I find a good deal 5 5 1
Best Seller Neat little cigar. Medium flavor. Usually a great draw. Some spice. As with most Fuente's this is a great cigar. I would buy again 5 5 1
Best Seller I really like these my only complaint would be the size a little small and wished it would last longer 5 5 1
Best Seller I smoke one of these two days ago. As with all the quality of the fuente brand this was interesting. It took a little to get it toasted but once it burned I used a toothpick to smoke it up til it burnt my lips. 5 5 1
Best Seller Looks like a good cigar cool design never seen one in any shop but would definitely puck one up just on 4 5 1
Best Seller Hemingway is one of my favorite Fuentes even if it doesn't always burn perfectly Finish is wonderful and the wrapper super 4 5 1
Best Seller The Hemingway is one of Fuente's best cigars. Rich and bold flavors and expert craftsmanship make this a sure thing. 4 5 1
Best Seller This is the one if you are searching for that perfect cigar . These are consistently awesome with great flavor and enjoyment beyond belief . The best 5 5 1
Best Seller I thought this was a little pricey and had some issues with the burn. I had to do some touchups and relights. 4 5 1
Best Seller The Fuente Hemingway series is top notch. They are all great and smooth. They are a fantastic smoke every time. 5 5 1
Best Seller Leather and hints of cocoa. A sweet smoke thats not too spicy. Mine had a good draw but a poor cap caused the cigar to begin to split. I don't like construction issues but I do like the flavor of this one. 3 5 1
Best Seller This is an amazing cigar. The perfecto tip is loaded with great flavors. Give this Igarashi a try if you haven't already. 5 5 1
Best Seller The best seller is one fantastic stick after this opens up its game on this solid medium stogie hits like a champ try them 4 5 1
Best Seller Fantastic smoke, as wonderful as we all know. I got my order shipped free, arrived in a more than reasonable time, and got a free cutter with the deal. But the coolest part was when I opened the box, I could smell Spanish cedar aroma, coming from the invoice sheet. So awesome, I lit one right off the truck, and it was perfect. 5 5 1
Best Seller Greatest Hemingway cigar. 5 5 1
Best Seller I am a bit prejudice when it comes to these cigars. I love them. They have great taste excellent draw, construction is almost perfect. They are a very smooth cigar. 5 5 1
Best Seller My favorite cigar ever. Great flavor every time. 5 5 1
Best Seller Can't go wrong with this purchase. Fantastic smoke 5 5 1
Best Seller Does not disappoint 5 5 1
Best Seller It’s a 50-minute smoke. Perfect with your morning coffee. 5 5 1
Best Seller Not as advertised 3 5 1
Best Seller Draw and burn are excellent. I normally do full size Churchills so a little small for me. But very nice cigars. 4 5 1
Best Seller I smoke one almost every weekday morning after breakfast and once the kids are at school. I sit on our porch overlooking the lake and relish every draw. It’s perfectly paired with a nice cup of fresh-brewed coffee (my wife insists on fresh-ground, and, despite the ear-piercing sound of the grinder, it admittedly produces a more cigar-friendly brew). And don‘t let the small size fool you, this puppy will easily last 45 minutes or more. If you like this, then also try the Ashton Cabinet series (also by A. FUENTE). Just a delight. 5 5 1
Best Seller Same Cameroon flavor profile as the short story, only in a bigger package. If you’re a Fuente fan, these are a great medium bodied smoke albeit a little pricey. 5 5 1
Best Seller I always loved this cigar (and most from Arturo Fuente). Had not smoked this one years. Honestly it was not as good as I remember. 3 5 1
Best Seller For the size incredibly complex full of flavor med body 5 5 1

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Best Seller 4.50 × 55 AFBS

Named after old “Ernie” himself, this little Figurado continues to remain at the top of the charts.  The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller is made with choice Dominican fillers and wrapped in a vintage Cameroon wrapper.  This little devil is packed so firm that it takes forever to finish.  And that’s a good thing, because you’ll never want to put it out. Packed in a Cedar Chest of 25.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Cedar Chest of 25

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