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Kuba Kuba I really wanted/needed this to work, but without a 'born-on' date or some reference when this was packed, it's not the the freshness you get when a box is purchased, those first few smokes out of the box, are heavenly, these, in these fresh packs, taste sour, not the worst I've had, but not the fresh experience advertised. These specific cigars are very finicky, you can't pack them with other cigars because of flavor bleeding to and from the KK, so having them individually wrapped seemed a great idea and it's why it's a best seller, because we all know the problems associated with keeping these smokes fresh and tasting 'proper' - my solution is buying the box, and getting a glass sealable tube container from Amazon, humidor with 69 RH Boveda pk and they keep as fresh as they can be, cause even the cedar humidor hurts these babies! 2 4 1
Kuba Kuba Great flavored cigar with an easy draw! 4 4 1
Kuba Kuba It’s ok, wasn’t what I anticipated. 4 4 1

ACID G-Fresh

Kuba Kuba 5 × 54 ACGKK

Kuba Kuba is handmade in Nicaragua by Drew Estate. One of the most popular blends in the Acid line, this hearty Robusto contains Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos covered with a deep brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. The cigars are infused with herbs and spices that deliver a bouquet of floral notes interwoven within flavors of earth, spice, and leather. This special Kuba Kuba comes packaged in humidified G-Fresh packs of five, so there is no need to for a cigar humidor. If you have never tried an Acid before, order some from JR Cigar and prepare yourself for an extraordinary and unique cigar smoking experience.  

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