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With its roots steeped back to 1903, La Aurora is the Dominican Republic's oldest premium brand, as well as the country's oldest active factory. The La Aurora Preferido Cigar is a Perfecto shape, the first size that ever came off the company rolling tables. Today, this exact size is back in production to commemorate the brand's early beginnings. Made in very limited quantities, the La Aurora Preferidos is one of the most finely crafted cigars in the world. Available in an assortment of wrappers, the cigar has gained worldwide recognition for its quality, artisanship, consistency, and flavor.

This cigar is available in a variety of wrappers. The Platinum Cameroon, Red Maduro, and Gold Corojo are all aged in aromatic oak barrels for several years to bring out every intricate nuance of flavor. The Sapphire line features a silky Connecticut wrapper fermented in a rum barrel for 5- full years, adding a lush and smooth complexity to the blend. Every wrapper variation sits atop carefully aged Dominican filler leaf for a smoking experience unlike any other. The cigars are packaged in elegant high gloss aluminum tubes, each blend having its own dazzling color, and sold in boxes of 8. La Aurora Preferidos cigars are the epitome of luxury and the culmination of over 100 years’ experience in the tobacco industry.

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