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Todos Las Dias premium handmade cigars come from Steve Saka and his Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Company. The name was supposed to translate to “All the Days” which technically should be spoken as Todos Los Dias, but even after many years in Nicaragua creating some of the world’s best-selling blends, Steve never quite got a handle on the Spanish language. Although linguistically challenged, Steve had no problem mastering the use of top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos, for Todos Las Dias cigars beautifully capture the classic bold flavors that represent fine Nicaraguan cigars, this time with his own unique blending style and contemporary flair. Todos Las Dias is a Nicaraguan puro, comprised of a sun-grown Cuban seed wrapper and recipe of rich Jalapa and rare Esteliano tobaccos. Intended for the seasoned smoker, (others may want to proceed with caution), this powerful, full-bodied treat energizes the palate with cayenne pepper, earth, espresso, wood, and a sweet caramel finish.  

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