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Kuba Deluxe 6 × 50 ACKD

The popular Acid Kuba Deluxe Cigar offers you an extra inch of extraordinary flavor!  Like its smaller cousin, the same aged top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos are infused with a secret blend of botanical herbs and spices that can best be described as exotically delicious and distinctively unique. An acquired taste for some, and a delicacy for many, Acid Kuba Deluxe has a sweet floral taste and aroma that is sure to awaken the senses. Sealed in aluminum tubes for freshness and presented in boxes of 10, those looking for a change of pace from their more traditional smokes should definitely give these a try.

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Box of 10 Aluminum Tubes

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Buy two 5-Packs, get an ACID hat, valued at $46.95, absolutely FREE! Buy a box, get a 5-pack & hat, valued at $62.99, absolutely FREE!

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Manufacturer’s Secret



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