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Filthy Hooligan 2021 I usually really enjoy Black Market cigars, but these really miss the mark. The cigar has decent flavor, although the green wrapper makes it taste completely different than what I expected. My real disappointment comes in how its wrapped. It appears that the cigar was wrapped entirely in the green wrapper and then a Maduro strip was added over it. This is not how barber polls are generally made. It causes the cigar to burn unevenly, burning the single layer first. So far I've smoked 2 cigars from this box and both burned the same way. I hope I don't have to fight with the next 20. 2 2 1

Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan

Filthy Hooligan 2021 6 × 50 ABFH21

The wildly popular Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan 2021 cigars are back with another highly anticipated offering that’s certain to fly off our shelves just like all other past iterations. For 2021, the Barber Pole shape has returned for the 8th consecutive year. The barber pole style combines Honduran Candela and Nicaraguan Jalapa Maduro wrapper leaves intertwined together that resemble a barber pole . The Honduran and Panamanian filler blend remains the same as 2020, but the flavors have been tweaked to offer a fresh new medium to full bodied experience. Released in plenty of time to enhance your St. Paddy’s festivities for 2021, only 2,000 boxes of 22 were ever made, so order yours very quickly, so that you don’t miss out!
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Nicaragua (barber Pole)

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Panama


Medium - Full


Box of 22

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