3.9444444444444446 36
Torpedo I bought the 5pk and lit one up after a week. I found out later that this was a mistake. The flavor was a bit rough and average cigar taste. A month later I lit up another and was pleasantly surprised. Although the first third seemed ok it really started to develop into a creamy and flavorful smoke which I enjoyed to the end. I'll try the next one in about 30 days to see how much better it will get. 3 5 1
Torpedo I generally am not a huge fan of Connecticuts since many of them are quite bland but I have a short list of flavorful Connies for when I am in the mood. These make that list. For those of you complaining about the taste do you NOT rest your cigars? Do you NOT understand the difference between old school and new school blends? Most Alec Bradleys are old school blends that need a substantial amount of rest to get the blender's intent. I don't doubt that these taste sub-par if you smoke them within 2 weeks of purchase. I DIDN'T EVEN ATTEMPT to smoke these before resting them at least 3 months. And then they were great. Even better at 4 months. Smooth creamy and surprisingly complex for a Connecticut. Now if you want to smoke your old school blends as soon as you get them that's certainly your choice. But it's not fair to rate a cigar poorly because YOU didn't give it enough time. 4 5 1
Torpedo Great construction great flavors long burn time. Torpedo is my favorite size in the line 5 5 1
Torpedo One of the rare cigars by alec bradley that doesn't measure up. Just a mild to medium tabacco taste. 2 5 1
Torpedo Awesome smooth flavor. Nice slow burning very aromatic cigar ready for the conesieur to enjoy tasty treets 4 5 1
Torpedo Yum lots of smoke and a nice medium profile to it. I love these and always keep some in the humidor 5 5 1
Torpedo Once again Alec Bradley has done it! This is a great stick that has great flavor and consistent burn pair this stick with a good whiskey and your day will be a good one. 5 5 1
Torpedo The Alec Bradley American Classic Blend is excellent. Some notes of Cedar nuts cream then espresso dark chocolate on the finish. 4 5 1
Torpedo These aren't the most complex cigars I've ever smiled but they had great straight up tobacco flavor and the construction draw and Aroma was great 5 5 1
Torpedo The Alec Bradley American classic blend is a nice smooth mild to medium tasting cigar. 4 5 1
Torpedo Here we have a great torpedo that has great flavor easy draw awesome presentation and a really cool shape. I enjoyed smoking these as did my wife. I would buy these again 5 5 1
Torpedo Haven't seen many good reviews in this cigar but personally I think it is a great stick. Honestly for the price you can't beat it! Would recommend it to new and vet's alike! A perfect everyday stick for a mild to medium smoke. 4 5 1
Torpedo I really like this cigar. I am a fan of Alec Bradley cigars and while this one is a little milder in my opinion it still has a full flavor profile. Of course the construction draw and burn were on point. I can honestly say that I have yet to have an Alec Bradley that I haven't enjoyed! 5 5 1
Torpedo Not a bad smoke for the money. I would recommend this cigar to my friends Not the best smoke on the Market but it is worth 4 bucks a stick 2 5 1
Torpedo this is one of the worst tasting cigars i've smoked in years. i've had better machine made cigars... 2 5 1
Torpedo I love the stick. The torpedo was always a classic and truly favorite of mine. The American classic smokes beautifully and is right up my flavor profile alley. I have 10 of these in my second humidor and like to give them out for poker night 4 5 1
Torpedo I just won an auction after smoking this American Classic. This smoke had a beautiful taste perfect draw and burn as well. 5 5 1
Torpedo Average cigar. Flavor is oknot complex. Mild to med. Not bad for the price. 3 5 1
Torpedo I smoked one of these on the 4th of July and it was a very enjoyable stick! I'm usually into heavier cigars but this was absolutely delicious from start to finish and I would definitely smoke it again 5 5 1
Torpedo This is an excellent torpedo and one of my favorite Bradley smokes. Solid construction with an earthy taste. Very enjoyable. Has a smooth draw. 5 5 1
Torpedo I have purchased these a couple of times. Usually on sale or auction. I think they're a deal while admitting that the last bunch I purchased need some time. They're a trifle harsh at present. Unlike some others I have no problems with the AB construction. Creamy and mellow without being boring. Worth the full price. A no brainer on sale. There seems to be an effort to unload this brand at present. That's a win for cigar smokers. I think of this brand as a solid alternative to Montes which only seem to get more and more expensive. Unfortunately the sun grown version of this smoke is one of the least favorite I have tried. 4 5 1
Torpedo There are a lot of different flavors in this one. As you smoke through the cigar you get changes back and forth throughout. 3 5 1
Torpedo A smooth flavorfull smoke even burn good draw nice price great everyday or any day smoke. 5 5 1
Torpedo The torpedo style made this a hard draw cigar. I was told to cut at Angel and I did and still hard draw 4 5 1
Torpedo My go to cigar for when I need something mild and reliable with a moderate burn time 3 5 1
Torpedo I prefer this vitola over the Robusto since you have more cigar for you to enjoy 5 5 1
Torpedo The American Classic is a very classy and original cigar. From Alec Bradley. I have never been disappointed. From the many I've smoked. And I'm sure you won't either 3 5 1
Torpedo This American Classic torpedo is a big old bully of a cigar with truly great flavor and draw with contrucy 5 5 1
Torpedo One of the only mild cigars I've enjoyed so far. Smooth loose draw with a creamy smoke and a nice finish. Probably gonna end up buying these again soon! 4 5 1
Torpedo I have had these in the past. And I just won some on Best the Dealer. Nice cigar. I tasted nuts...spice...would recommend 4 5 1
Torpedo Good cigar very good draw it has consistent burn very good construction and even better taste 5 5 1
Torpedo Get tasting so far flavor seemed to be even though the entire smoke and flavor was balanced throughout. 4 5 1
Torpedo I was surprised by how spicy the smoke was in this cigar. I enjoyed it very much and the construction was great. Only needed a couple touch ups to keep it straight. 4 5 1
Torpedo This can be a decent everyday cigar. Not the best of the Alec Bradley line but it comes through on exactly what it promises. A great draw and smooth mild to medium body 3 5 1
Torpedo Last five I had were terrible poor draw unraveled terrible taste vs the consistency I've had with many other AB products. 1 5 1
Torpedo Approachable is exactly how I would describe this cigar. It’s mild without being bland; the great flavors are there, but they don’t overpower your palate. Great early day smoke. I’ll definitely buy this again 4 5 1

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

Torpedo 6.12 × 52 ABACTO

American Classic Blend Torpedo cigars are one of the tamest blends in the entire Alec Bradley brand portfolio. This is because they were made to replicate the classic taste of old-style, Tampa-made premium cigars that were enormously popular in the early to mid-20th century. In doing so, the blend features an aged recipe of long-fillers from Nicaragua held together by a bold Nicaraguan binder, then covered in a lovely golden-brown Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper. The result is a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke with creamy smooth flavors of coffee, wood, spice, cedar, and caramel that can be enjoyed all day long without breaking the bank. Be sure to order a box of 24 from JR Cigar, and get ready to discover a smoke that pays tribute to a bygone era in American cigarmaking history.
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