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JR Edicion Limitada Alternative Cigars were made to emulate the quality, taste, and top-notch construction of those astronomically priced, rare, limited-edition cigars produced by Habanos S.A. in Cuba. JR Edicion Limitada Alternative Cigars provide our take on the Limitada line of Hoyo de Monterrey, Cohiba, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta cigars from Cuba that are the rarest and hardest to find smokes on the planet. To accomplish this task, we procure the finest premium tobaccos from the top cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua. It’s here where these tobaccos are carefully chosen to provide a Cuban style smoking experience for a mere pennies on the dollar. To further cut cost, every JR Edicion Limitada Alternative Cigar is packaged in no frills 20 count bundles right in our warehouse, as opposed to fancy box packaging and expensive advertising prices . This cuts out the middleman and allows us to pass the savings onto you! Order your favorite brand of highly affordable JR Edicion Limitada Alternative’s and enjoy the closest that you will ever come to a genuine Cuban cigar without having to leave the country to try some.
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